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  1. The only thing to be aware of is when you sleep with the curtains over, and the maintenance folks come to check out the equipment!
  2. I think this is all moot now, but i've brought a cat across the atlantic (Immigration to the UK). As well as the requirements to take an animal to the USA, you would of course have to follow the Defra requirements to bring them back - which are quite demanding and you couldn't complete within an afternoon in Brooklyn. You also would have to trade off spending time with your dog as you cannot remove them from the kennel area and deck - so while you can go and visit, you would not be making the most of the facilities on the ship. I'm really not sure how much fun it is for the animal
  3. I have obtained a visa for Russia - however apart from the cost (over £100) and having to appear in person in London or Edinburgh, you do need to have some sponsoring tour company - for a day or two in St Petersburg I doubt you would be able to get it nor that it would be worthwhile. Its not too difficult to get about in St Petersburg, but English is not widely spoken. You can use the CityMapper app which works well for buses etc. Entry to the major attractions like the Hermitage are via tours so really I think you would be better off doing an excursion. (I did not cruise to St P
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