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  1. We stayed one deck above you midship on this cruise. Didnt have any noises in room or sea motion. We did feel it walking in hallways however.  


    Our hairdryer both shorted out and had sparks shooting out of it.  After it was replaced, no issues.  Ha. 


    We hit the VIP sailboat in nassau, we are suckers for cats or boats with sails.  I can highly recommend that option.  


    Another couple at MDR raved about the Turk home away from home. It did sound interesting.  

  2. 8 minutes ago, Bases5 said:

    sorry to hijack this post  But does the Magic red frog pub sell bar food like the Breeze does  



    We had grouper fingers and conch salad but didn't hit RFP until final night.  I'd have gone there again for the food, especially the grouper. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Bases5 said:

    That didn't seem like a overly encouraging review.  Thanks for the review.  Just booked the Magic for later next year.

    I forgot to include the hair dryer that shorted out and shocked my wife. We didnt call maintenance for the shower but did for the dryer. The repairman who came tried to fix it but sparks were shooting out of it, it was quickly replaced.  


    Stuff happens and we try not to sweat the small stuff.  It was still a much better week than working back home!  


    (We are on Paradise end of year, methinks we are gonna miss the luxurious Magic. 😁)

  4. I love people watching on cruises and folks on the 9/8 Magic were the best behaved bunch I've seen in years.  There were only a few ME FIRST and LOOK AT ME folks. 


    I did just miss a couple fellas get the 24 hour cabin quarantine for bad behavior, allegedly harassing a woman. My wife caught the tail end of it.  I saw the "police tape" on their deck 0 room after boarding from 1st port. Dumbsh*ts.

  5. I'm on a flight typing on cel so original post will be somewhat short and sweet,  I'll provide more detail as requested. 



    *all staff were 100% delightful. A+ experience.  Our room steward knew our names 1st morning.  So did casino bar staff (after I spent a couple hours watching NFL and seeing my team Bungle a win into a loss). Alchemy bartenders were top notch.  


    *loved Fieri Pig and Burger. Pirate pizza. 


    *CD Simon London was fantastic, especially at 80s dance party thing at Lobby bar. 


    *cabin. Seemed to have a bit more storage than most balcony cabins we have had. 


    *casino slots.  Seem to have upgraded machines to flashier units, some even popular in vegas. (Buffalo, Heidi beer Haus, Monty python, etc). Wife won $300 last night.  I failed to get a single bonus rd in 5 nights trying. Ha. 


    *guest camaraderie. I met strangers daily who were either fun to interact with for fairly extended timeframes.  Good on ya fellow passengers, way to be fun!




    *Buffet selection. I was stunned at how few options there were in the buffet, like barely more than a handful of choices. I'm coming off a run of NCL cruises where there were daily Chinese station, fresh Italian station, Indian station, American grill station and regular american entrees and a plethora of side.  Carnival also lacked many side dishes especially vegetables (outside of salad bar)


    *breakfast buffet setup caused gridlock. Slooooooooooow moving line due to inattentive bacon distribution, good stuff at end of the buffet and had to be handed to guests. Often attendee would be inattentive or flat out disappear causing further delay. Egad, it was not good in my book.  


    *in room shower. Overflowed daily, even with under 3 minute showers. Bah humbug!


    *disembarkation. First, heat in room engaged morning of departure. Foggy mirrors and eyeglasses. Condensation on anythi g metal. Then, gangway closed for about 30 minutes due to massive line.  But hey, shat happens.  Wasnt ugly at all, just long and tedious compared to previous exits. 



  6. Room was frosty except for our floor required hallway fans one day, entire floor was warm and muggy. 


    Then after we got back to Port Everglades hot air was blowing in room.  Mirrows and eyeglasses fogged up, all metal features had condensation on them until we hurriedly checked out of room. 


    D- experience here too, Carnival. 


  7. Great question. 


    Wouldn't one game take up huge chunk of available wifi?  On ncl I know it was based on minutes, not data used.  I'd assume streaming would be slow and spotty?  Sorry I'm not more help. 


    I'm on Magic later today and can ask....BUT we just changed carriers (and changed back day later, long story) and I'm only getting data access via WiFi due to unforeseen network issues after re-establishing account.  


    (Off topic: SPECTRUM mobile sucks arse!!!) 

  8. Welp...it looks better in person.  Ha!


    I hope to add a few photos of considerably higher quality from the next 6 nights onboard the Magic.  The plan is to find one unique or quickly photo per day spent onboard. 



  9. It's been a long time since I've been awake to see a cruise ship arrive into port for her disembarkation/embarkation day. 


    But we arrived in FLL yesterday and stayed at hotel overlooking Port Everglades.  I have a slice of leftover pizza and a cup of made in room coffee in hand.  The AC in the room is crisp and when I open door to the balcony my glasses instantly fog up.  


    The Magic has been stationary outside port for an hour. Let's fire up this phones' highly regarded camera for a peek!


  10. 1 hour ago, missholly24 said:

    Oh wow interesting. I hope all the info is correct about no damage. Thank you so much for the info. Have fun on your trip!!

    i'll be darned.  I hadn't heard since we booked cruise under wife's email since she's platinum. 


    I don't mind Nassau and I love the entry/exit from the port. 

  11. 3 hours ago, Blondie419ag said:

    I'm on the Magic, leaving on 9/8. We were scheduled to visit Half Moon Cay on 9/9 but are visiting Nassau instead. 

    Say what?  I'm on the same cruise, hadn't heard the itinerary change. 


    That said, I'm a Margaritaville fanatic and now i'll visit three locations in 7 nights!

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