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  1. I believe that Celebrity will not be doing 3 days in Bermuda after 2019. It's the reason why we're thinking of trying NCL for the first time next year.
  2. No day pass or anything. We come prepared by bringing our own chairs - those fold-up type chairs you often see at tailgates. Easy to carry over your shoulder and we've got something to sit on anyplace we end up.
  3. Just returned. Transportation wasn't much of an issue during the holidays. Taxis and minibuses seemed to be running as usual. The only negative was that some of the early busses weren't running, so we had to take a minibus to Warwick rather than the regular 8:50 (I think) bus.
  4. Elbow beach hands down. I think it's Bermudas nicest beach. personally we take the bus there, then when we're ready to go, we take the bus onward to Hamilton which is a very short ride, and hop on the next ferry to dockyard. We just find that to be more pleasant than another long bus back to dockyard. And about tobacco bay... I used to love it years ago. Pretty little area with good snorkeling. Unfortunately, between the people running concession there making a total mess of things (can't even see the sand because every inch is covered by a sea of lounge chairs, can't enjoy a peaceful beach day because of the blasting music, can't enjoy the view of the water because of big ugly inflatable bounce toys) . On top of that, with two ferries full of people going there (due to NCL adding their own last year) the place is so overcrowded now it is completely disgusting. Last week when we passed by on our way to St Catherine's, the once beautiful turquoise water was cloudy and yellowish due to the masses of people crowded into that little cove. So sad.
  5. we were just there last week. The new condos are not up yet... They were still working on the foundation it looked like. Less noise than expected so the construction didn't really detract from a nice day at the beach.
  6. Has anyone been to Bermuda during these big summer holidays? Just realized they are this week, when we'll be there. How is it getting out of dockyard?? I realize busses are on reduced schedule. Are taxis still plentiful??? How do thousands of passengers get to and from the beaches if not?
  7. Can anyone confirm there currently exists a shuttle to clearwater beach? 2-3 years ago they were advertising a new shuttle to clearwater ("the fun bus" perhaps it was called). We'd been planning to go to Tobacco, but decided to try something different and took that shuttle. We enjoyed Clearwater, but it was a mostly cloudy day, with on and off sprinkles, so we ended up not going further down to Cooper nature reserve. This year we'd like to head out and explore Cooper, and are looking for the easiest way to get there. A shuttle would be best. Alternatively, we've used the "gypsy cabs" for the quick ride over to Tobacco, but would most of them be willing to do the longer drive out to Clearwater/Cooper? Any current info much appreciated.
  8. Also would like comments from anyone who has been to this beach in the past few weeks. Have been to Bermuda many times and explored numerous beaches, but for some reason never made it to Fort St Catherines Beach yet. Will be in Bermuda next week and trying to think of a new beach to visit. Is it still worth visiting or does the ongoing construction ruin the experience?
  9. Has anyone been to Daniels Head this summer? What condition is the beach in, and does the area get very crowded due to the water park? Also, any shuttles from dockyard to DH?
  10. Possible they changed the bus stop to further down the road....the first time I ever did it was maybe 4 years ago. From the bus stop drop off, cross the street, turn right, walk a block, go left around the corner and then continue straight for a few hundred yards onto the beach. All told I'd guesstimate about 1/2 mile, maybe a little less.
  11. Oops, sorry, I was talking about the walk from the bus stop to Elbow Beach and back. I've also done the morning drop off at Warwick several times. We spend a few hours there, then take that lovely walk down to Horseshoe, take a dip, have a drink, and then catch a bus/taxi from Horseshoe back to dockyard.
  12. eegad

    Daniels Head

    I'd also like to know about the new water park I heard was opening last year, and the general status of Daniels Head area. A dozen years ago we stayed at '9 Beaches' and loved the location. Would love to return there for a day if they ever clean the place up (and get easy transport to and from dockyard).
  13. Pharmacy in dockyard is often the best bet.
  14. I've done it 3 times in the past. It's a pleasant 15-20 minute walk in the morning. Later in the afternoon, it's a sweaty & hot walk back (because it's a slightly uphill walk back and the sun is high in the sky).
  15. RC definitely has the better drink benefits....3 hour cocktail lounge PLUS 2 drink credits at bars, versus just a 2 hour cocktail lounge (and not available on the first night) on celebrity.
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