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  1. Not sure where it's going next, RNC, Miami or Athens, but it has transited the canal and taken anchorage in Limon Bay.
  2. Marc, You are so wrong. I guarantee that the Splendor will sail December 21, 2020 for the Christmas/New Years Caribbean cruise. I have to believe this with all my heart because I was unable to sail on the Panama Canal Splendor cruise and this is where we put our cruise credit. It will sail. It will sail. It will sail.....
  3. Splendor is now on its way to the Canal (Balboa).
  4. Splendor has left Puerto Vallarta headed for Long Beach.
  5. Technically not "blocked", but "ignored". Scroll up to your screen name on the right hand upper corner of page. Click on it to bring up a list of options. Click on "Ignored Users" and follow instructions.
  6. Interesting reading: http://archive.fast-edgar.com//20200427/AA2ZOG2CZ22EWZZ2222T2ZE8FS49ZZ22NA22/
  7. Any foreign corporation can file for BK in the federal courts if they have sufficient property or assets in the US. My guess is that any or all of them can. They would if the consequence is better for them. However, a better question would be can a creditor force them to file here.
  8. Age will not create an issue for the implementation of The Certification of Medical Fitness for over 70 years of age. If you feel that it is inappropriate it can be assaulted utilizing ADA. However, the applicability of ADA in its entirety is suspect given past court rulings. A recent action by the Justice Department gives hope that it would be enforced in most aspects to the extent that existing disabilities could not be discriminated against. One such accommodation for a disability would be "use [of] a portable oxygen concentrator (10 years) and a scooter." Any discrimination based upon such a disability would be an obvious violation of the provisions of the ADA.
  9. UUNetBill, my post was not serious. It was meant as subtle humor. Not funny enough for LOL. I will put MASH (meant as subtle humor) from now on. I did see that Cuba has allowed a cruise ship to land. I am willing to sail on the Splendor from San Diego to Cuba too. MASH
  10. One of our very first cruises was a 3 day on the RC Viking Serenade out of San Pedro to Ensenada and back. We would be willing to take a 3 day out of San Diego and back on the Splendor. Use up some of that FCC. It doesn't have to stop as far as we are concerned. But if it does, then pull into Ensenada for a couple of hours. (Would not get off) If anyone at Regent is listening.
  11. The Splendor is still here in San Diego and will be for the next 30 days. Crew are still aboard.
  12. From Regent via email: REGENT SEVEN SEAS CRUISES® TRAVEL ADVISOR UPDATE As we christened our newest family member, Seven Seas Splendor™ and officially welcome her into our fold, this is a time of enormous pride for our Regent Seven Seas Cruises family. You are part of our family. Along those lines, we wanted to share some additional information. We appreciate all your efforts during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and for your support of our handling of this unprecedented situation. This is an ever-changing, fluid scenario with insatiable media coverage that complicates effective, timely communication. We are trying our best for you, our employees and guests. By now, you have heard that we made the difficult but proactive decision to end our current Asia season and take our ships entirely out of the region. Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests and crew is uncompromising. We are protecting all affected commissions for these Asia sailings and are working tirelessly with you and your clients on accommodating those impacted. We recognize that your clients may be hesitant in these times and turning to you for counsel. Therefore, we are proactively sharing with you that for any clients who are uncertain and considering canceling, we will defer the final payment period until 60 days before sailing. This will apply to all voyages where the final payment was currently due within the next 30 days. Stay the course and let’s enable people to make the next decision with more information. Our business and industry are resilient; we have overcome struggles before and will win together again. As we celebrate Luxury Perfected through the arrival of Seven Seas Splendor, we will continue to share updates and welcome your feedback. Sincerely, Randall Soy EVP, Sales & Marketing Regent Seven Seas Cruises
  13. No prayer wheel. No problem. Bringing my own.
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