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  1. Agree with many here that requiring vaccinations is the way to go. Best for everyone. Who knows though when a good roll-out of vaccinations is going to happen. Got mine today but the wife isn't 65 yet so she will have to wait.
  2. We are scheduled for the Panorama for 4/24/21. We'll see if it goes or not. Don't have a lot of confidence it will happen though.
  3. Carnival and MSC are gearing up their at-home customer service agents. Very familiar with a company that does this. They have two opportunities for Carnival and one for MSC.
  4. April 24, 2021 on the Panorama. We'll see if it goes. Had to use some airline credits that expire at the end of May. It will be a celebration just to get away for a week. Keeping our fingers crossed and saying a prayer that things improve.
  5. I'm familiar with a company that hires and trains at home agents. Noticed today an announcement for Carnival and Holland. Based on training length that would put them operational around mid-December. It's a small step in the right direction!
  6. We got the email as well. Ours was the November Hawaii cruise. Never felt it would go anyway.
  7. My wife has a couple more cruises than me. All of hers has been with Carnival. Started in 2005. Now with a total of 36 cruises and 220 days. Her most memorable one though was Sep 2019 when she won over $4K on a 5-card straight flush. We currently have two booked. Time will tell if we sail.
  8. We took a chance and booked a cruise for Apr 2021, we'll see how things progress.
  9. Our Hawaii cruise was a Premier through the Casino. In speaking with the casino reps they wouldn't move the deposit but did extend final payment. Just from the way the rep was talking their wasn't a lot of confidence the cruise would go anyway.
  10. We were able to push back final payment for the Nov 28th Hawaii cruise to Oct 30th. We'll see how things go between now and then.
  11. We have a late Nov Hawaii cruise out of San Diego. Doubt it will go though.
  12. @Grandman58.......Have a feeling it will be cancelled too. We were looking forward to it but it's probably best to wait and let all this madness end.
  13. It's too early for CCL to make a decision but can't help wondering if the November cruise will be a go. Anyone else have the cruise and playing the waiting game too?
  14. Finally got ours today for the May trip to Alaska. Glad that is over with.
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