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  1. Just spoke with my TA. She called Celeb and cannot get a confirmation of anything regarding the 24 hour exemptions. They have given her various answers from “ you should be ok” to “ it’s not for us to advise”....Celeb Covering their butts...(.She is trying to get a response from the Chinese embassy ..( we are Canadian) from all I’ve found on the web today, because we ARE going from Japan to China (Shanghai) then we make that technical stop in Korea before continuing to Taiwan we are ok. It’s only if you go from Shanghai to Taiwan or to another mainland China stop that negates the visa. Having said that I’m not an expert and am only offering my personally obtained info that I interpret from various websites. I will update when I get a sure fire definitive answer from my TA.
  2. Wow!....thanks for this extensive reply. As you stated, it’s early yet and plenty of time for any changes...good or bad. Think we’ll wait and see.
  3. No, air and hotel booked and paid for already through our TA. ..will just see how this all plays out. We won’t be the only ones in this situation, and it’s still a few months away yet.
  4. Lol no it’s Hawaii....not sure why they responded to my post.
  5. Is this just the Telescope they are blocking you from though?
  6. Any word from Celebrity if the Millennium will still be finishing up in Hong Kong Dec. 7th?....it Departs from a Tokyo on Nov 23rd. Very concerned if disembarkation will still be there due to the protests in that country and also because it overnights there prior to disembarkation ...Airfare home and hotels in HK already booked and paid for! I’ve seen nothing on their website even saying they are monitoring the situation .....
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