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  1. Hello, If you are sitting on the edge, feet in the water or sitting in the shallow areas with just a few inches of water, do they count you as part of the 9? Thanks.
  2. Hello all, we were on this cruise as well so I thought I would post my experience since everyone has a different view on things. Family of 5, fully vaxed, active in our 50’s and kids in early 20’s. The Boardwalk was weird to see. Like an old, abandoned amusement park. Sad not to see kids on the carousel. Central Park being empty was something I liked. I generally go there for some downtime to escape the crowds, so that being empty was fine by me. I realize the crew needs the masks but it takes away their personality a bit and makes the language barrier tougher in some instances. I am a promenade people watcher and found that sitting anywhere with a bottle of water and no mask left me unbothered. In an empty elevator or empty hallway, many had no mask. When others got closer, masks came on. When I looked in Boleros and Dazzles they seemed fairly unoccupied. The casino was jumping every night (no mask needed). The pool area is where I typically enjoy meeting new people and this was no different. Nice not to have to fight for a chair, although the hogs are still doing their all-day entitlement thing. We are beach people so the masks were not an issue when we exited the ship. In summary, I was very worried the masks would make me nuts for a week but luckily it didn’t. Keep in mind that on a cruise we are generally into the Schooner Bar, casino, central park, the pub, and going to the beach. Now, if you mask me up in the casino, sitting poolside, or the Schooler Bar, that is a game changer for sure.
  3. I don’t know specifics. Pure speculation would be the tests as they are the newest requirement.
  4. On boarding could not have been easier. Saw some tears of joy to be getting on and tears from people denied boarding. Crew very happy and they are everywhere. Tracelet is required. Put in on and forget its there, no big deal. The pools are limited capacity depending on size. Seems to range from about 9-14 people. I expect this to be a problem tomorrow at sea. Don’t envy the lifeguard telling someone they can’t go in the pool because they are person #10.
  5. Has the CDC given the thumbs-up since the test cruise?
  6. Agree. “Ship” being the key word. Just my opinion but RCL might welcome this. They can now sail almost fully vax. Also, you take St Thomas off the table and they are running out of places to stop in the eastern carib.
  7. Hi. When you were on Celebrity you had to test in St Maarten? Do you think there will be something like that for us to get off the ship there? Thanks.
  8. I am thinking this could put the ship over the 95% vaxed limit. Can we go maskless inside now?
  9. Marine tracker showing it skipped the stop. Also, if so, does anyone know how much notice passengers were given? Thanks.
  10. Curious as well. Clearly it’s outside, but the couple pics I saw people had masks.
  11. Any word that Murphy/Port Authority will definitely allow sailings?
  12. Hi, does this cruise originate from Miami? If so, I assume there is no testing for the vaxed. Have they said if SXM will require testing and/or RCL excursions only?
  13. Morning, apologies if I missed the itinerary change, but did Summit skip St Kitts today for Curacao? Thanks.
  14. Very disappointing that a tiny percentage of the people on board are causing the vast majority to be forced to mask. Tail wagging the dog.
  15. I have a feeling that in 5-10 years Labadee will no longer be visited by RC.
  16. Was not aware of that. Sitting on a beach with a mask?
  17. Socially distanced pool? Ship not sold out would normally knock the pool population down, but not if chairs are taken away. I guess pool loungers could still be in high demand.
  18. I wonder if the dates are the actual length of the test or the window in which the test will occur. Other ships are doing a couple nights, not sure why Oasis would need more? Either way, glad to see it happening and from Port Liberty!
  19. Taking it a step further...are there port agreements yet? Are the respective Governors going to allow cruising to/from their state? You don't hear much, yet cruises are scheduled for the Labor Day timeframe. I guess it's all about FL for now?
  20. Agree, mask = cancel. We vaxxed for a reason. Those wonderful videos of the AOS promenade will be replaced by FOS promenade videos looking like a sci-fi movie with everyone masked as they stroll. Expecting to see Dustin Hoffman and the monkey walk by.
  21. Chris, thank you for the info. One clarification/question...you can not sit at any bar on the entire ship?
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