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  1. I'm a huge seafood fan and planned to eat there. After walking by 2x and trying to convince myself to go for it I finally just decided to walk away.
  2. Most surprising? Dude getting hauled to brig after what best would be described as harassing a woman. Second wouuld be a fistfight. Third was from my first cruise, a guest really giving wait staff in buffet a hard time to the point the fellas boss had to get involved. I was naive but I used to think none of that would ever happen on a glamorous international cruise. The sweet bird of youth!
  3. The biggest ships I've been on are NCLs, about 4k pax. I liked them but it was, at times, crowded especially at popular places. The shows required reservations (which I liked). The biggest I've been on Carnival are Magic and Breeze and they had the same problems. I can't fathom being on some of the ships that carry 5k or 6k people, just overwhelming. my sweet spot is well under 3k. I think NCL is ordering ships in that size moving forward, not the behemoths.
  4. Well said Cgal. (My son is in army and being stationed at Guantanamo in '20. I've never attended one of these events on a cruise, truthfully I've never even been aware of such event and I do read the daily schedules.)
  5. For folks who have cruised several times or more do you have any stories on unexpected precruise "oddities" occurring? Our next cruise is 95 days out and as Bill, or Ted, once stated, strange things are afoot at the Circle K....(disclosure: we knowingly paid higher airfare and cruise fare to make the day after Xmas final family trip with adult kiddos, on a shorter itinerary on folders, smaller ship than we are used to sailing) *wife just recommended we stay at local airport hotel since we have a 6am flight. Not a bad idea, cuts 30+ minute commute for most of us. Their airport shuttle starts 430am. It will be weird to check in a hotel on Xmas, no? I offered rooms for all and my two eldest, boys, declined and both said, separately, they were just gonna stay up all night. Say What? *I got my first upgrade offer ever on the hub app. Only $300pp for 4 nt cruise! Egad. Oh well, it was fun opening the offer and anticipating an offer I couldnt refuse. Maybe next time! *I decided to start researching airport to port transportation options. As a lark I messaged a private car (van in this case) operator and got a quote. I relayed quote to wife who was stunned. Why? Turns out she booked a private Tahoe online right when we booked cruise AND I WAS A PART OF THAT DECISION. Oh boy. I plum forgot. That's very unusual. And scary! I bet others have much better stories, can't wait to hear them!
  6. First, pack light. 4 suitcases and/or carryons will be difficult to store, much less contents if they are full. I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of the ship's laundry service midtrip. I packed less undergarments, socks, shirts and shorts a couple weeks ago. I tried to allow my wife extra space in my luggage. I can't imagine 4 adults in one room...maybe during my early 20s, but not now.
  7. The only port that I have really not enjoyed was Freeport and I hate saying that now.
  8. MSC had better buffet and entertainment. Much, much slower MDR. Like 90-120 minutes long. Carnival wins at onboard activities. Except MSC has a make your own wine activity, which was awesome.
  9. I wonder if river cruises feature more banjo and, therefore, more country milusic. I'm fine with Caribbean cruises sans country.
  10. Come to think of it there was another bourbon option at the Alchemy. it was a brand I didn't recognize. im a fairly big bourbon fanatic and live in the heart of bourbon country...I think it was a call brand, definitely not top shelf.
  11. loving the thread, keep it going! only nitpick is that O-H-I-O is in Athens. You are STATE. HA!
  12. We had multiple people rave about a beach house on the ocean in Grand Turk, that was through Carnival Excursions. We went to Margaritaville which is my go to spot in GT, I'm a parrothead and it's hard to beat jimmy buffett music playing poolside with a swim up bar. I heard less positive things about Amber Cove excursions. Again, we just went to the pool/swim up bar. (I dislike pools on ships so when I can get to a large fresh water pool in the Caribbean I'm attracted like a moth to a flame) we had anytime dining and it was odd, at first, to have to request a table through the app when I was at MDR check in podium. after that, piece of cake. never a wait. no idea on NYE.
  13. man, after last week's sailing I'm up to 4 Carnival cruises and I STILL haven't eaten at Blue Iguana. luckily I have another opportunity in 98 days. I'm getting extra shrimp taco!
  14. Night before is Christmas, not a big deal for me but for our children it's a bit of a hot mess. My eldest is getting married in Nov and ALL of his and her parents are divorced. He has to make rounds to 6 households on Christmas. If there was a late evening flight that MIGHT have worked but none fit the bill. Christmas week isn't usually too bad in southern Ohio. January and February are a different story, however.
  15. 12/26 cruise, returns on a Monday. We will be up 6am and ready to be first to walk off with luggage. Our eldest son is getting Guantanamo assignment in '20 so this is our last chance at a family vaca. We are rolling the dice on flight a bit but we accept the risk. I'll certainly have my fingers crossed...
  16. Thanks for the feedback. I'd love to push our flight back but my daughter has to perform that evening at university event back home so we needed an early but not to tooooo early flight, preferably direct. This checked all our boxes. Since early debarkation is a big value to us this trip i think we'll do FTTF. It's an added bonus that we can board early since we arrive before 10am and Tampa airport isn't far from port. This is our first trip booked with a travel agent and I was unsure if that booking would classify all 3 cabins as a group. 😉
  17. Last week I had a minimum of 3 drinks/night at alchemy. By far best reason to get Cheers package.
  18. I'm no expert, but if imagine Freeport stops will be cancelled for months.
  19. Sailing on her last week of year...what's your must see/do things on Paradise?
  20. It's $69.99/cabin for our 4 nt day after Xmas cruise. We are traveling with 4 adult kids, all Carnival rookies. Wife is platinum so I'm spoiled on Carnival.
  21. My wife is Platinum, I'm gold. I know we can priority embark/disembark...however, what if adult kids traveling with us are in 2 rooms (same booking via TA)? Do we need FTTF for them? Our flight arrives before 10am day of cruise and departs debarkation morning around 1030 so I'm considering FTTF if other cabins would have to wait. Thoughts?
  22. I smelled sewer on deck 0 hall a week ago. We watched black ooze drip into lowest cove balconies when ship was power washed at disembarkation. Probably nothing but it did cause us to notice.
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