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  1. I’m in Texas and could not get an appointment to be tested anywhere nearby. Finally found a CVS Minute Clinic a couple towns over and made appointments for the 3 of us for yesterday (we sail tomorrow). We were in and out in 15 minutes and had a text within 20 minutes that all were negative. By the time we got home the results were available in our text, email, and through my chart. No charge.
  2. We couldn’t check in until 2 weeks prior to sailing. Once I finished that, print docs appeared.
  3. We are grumpy old people too and part of the reason we chose our sail date was due to kiddos being in school.
  4. My husband and I both were offered “free balcony room, $1000 casino credit, $200 OBC, and free drinks”. We cruise with our child (now 12 and vaxxed). I called to book and we were put in connecting balcony rooms so each room gets all of the above. Perfect! 2 rooms, extended balcony and 2 bathrooms! One room has 2 of us and the other one is listed in 2nd room. No extra charge for the solo room. Heard that it was due to COVID and I couldn’t be happier.
  5. That may be true where you live, but I promise you….that is not the case everywhere. Where I live only a few places test and it is impossible to get an appointment. I don’t think anyone is trying to scare anyone. Statements regarding testing seem to be informing people to start making plans early!
  6. I totally agree. We will be on Vista September 11 and I’m confident that Carnival is following protocols. I’m in Texas so I figure there are more people in HEB that would test positive than on the ship. (Percentages). We will have a child with us, age 12, that we had vaccinated as soon as his cake was cut. We will wear masks and avoid crowds.
  7. My husband and I both spend time in the casino at the slots. We have spent a lot on some cruises and much less on others. We receive good offers. Generally, free balcony room, obc, free drinks and casino credit.
  8. We had a comp’d cruise booked for July through CAS. We upgraded to a suite, paid for add-ons and excursions. On March 24 I called CAS to cancel (final payment date was April 2). In 10 days we got our excursion money and add-ons refunded to our cc. Yesterday, April 21, we had the rest of our payment refunded on our cc. Our ‘free cruise’ is still available for us to use per an email from CAS, once we choose to rebook.
  9. We canceled our July Mediterranean cruise at the end of March. Final payment date was April 2. We had paid everything when we booked on our cc and later added excursions, etc. We received our excursion money back on our cc in about 7 days and the rest was refunded back yesterday. So, less than 30 days. When I had canceled, I had been told it could take up to 90 days due to the sheer volume of refunds they were processing.
  10. All it would take for me to get on a ship day 1 - month 4, is my flip flops and 10 minutes to have my family pack their bag.
  11. We paid in full when we booked for our end of July Mediterranean cruise but after the apocalypse hit I canceled 3 days prior to final payment date. I’m beyond sad and will book another the day it opens back up. Unless we are completely broke by then due to furloughs.
  12. We were scheduled to sail at the end of July in the Med. We had upgraded our cabin and paid all fees, excursions, etc. Last week we decided to cancel due to husband being furloughed for 90 days plus doubting that the cruise will go forward. I called CAS and since we were still outside of the final payment date we had no problem at all. CAS was able to cancel everything with just the one call and the monies paid are supposed to be credited back on our cc within 7-10 days. So now we wait for our next opportunity to cruise. Hopefully anyone else that needs to call CAS will also have as easy a transaction.
  13. The title of your post instantly made me laugh! Thanks! Thankfully, I’m close to our cruise date (2 weeks), so no longer have to hear that chorus!!
  14. Never did I imply that it is or should be a library. Just decent behavior and respect for others. We always have a wonderful time, meet terrific people, and are still able to do that without intentionally bothering others.
  15. I hope some of you are not on our next cruise. We cruise with our child (now 10) and tell him that we aren’t there to encroach on anyone else’s vacation and other people are merely a backdrop to our vacation. He would honestly never be loud on the balcony, run through halls or show his a** in public. Yet some of you obviously believe you are the only people that matter and everyone else needs to adjust to you. I would feel incredibly bad if I intruded on someone else’s vacation. The fishing pole could have been dealt with by a single phone call instead of a public shaming (due to safety of others below) and the piñata could have been done in your room rather than risk debris going over. The people below may have wished to nap on their balcony or just quietly enjoy their day and you basically decided that your wants were more important and more deserved.
  16. I agree. We are fairly frequent cruisers but our upcoming cruise will be our first with NCL. I know we will have a wonderful time but our experience with NCL so far has been very discouraging. Every question I have had has been answered (or will be) here on CC. I have spent almost 6 hours on hold (cumulatively) and heard the same recording so often that I now dread hearing that song on the radio. I understood about the computer issues but was irritated when I kept being told different dates of when our airline tickets would be done and yet when I called again 38 days out I was told our reservation had been lost in the ‘migration’, and she and a supervisor over rode the system and booked the tickets. PCC (1st one) made it clear that he didn’t want me to call when he transferred my call mid-sentence (only my 2nd call in 4 months), and the 2nd PCC just says ‘oh, I don’t know’. Dinner reservations online did not work so we gave up and will ask concierge for help on board. All in all customer service has been a terrible experience. I doubt that I would use NCL to book another cruise. I’ll find a TA.
  17. A woman named LuckyBecky just posted a thorough review of her recent cruise on Spirit. It’s on the first page and she posts dailies and menus.
  18. You’re correct, Nola. I misspoke in saying Basic. However, in looking at our flight on United we only see Economy, Premium Economy and ‘people we wish we could be’. We might get slightly fortunate as we moved our seats to a row that is completely empty (so far). With luck some of those seats will remain vacant and our child can sleep most of the flight. Our return on SAS we did move seats for more legroom.
  19. If you begin to worry - Call! Our reservation was ‘lost’ in the new system migration and ‘found’ when I called. I stayed on hold almost 2 hours each time. But, I stayed polite and had a wonderful woman get us a flight out of the right airport in Houston at a good time, landing in London at 7:30 am. Was just not optimal finding out flights so close to cruise.
  20. Due to a change in their system we were 38 days out when we got our flight info and I had to call and beg, basically. Most of the issues are fixed now. At around 40-45 days you should see the info show up in your summary under travel. If not, call them.
  21. We recently got our flights for our 8/2 cruise from London. We are booked on United at a good time. They were booked with NCL in basic economy so we called United and for a fee we’re able to at least move to premium economy for more legroom. On our return from Stockholm we are on SAS so we called them too. We were able to upgrade slightly there as well for $59 each and were told we could ask at the airport if any upgrading is available. Since tickets were booked through NCL we are not eligible to bid for upgrades. We do get 1 checked bag free per person. I don’t think we would use the airfare option with NCL again as the headache from it was not worth it.
  22. We are on the Spirit in August and received luggage tags 2 weeks ago. We didn’t receive that letter but if it was our first cruise that could be an informative letter.
  23. To add to this topic....10 days ago I waited on hold with Air for almost 2 hours only to be told that my air was scheduled to be ticketed on June 24. Yesterday, (25th), I called again to find out. Waited on hold 1 hour and 47 minutes. (Heard repeatedly that my call was important to them so I didn’t hang up). Woman checks and basically says, ‘Oops! You’re 38 days out and your reservation never made it to our flight system during the ‘migration’ so flights haven’t been ticketed. Hold, please.” After another 15 minutes she comes back and says we are now ticketed and it’s a good thing I called. WOW! First cruise with NCL so not a great start. Flights are ok. Houston to London on United, landing at 7:30 am on cruise day. Flying home from Stockholm on Scandinavian Air via Newark (ew) but that’s fine. Even had our seat assignments with the 3 of us together. I just think that 38 days out was cutting it too close.
  24. We are 47 days out. After getting to speak with someone on Friday, I was told.... Air should be booked by June 24; edocs available by June 30; specialty dining reservations....on hold? since our fully paid reservation is still being ‘migrated’ into the new system. Not the best scenario for our first cruise with NCL but not the worst either. I hope there’s only business class air available when they finally book us. And, I guess we will see what restaurant magic the concierge can do once we are on board. Still happy to be cruising no matter what.
  25. I am currently on hold (75 minutes so far...), listening to how my call is very important to them. I called my PCC first. He was irritated that I called apparently, answered NONE of my questions....how will we find out where to meet airport transfer?; why can’t we book reservations for dining?; will we hear from concierge services prior to cruise?; and when will we know air arrangements? This is our first NCL cruise and I know I won’t contact this particular PCC again. As for being on hold with premium air...well, they are still appreciating my patience although they must not realize I’m currently using the patience I was saving for tomorrow.
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