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  1. and, lastly, my absolute favourite....The Grand Bazaar Now Kusadasi...here we come !!
  2. Our last port was Istanbul and we were up early to see the sunrise before joining our city tour. The city is certainly the meeting place of east and west...
  3. So sad to hear that comment from Zap99 but, unfortunately, that kind of attitude happens and it can cloud the impression of a place. We were lucky to have a wonderful guide who brought Istanbul to life and who welcomed us to her country and culture so we had a great experience and loved the city. Sailing through the Dardanelles Strait was a sobering reminder of WW1... We then sailed through the Bosphorus before heading into the Black Sea for the main part of the cruise...
  4. My last few were taken from the HOHO bus as it toured Athens city centre. You can see that the city was getting ready for Christmas I'm looking forward to Istanbul. It is such a city of contrasts and very definitely east meets west....
  5. Very sorry to leave Santorini because the photographs were stunning and brought back such happy memories. Britboy is right that the island gets very crowded in the summer months but we were so lucky to go in November when there were only 2 smaller ships there. We hardly had to queue for the cable car and the resorts weren't crowded at all. The Corinth Canal photos are stunning and I would love to do a transit so the 'bucket list' grows even longer!! Now to Athens, and again, we visited in November so it was pleasantly warm and relatively uncrowded. We got the HOHO bus just outside th
  6. Oia must be one of the most picturesque places on earth and we were lucky because we visited in early November so it wasn't too crowded and we had glorious sunshine.
  7. We got the cable car up to Thira...not my favourite form of transport as you can see.... but the alternative was worse! We caught the local bus from Thira to Oia and were surprised to see how different the scenery was on the other side of the isalnd....
  8. Fabulous pictures of Santorini. It is definitely one of my top 5 destinations. We visited in 1992 when we were on our first cruise and were totally captivated. Our second visit was in 2008 when we got up very early to see the sunrise...
  9. After walking the walls, we did an hour's boat trip from the port which took us along the coast. We packed a lot into that day. We should have returned on a cruise in 205 but the port was cancelled because the ship was very late leaving Venice as there was a terrible storm. i was very disappoited but that's cruising for you!!! I'm now looking forward seeing lots more Dubrovnik photographs and then visiting Santorini tomorrow...
  10. Our second visit was in 2008 when the city was still recovering from the war and we were staggered by how much damage had been done and how well the city was being restored. These pictures were taken from our walk around the wall so we could see where the new shiny, bright orange tiles had been used to repair the damaged rooves. We thought that the walk was well worth while as it gave a wonderful perspective of the whole old city.
  11. This cruise is taking me to some of my very favourite places. We had a holiday in Dubrovnik in 1983 when it was still part of Yugoslavia and found the city to be fascinating. These 2 pictures are from that holiday when we had time to go up the cable car and leave the city at sunset. Ooops, I don't know why it has rotated this way but I can't get it to rotate back....sorry
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