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  1. ??? every bar I worked at on land, 3 decades ago, pooled tips. servers kept their own tips. no idea how it works on ship. i always bring at least $100 cash for tips for 7 day cruise, even with prepaid gratuity paid on Cheers. I appreciate the staff, they work long hours.
  2. I like resort for a day website for nassau. Freeport is my least favorite port. I'd consider staying on the ship and I've never done that.
  3. I think the Cucina is complimentary during lunches. I thought it was only on sea days but my coworker, an avid Carnival cruise and Diamond level, corrected me. its every day. we went there on one of my first cruises and it was pretty, pretty, pretty good. Im definitely going to book a dinner there for my next cruise in September, $15pp is a bargain. I, like many others, like a break from the MDR/buffet atmospheres and the specialty restaurants have a nice ambiance.
  4. here's a tip from a banker and annual cruiser... IF you have the ability to transfer $20 per week to an account that you don't utilize (2nd checking, savings) at the end of the year you'll have $1000 for a cruise. Most people don't miss that amount of money weekly and it helps them to achieve goals they might not have achieved otherwise. (personally I have a cruise account, vegas account and a Xmas account I utilize in this manner) also, IF you get a Carnival credit card, Carnival cruise purchases are 0% interest for 6 months. I know some folks who book cruises with the $50 deposit and then utilize their carnival credit card when it's time to pay for the cruise in full - then pay it off over next 6 months while there isn't any interest for the purchase.
  5. each ncl hull features a different artist. Breakaway features Max. Bliss is Wyland. Escape is Guy Harvey. etc etc etc
  6. Does anyone know who it is? If they have any youtube videos or social media participation? My wife and I are sailing on the Magic in a few months and I'm just "researching" the ship and ports we are going to. thanks!
  7. my bad, pool at Amber Cove. mixed the two up. I reckon we are just chillin on the beach at HMC.
  8. never seen an offer after booking online either. interesting.
  9. Maho Beach is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, place in the Caribbean. Last trip there we got a day pass from the all inclusive Sonesta Maho Beach resort...the only downside was couldn't see the planes landing from the pool. But it's a quick walk down to the beach, we hung out there for hours watching planes land. I was pretty surprised at the surf level, good tide!
  10. Previously, I've just hung out at the Margaritaville pool and swim up bar in Grand Turk. It's pretty awesome, but I love fresh water pools. We are headed on the Magic in Sept on this itinerary and I think we are doing a catamaran excursion then Margaritaville. I think we're hitting the pool at Half Moon also. Havent decided on Amber Cove yet.
  11. its been many cruises since my wife and i have been offered a beverage at an onboard auction. i hope the streak continues this fall on Magic...the fake champagne is swill but I'd accept it and consume it if offered, even though we have Cheers package.
  12. i dunno...Ncl Free at Sea promo gave me 200 mins free WiFi, 4 specialty restaurants, unlimited drink package and 2pts per night towards their rewards club last fall. I'd imagine some free WiFi will become a standard soon as one cruise line institutes it.
  13. to better manage mdr and identify trends. how many times a week does interior, OV, balcony, suite cabins utilize MDR? how often specialty dining? if none of the above assume buffet/free self serve options utilized. I'm an odd bird that did mdr nightly first few cruises exclusively. now I like the atmosphere of specialty restaurants a couple times per cruise and like to stay underdressed a couple times and hit buffet/pizza. we only hit MDR 1-3x per week now.
  14. I've sailed carnival 3x and only CD i can remember by name is Butchy Baby from the Breeze. that was, oh man....at least 5-6 years ago.
  15. NY Times had a fascinating article last weekend documenting Peter Max's art dynasty. some of it was sad, some of it shocking. suffice it to say anyone who has purchased his original work recently (not prints) will be disappointed with who actually did the brush strokes. Max is usually the artist whose work I see bringing the big bucks at ship auctions. very sad.
  16. I love people watching at the auctions, especially when someone buys several items at a time usually for good money. fascinating! i must admit I never thought I'd buy art on a ship but after many cruises my wife and i kinda liked the same piece. the lighting made it reflect differently depending on your viewing angle which was kinda cool. we had noooooo idea what was a fair price for the item but I knew it wasn't anything close to the Park West quote. after a few minutes alone we agreed on a price that we wouldn't feel burned if it was "worthless", which park west accepted. (it was by the guy that you see on stateroom tv channel grinding metal and setting it on fire. i liked it because each piece was truly an original, no two the same, and it was hand signed. and I loved watching that damn commercial, still do!)
  17. if you have 4+ people consider renting a private car. we had one a couple years ago was $100 + tip, had Escalade. we went form Miami port to FLL...were on road before 8am, which was nice. think we had 1030 flight.
  18. St Maarten - Maho Beach. planes landing at airport feet from the beach is tons of fun. Roatan - Little French Key. Tortola - Marina Cay St Lucia - chilling on the beach between the Pitons was the definition of relaxation. those are my four favorite spots in Caribbean. there are many other ports that I've enjoyed, and just a couple I didn't (im looking at you Freeport/Grand Bahama)
  19. my buddy has Flemings as his favorite steakhouse. lots of local folks say Ruby's but im partial to Morton's. my wife used to have Ruth's Chris at top of her list until we went there last fathers day, was good not great. big time steakhouses are not unanimously praised in my herd. i miss The Waterfront big time, was my fave Rudy joint. i do agree that Carnival steakhouse might be worth it when the atmosphere is included in value. i,too, like getting out of MDR a few times per cruise.
  20. my wife and i discussed CC earlier and I stated I'd love the tomahawk, we are strongly leaning to booking a dinner there.
  21. im a sucker for pay restaurants on cruise ships, but ive only dined at them on NCL and MSC...although we did catch the free lunch at the Italian joint on the Breeze. it was good. i was surprised to learn the steakhouse on Magic is $38pp. thoughts?
  22. my wife is now Platinum level after her last cruise with her sister., I'm looking forward to seeing if her new level does much to impact our experience (same as FTTF). I'm a Red who will finally get to Gold after next cruise...so I'm a nobody. ha.
  23. I'll be on the 9/8 cruise, i can report back then...but I doubt that helps you pre-plan.
  24. if you don't have anything planned on Roatan google Little French Key. we went there late last year and it was FANTASTIC.
  25. I thought the Michael Jackson show and the Queen show on MSC were very enjoyable. I also thought the staff was very pleasant to interact with and the CD/Captain both clearly wanted to promote the MSC brand during interactions and made it well known that MSC was looking to grow, big time, in USA market. I think Carnival's live bands one up MSC's and nothing MSC has compares with the Dive In movies. The MDR is much, much faster service but entrees are very comparable. Carnival has more things to do during the day like trivia, etc, etc. MSC wins on pizza and Carnival on Guy's fresh made burgers. MSC's main theatre shows are head and shoulders above CCL. I thought the rooms were comparable but MSC didn't "wow" me with rooms on newest, at the time, ship. I thought they would have exceeded Carnival's but they really didn't. Equal. We had balcony rooms on both, fyi.
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