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  1. do we have any dive in movie aficionados on the board that might be able to predict Dive In Movies for late Q3 sailings? It's been a few years since i've been on Carnival but I really liked catching a few movies per sailing. It's hard to being outdoors on sea watching a fun movie with drinks freshly made just steps from our chairs. I was wondering if Avengers Endgame would be in rotation by then. Its a looooooooooong film, perhaps the longest potential Dive In flick in history?
  2. we generally hit an open air bar, not picky on which deck or part of ship. oddly, I like to have a Miami Vice in hand when the ship pulls away from pier. I absolutely LOVE leaving from Miami to see 1) seaplanes taking off and landing and 2) watching the skyline get smaller and smaller was we get further away from port. we also like Port Everglades...I would retire in one of those high rises bordering port without hesitation. I've have a fully lit balcony and an air horn (which I'd use sparingly!).
  3. we had enjoyed ncl steakhouses on multiple ships past couple years. MSC was meh. I've heard a lot of similar comments as yours recently. I'm still tempted to try it on Sept cruise (magic) but I do have pause.
  4. what items do y'all consume at a much higher rate than back home? my list: hot dogs - no idea why. but if it's afternoon and I'm on a ship a hot dog might be in play, probably average 1 per day. I love chicago dogs but I rarely eat a run of the mill dog back home. Indian fare - not my fave but I always try it 1-2x on a cruise. I never do at home. fresh squeezed orange juice - not sure if carnival offers it but I pay out of pocket on other lines, makes breakfast perfect in my book. bacon - daily on a ship, maybe 1x a month on land.
  5. what items on the buffet do you pass by every time? not necessarily dishes you dislike but ones you just don't eat on a cruise. here's mine: *tilapia - too many other options to select, inexpensive bottom feeder doesn't taste bad but im not scooping it on my plate. *mashed potatoes - I love em but so dense. *bread - another of my faves, but I avoid it at Sea. i consume too many other empty calories from Cheers package. pasta - see previous two comments.
  6. $492 pp would be tough for me to pay on a 5 day cruise to go from balcony (which we find more than acceptable) to a grand suite. that said, I'm sure its a decent value compared to original rack rate. id be worried I'd never want to go back to a balcony room if I ever got a grand suite.
  7. previously, we would hang in the atrium bar area enjoying a drink or two until the room was ready. now, my wife is Platinum and I imagine we'll go straight to the room. She greatly prefers to unpack completely when at a hotel or on a cruise. I can live out of a suitcase for days and days, but that would cause her great discomfort. ha! I have learned to chill on the balcony while she unpacks. I must admit I go internet crazy on my cel making the most of my last moements of internet access before departure.
  8. I love getting the Cheers package. I find value in not getting a big surprise bill at the end of the sailing. We were on a sailaway rates on a competitor and we decided to go without the drink package...we lost big time on that cruise. (however a Knob Creek bourbon, on ice, was $23. OUCH!) I've had to change my behavior. I don't drink off the ship nearly as much as I used to when in port, which saves us $$$. it's pretty cool being able to order top shelf drinks without reservation.
  9. I've only spent 19 days on Carnival but I've never dined at Blue Iguana...that's on my short list to rectify next cruise.
  10. I had this same thought recently, earliest available was 1230.
  11. St Maarten is one of my favorite places in the Caribbean. Maho Beach is ridiculous! St Kitts/Nevis is pretty cool too. Havent been to Bonaire/Aruba but we're going to the ABC's in near future. I don't think you can go wrong either way.
  12. I'm headed back to Carnival in a couple months after a few years sailing with MCS and NCL...I recall the food being pretty decent in the MDR and the buffet being hit or miss. that said, I could certainly find things at Guy's burger or the Captain's pizza that I really enjoyed.
  13. Love the Dive In Movies! we're sailing in Sept and I look forward to a selection of Marvel films, a few family friendlies and maybe whatever is new at Redbox that timeframe.
  14. I'd take that upgrade in a new York minute. I prefer being higher up on ships for balconies, no chance of obstructed view from lifeboats.
  15. i'd much rather attend the sail away that a dinner in the MDR. I'd compensate by considering booking specialty restaurant (first evening steakhouse gives a free bottle of wine!) or hitting pizzeria capitan, buffet, deli. but, I looooooooove the sailaway.
  16. i haven't come across steakhouses at sea higher than $38, but I've only sailed NCL and MSC outside of Carnival. Interesting. I did notice the $38 doesn't include gratuities on our cruise in Sept when I did a trial booking run, it felt odd that it said gratuities were not required but could be added. id rather they just be added.
  17. i don't recall one but perhaps others paid more attention historically?
  18. it's been years for me but doesn't the pizzeria give you half a pizza in person? do you get 2x that delivered now via hub?
  19. What time can folks begin boarding Carnival ships that have FTTF/Platinum level status? This is the first cruise we are taking which my wife has platinum status. We are arriving to Port Everglades area day before, so it's not a necessity to rush the embarkation...BUT since this is first time we can board early I wonder if she might want to do so. Thoughts?
  20. Breeze was my first cruise so she'll always be special to me. there wasn't an Alchemy on it when we sailed but I didn't know what that was anyways...we grew to LOVE the Alchemy on other ships and glad the Breeze got one. I liked Guy's burgers and the Dive in movies most. oh and the trivia. and Cheers package! its a great ship. I think you'll really enjoy it.
  21. Within reason, of course. no 365 day Around the World itineraries Once upon a time my white whale was getting to Maho Beach on St Maarten. After that it was seeing the Pitons in person. Then it cruising, anywhere, for more than 7 days (my tops is an eleven nighter) My wife's dream is to fly to CA from the Midwest, stay overnight and depart the next day for a two week cruise to Hawaii and back. (we both HATE flights over 4-5 hours or so and dread a flight halfway around the world) I haven't settled an itinerary I really want to put #1. a Panama Canal/Cartegena one would be up there, I've never been to South America.
  22. Pickleball championships in Naples, FL are sponsored by Margaritaville and Minto Communities (which builds Lattitudes Margaritaville 55+ communities) every April. oddly the championships can be caught on tape delay, like 3-4 weeks delay, on sports cable channel. it would be a pretty cool activity on Carnival ships, I could see folks being baffled by the title in their daily Fun Times!
  23. ??? every bar I worked at on land, 3 decades ago, pooled tips. servers kept their own tips. no idea how it works on ship. i always bring at least $100 cash for tips for 7 day cruise, even with prepaid gratuity paid on Cheers. I appreciate the staff, they work long hours.
  24. I like resort for a day website for nassau. Freeport is my least favorite port. I'd consider staying on the ship and I've never done that.
  25. I think the Cucina is complimentary during lunches. I thought it was only on sea days but my coworker, an avid Carnival cruise and Diamond level, corrected me. its every day. we went there on one of my first cruises and it was pretty, pretty, pretty good. Im definitely going to book a dinner there for my next cruise in September, $15pp is a bargain. I, like many others, like a break from the MDR/buffet atmospheres and the specialty restaurants have a nice ambiance.
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