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  1. Hey gang, we're looking at booking an (overpriced) day after Xmas cruise our of tampa with (overpriced) airfare departing 9:22am day of debarkation. my eldest son is headed to Guantanamo next year and this is our last opportunity to get the herd together for a family trip, so we're trying every option to make this short cruise a reality. thoughts? my wife is Platinum carnival so that will allow us priority debarkation, which we've never used. ive spent much time in Tampa but have never flown to TPA. I know the airport is close but wonder how TSA is at that airport. Busy? Empty? the 922am flight home is on a discount airline and happens to be the only flight that's under $450pp that works for our travel party's schedule (my daughter has commitment at university later that evening, we need morning flight) thanks!!!
  2. I dunno....pretty easy to share if only one party needs Cheers. and I doubt anyone wants to "police" that behavior.
  3. tough call. ive stayed a dozen times in Lauderdale and Miami, enjoyed every location. some offer more of this, but less of that depending on selection. if cruise is out of Miami I would probably stay there. I loved Miami Beach, cant believe I waited decades to stay there. But im a Miami Vice fanatic from the 80s and loved the MB art deco architecture. Loved Intercontinental downtown Miami. Great location, lots of stuff walkable. Great property.
  4. Reason I originally asked was I remembered a couple sea day activities, specifically, on other cruise lines. MSC - went to a wine class where we analyzed 4 diff types of red and white and mixed different percentages, then made our own bottle based on blend we preferred. (I actually purchased three of them with customer labels - MargaritaBill Cellars) NCL - I usually don't like to lido pool but there was one hour of dedicated Jimmy Buffett music on deck on a sea day midday. This was on a ship that had the first Margaritaville At Sea onboard. I had a Miami Vice and plopped in the pool and it was 5 o'clock somewhere for sixty minutes. (you might tell I'm a big parrothead) Carnival - I love the trivia, so many more daily options than other lines. my fave thing onboard Carnival is the Dive In Movies - especially after dark. I also remember liking the live music around the ship more than other lines.
  5. looking forward to the rest of the review, we embark Magic in 13 days.
  6. what's your favorite sea day activity (non lounger division) on a Carnival cruise? it's been a while since I've been on board and I don't recall anything being too terribly unique, but im sure that's my memory failing.
  7. we embark the Magic two weeks from today. I must admit i was hesitant to come back after sailing MSC and NCL. my main concern is my wife went rock bottom balcony cost for the 2nd half of year so I'm expecting a certain amount of lowest common denominator behavior. I've seen it before on bargain basement cruises. that said, I've enjoyed my share of kind, fun folk too.
  8. after only sailing Carnival my first 3 cruises we wandered to NCL and MSC past few years, quite simply they were better bangs for the buck. I must admit I'm most fond of NCL but really enjoyed MSC too. that said we are coming back to Carnival for 1, maybe 2 cruises this year. there are differences between the three lines but I'll never understand those that don't like a particular line. ive had wonderful experiences on every ship, big or small.
  9. I had no idea what the different ship classes were until I clicked link. I also always forget the actual two Conquest ships I've sailed but liked them both. the Breeze was my first cruise so I'll always love her. we are going on Magic next month and have fingers crossed on the guest per sq ft ratio. wife is looking at Paradise day after Xmas. looks smaller than Spirit class with same number of guests and less features. hmmmm.
  10. is that right? we looked at a couple YouTube videos and didn't see a video screen on Lido deck. I assume that is consistent with Fantasy class ships, but I was surprised to not see a video screen after learning Paradise was in dry dock just last year. do they play films in the main theater?
  11. there are some decent options on the search engines, particularly when you aren't provided exact name of property until after booking. pro tip: focus more on user recommendation % than property star rating. a 4 star with 50% recommendation is a red flag even if seemingly a good price.
  12. i haven't sailed Carnival in years but we are next month. I vividly remember eating several plates of the late night pizza on my previous sails...I thought it was very decent. The staff who make each of them from scratch all night amaze me, it never seems to be without a line.
  13. Are there any new-to-Carnival ports in the Caribbean the company is considering going to in the future?
  14. we had a great time on the Sky a while back. got 4 night cruise for $199pp oceanview (our first non-balcony), free drinks. that's almost impossible to beat, I'd do it again in a new York minute. I found the ship to be smaller than we were used to but less crowded, somehow. we did notice bumping in to many of the same people somewhat regularly. food was fine, room good. so long as you avoided the premade dranks you were winning. the ship was updated after our sailing so I'm sure it's even better now.
  15. NCL gift shop on the Escape carried the Margaritaville at Sea tshirts, usually in a far corner. kinda hard to find. no tank tops.
  16. we haven't seen Wick 3 and we will always sit through an Avengers flick. Bohemian is very rewatchable and will be fun outdoors, especially the music scenes.
  17. I'd be highly amused by seeing groups wear themed shirts for each day of the cruise. I don't think that I would want to participate, personally, but to each their own.
  18. We sailing the Magic on Sep 7, good to see the list.
  19. seems like a pretty good value if you use the spa facilities otherwise I wouldn't upgrade just for a higher deck. and I love higher decks.
  20. It was the first ship I sailed on and I loved it. At the time it didn't have an Alchemy Bar but it does now and that's a huge plus. love Fieri burgers, trivia, dive in movies, the Italian specialty restaurant. live music was solid. cons: I didn't love the shows. thought the buffet was adequate. all in all a great ship!
  21. My wife is a platinum and I'm just about to go gold. im ecstatic about her having laundry benefit, that's fantastic. I pack half as much stuff since I can get it laundered mid cruise. I think she usually gives her plat gift away, usually to a kid.
  22. check out resort for a day dot com one of my pals went to the Margaritaville Resort - but it's not inexpensive. they give you access to hotel room until midafternoon, and the price is the same for 1 or up to 4 guests.
  23. I must agree with the "go out by the pool" people and the nice dinner folk, great way to spend the day or night before a cruise. last time we sailed out of Miami we stayed downtown at the Intercontinental and we ordered from a great Italian place in Little Havana, wish I could remember the name of it, via uber eats. I hate late night and morning after pizza!
  24. you don't get a discount for Cheers using the Carnival card like you would for excursions, but you do get escalated rewards points for any Carnival related transaction. 3pts per dollar?
  25. For those that like to get to the port areas the day before a cruise - what's your favorite day before cruise activity? (We usually cruse out of the southeast florida ports and i LOVE to see live jai alai at either Dania or Miami casinos. My wife isn't that big on it but happily feeds the slots for an hour or so. Sadly, both frontons are dark next month when we are cruising...gonna have to find something new to do!)
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