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  1. as others have said, there is no limit...... I proved that one day at sea on our Solstice cruise last year and lost count of how much I drank that day.... of course they will not serve you if they believe you are too intoxicated, but as long as you are well behaved and can handle your alcohol you can drink to your hearts content
  2. We cruised on Solstice in March / April 2018 from Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef and back over 12 nights and we loved every minute of it... so much so we've booked another cruise on Solstice in April 2020 and a 3rd (on Millennium) in March 2021 It was our very first cruise and we had done a lot of research before booking with Celebrity Our TA got us a good deal that included OBC and a classic beverage package, so we didn't have to worry about paying for drinks or anything. We thought the staff on board were amazing and everyone including the cleaners polishing the handrails on the elevators were friendly We thought the food in the MDR was fantastic - just like dining at a 4/5 star restaurant at home in NZ, and we thought the buffet was amazing with the different choices / options - you could eat as healthy or as unhealthy as you pleased! The range of activities available on sea days was also great - we were never bored on Solstice I did a review on cruise critic and was surprised to read some reviews where people said the food was 'ordinary' or 'bland' and I wondered if they were talking about the same MDR / Buffet... some people also commented that the ship was 'run down' and 'looking tired' - but we certainly didn't notice anything to suggest that Being our first cruise we had nothing to compare Celebrity with, but we loved it so much we are too scared to try another cruise company, just incase it does not meet the same standard as Celebrity and leaves us disappointed. there are of course people who will complain about anything and everything..... my wife's friend & husband went on Edge in the Caribbean recently for her 50th birthday and when we asked her what she thought she said she thought Celebrity was just 'average' and nothing special at all...
  3. SHIP: Solstice CABIN #: 9221 DECK #: 9 CLASS: unsure AREA: Midship BED NEAR: Bathroom QUIET?: Yes, no noise from anywhere BALCONY VIEW: Very Nice unobstructed view BALCONY SIZE: Standard WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: N/A PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Very handy to main elevators / stairs
  4. We are also doing the Auckland / Fiji / Samoa / US Samoa / Tonga cruise on 1 April next year and I believe it is all but sold out - with just a few inside staterooms available last time I checked. as others have mentioned January is school holidays in NZ and Australia, so airfares / accommodation will be at a premium
  5. the shows are in the main theatre 7pm and 9pm each night and generally run for about 50-60 minutes
  6. Maybe they called it that because they thought it has an 'Edge' over other cruise ships anyway it is only a name - the functionality and features of the ship are far more important that the name
  7. We found out about celebrity cruises by googling..... we live in Auckland New Zealand and we get a slight glimpse of the harbour from our house.... we see most of the cruise ships leaving in the evening and we jokingly said "one day that will be us" Then early 2017 wife was googling cruises and we looked at a few cruises..... We were tossing up between 2 cruises we liked the look of. One was a 7-8 day cruise around Hawaii on Norwegian cruises and the other was a 12 day cruise from Sydney Australia up to the Great Barrier Reef on Celebrity Solstice. Both cruises were about the same price. We chose Celebrity because it was cheaper to fly to Sydney than to Hawaii and we thought 12 nights was better value for money than paying the same for 7-8 nights. When we started to do more research it appeared that Celebrity cater for more of an 'adult market' and the last thing we wanted to do was go on holiday with hundreds of screaming kids (apologies to anyone who does have kids) so we chose Celebrity. It simply was the best holiday we've ever had and we now have 2 further cruises booked on Celebrity (1 in 2020 and 1 in 2021) Wife spoke to a friend in the weekend who said "Why don't you try another cruise company"? - we are too scared to try another cruise liner, just in case they are not up to the standard as Celebrity.... and we don't want to fork out thousands of $$$ only to be disappointed.
  8. we did most days - hanging on the back of the balcony chairs... they were not visible to anyone else except us and our room steward - who probably turned a blind eye to it
  9. if you are cruising in summer where there is warmer weather you can wash out your 'smalls' in the bathroom sink and hang then to dry in the shower or as we did - over the chairs on the balcony.... we had some plastic looped clips / pegs that would loop over the bar on the back of the balcony chairs. This was on a 12 night cruise
  10. I've not been on Edge, but just by looking at the photos I think that magic carpet thing on the side going up and down looks a bit weird - kind of like it doesn't belong there
  11. We were on Solstice last April and saw Broken Strings, Rock City and Euphoria.... we will be on Solstice again in April 2020, so hopefully they will have some different shows on then.... otherwise we won't be too happy if they are the same
  12. thank you all for the replies - some good suggestions there We're looking for something around $300-350 NZ a night that's about $200 US, $1600 Hong Kong dollar or 150 English pounds what I mean by central is close / walking distance to shopping / markets / restaurants / transport.... doesn't need to be close to the cruise terminal as we will probably get a taxi / shuttle to the cruise terminal on departure day a Harbour view would be nice if it was in budget, but it's not essential - a good comfortable bed and good shower are more important The Cordis does look good (we've stayed at the one in Auckland NZ) but it is at the top end of our budget.... I will look up some of the hotels suggested and also take a look at the Ports of Call board thanks again
  13. Hi - I know this is a long way off, but we're doing the Hong Kong to Tokyo Cruise in March 2021 on Millennium and we're really looking forward to it From my research the Cruise will be leaving from the Kai Tak Cruise terminal (site of the old Airport) We are starting to look at Accommodation in Hong Kong..... I've googled several hotels / motels and it appears we can't make bookings that far in advance for March 2021 There are literally hundreds of Hotels / Motels in Hong Kong we don't know where to start.... So I thought I'd ask some fellow cruisers can anyone recommend a good central hotel / motel in Hong Kong? thanks in advance
  14. I wore some nice jeans and a polo shirt in the MDR on Solstice most nights on our cruise last year and it was fine Shorts and t-shirts are a no-no in the MDR for dinner
  15. True - when we boarded our first celebrity cruise last year on Solstice, the first thing I said to my wife is "ok lets find a bar and get a drink"! she thought I was mad but I said we need to make the most of our drinks package!
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