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  1. Well I am pleased to report that we finally got our refund..... The TA had the cheek to take $100 off for 'providing professional services' - they were anything BUT professional in our opinion as we won't be cruising or going away anytime soon we decided to go out and get a new TV with some of the money! but we are pleased that it is all over now and we can move on
  2. Well we have a good news update the TA finally e-mailed to say the Wholesaler has been refunded from Celebrity..... but it could take their (Wholesalers) finance team 2 weeks to process the payment to the TA - who will then refund us. I'm not going to celebrate yet until the money is our bank account.... but at least we're getting close!
  3. Yes - so far I have let my wife handle this.... as she is good with words but 6 months is getting ridiculous.... I told her to wait a week before contacting them again and if there is no news on the refund I will phone them the following week and give them a piece of my mind!!!! - that's if my wife will let me
  4. Well my wife has made friends via facebook with someone else who was booked on the cruise before ours.... and this lady has free calling to the USA, so has made calls for us and has confirmed with Celebrity that our refund has been processed. The TA keeps saying they are waiting for the wholesaler to get paid from Celebrity, then the wholesaler will pay the TA who will then pay us. Wife spoke to TA last week and urged them to phone the wholesaler again and chase them, but the TA just said they (wholesaler) are very busy, often don't or can't answer the phone.... so the TA said they would flick the wholesaler an e-mail.... Wife phoned the wholesaler and got through to them easy and the wholesaler said they were waiting for the TA to phone them. On Monday wife phoned up the TA and spoke to the manager of the branch - who told her off for contacting the wholesaler.... and said to my wife that "people like you are being a pain in the a$$ ringing all the time" and just told her to be patient and others are still waiting for refunds from Celebrity / Princess cruises..... my wife was in tears when I got home from work I told her to leave it for a week then call the TA again next week for an update.... if there is no progress then we will take it further There is a consumer watchdog TV program here in NZ called 'fair go' - and we are very tempted to tell them our story....
  5. Same - 18 March for us last week celebrity said the refund has been processed and will be paid to the wholesaler, then the wholesaler will pay our travel agent then the TA will pay us...... next time we book a cruise we will book directly with celebrity 6 mconths is far too long to wait for a refund
  6. well wife's friend on FB called celebrity again and they said that our TA has to 'approve' the refund..... she phoned the TA and spoke to the other person there and they said they remember us asking for a full refund.... my wife even found the original e-mail she sent to the TA on 17 March requesting the refund. So now the TA has to go back to the wholesaler, who has to go back to celebrity to get it changed into a refund.... This cruise was supposed to be for my 50th - which is in November..... I just hope that the refund comes before then!
  7. Ok I posted a while back that we had not received a refund for our 1st April cruise that was effectively cancelled on 14 March when the NZ government said no cruise ships will be allowed into NZ waters until 31 July. We officially applied for a full refund on 17 March with our TA and have only had the deposit refunded through Celebrity - as we initially booked direct with celebrity but transferred the booking to our TA (we will NEVER use this TA ever again by the way) My wife was phoning / e-mailing the TA every 2 weeks and all they could say is that it was being processed..... last thing the TA said was to wait until 1st July and if no refund has come through to contact them again.... which we did We got told the same thing, that the wholesaler (that the TA uses) has not been refunded by Celebrity and that they have several people waiting for refunds for celebrity and princess cruises and we are all in the same boat. Wife even spoke to the manager of the TA and got told the same thing. Wife decided to call Celebrity (NZ office) and they could not tell her anything because we our booking was through our TA... she even tried calling the wholesaler the TA used, but no-one phoned her back. Someone on the FB page for our (cancelled) cruise said they had to phone celebrity direct in Miami and finally managed to speak to someone one who helped them with their refund. So wife decided to try the same thing yesterday but was on hold for 30 minutes so hung up as she didn't have the time to wait. Wife started a conversation with this lady on FB and she offered to call Celebrity in the USA on our behalf as she has free calling from NZ to the USA and she knew exactly who to speak to at celebrity, so wife gave her the details (names / reservation number...etc...) and the lady phoned Celebrity up this morning for us I am very glad she did because it turns out Celebrity had us listed as part of a 'group booking' (no idea why) and they also had us down as wanting the 125% FCC - which is incorrect... she managed to get celebrity to update the details and change the FCC for a full refund - which should be getting processed. it is clear to me from this that our TA had probably never contacted Celebrity or the wholesaler in the first place..... Wife is going to phone the TA on Monday and if they say "sorry your refund is still being processed" she's going to tell them that it was never being processed in the first place and tell the TA the whole story about the phone calls to Celebrity...etc... she is also going to tell them how dissatisfied we have been with their service (or lack of).... however, I suggested she waits until we've received the full refund onto our credit card before saying something like that. So here's hoping the refund comes through early next week!
  8. We are still waiting for our refund Cruise was starting 1st April from Auckland, but was effectively cancelled by NZ government on 14 March when they said no cruise ships will be allowed in NZ waters until end of July We applied for full refund through our TA and we're still waiting... they said it no refund by 1 July to phone them Wife phoned them up and they said still waiting for their wholesaler to be refunded by Celebrity.... they also said they waiting for refunds for other people who booked Celebrity cruises through them and people on Princess cruises too Over 90 days is far too long to wait and we are not happy!!!
  9. thanks for the replies We are just worried because a major chain of TA's here (not the one we booked with thankfully) are closing up many of their stores in an effort to save money and the last thing we want is for our TA company or the wholesaler to go bust while they still have our money. In 2 weeks it will be 90 days since we applied for the refund, so we will follow up with the TA then
  10. My wife and I are pulling out our hair here and we are both upset and angry We had 2 cruises booked with Celebrity 1 for 2020 - April 1st out of Auckland to the pacific islands 1 for 2021 - March 14 from Hong Kong to Tokyo both were booked through a travel agent here in NZ We cancelled the 2021 cruise in February 2020, because the coronavirus was spreading all through Asia at the time, and we didn't feel comfortable going to Asia of the virus was still around. It took about 2.5 months for the travel agent to get the $800 deposit back that we had paid for this cruise The April 2020 cruise was effectively cancelled on 14 March 2020, when the NZ government banned cruise ships from NZ waters until the end of July 2020. We thought about taking the 125% FCC, but then decided to get the 100% full refund. We applied for the refund through our travel agent on March 18, and to date all we've had are excuses.... We understand there are thousands of people around the world all wanting refunds from Celebrity for their cancelled cruises, but many people we have spoken to on the Facebook page and the CC roll call for the April 2020 cruise have received their refunds from Celebrity and from their TA. Our TA said about 3 weeks ago that the wholesaler had received the money and they were just waiting for the wholesaler to refund them - then they would refund us. Then yesterday wife got an e-mail from TA saying the refund would take another 30 days!!! Not satisfied with this she phoned Celebrity (NZ) and got hold of someone earlier who could not give her any information or tell her anything because of the privacy act..... and because the booking (although in our names) was done by the TA / Wholesaler! My wife phoned me in tears when she was told this... it's $8,000 NZ of our money that should be in our bank account We think our TA might be telling us porkies and making excuses - because most other people have had their refunds for the April 2020 cruise is there someone higher up the chain at celebrity we can contact about this? We just want to know exactly what is going on and when we can expect our refund thanks in advance
  11. No - only 1 can upgrade if they want and it was very easy to do
  12. We've only done the 1 cruise and didn't have a problem ourselves and we didn't notice any pier runners - probably because we were too busy drinking! But I will admit to watching a few clips on youtube of pier runners to me there seem to be 2 types of pier runners / walkers 1) the people who know they are late and are running / sprinting towards their ship so they can make it on board 2) the people who don't seem to care, and as their ship is still there they just leisurely stroll towards it I did see one clip where a woman was frantically waving and yelling as her ship was reversing away from the pier.... I don't know what the outcome was but I'm pretty sure the woman didn't get on board
  13. I had forgotten about this until my wife reminded me We went to the Doctor to ask about getting a blood test to see if we were immune to Measles Our cruise was going to Samoa and they'd had a pretty bad measles outbreak So we paid $48 each to see the doctor, then went to the blood test place and had to pay another $48 each as this type of blood test was not funded by the New Zealand government / ministry of health. then 2 weeks before our cruise, Celebrity changed the itinerary and removed Samoa and American Samoa because they had both closed their ports to cruise ships - so that was nearly $200 down the drain! The good news is we are both immune to measles and have a letter from the doctor to say that.....
  14. we bought insurance for our cruise - but thankfully the insurance company are letting us use the insurance for a future cruise / holiday. My wife however did buy several dresses to wear on the cruise as it was going to be hot on our Fiji, Samoa, Tonga cruise and she thought wearing trousers would be too hot, so bought dresses instead.... now we have to wait for the summer here (December - March) so she can wear them!
  15. I would have thought Solstice would head back to USA to get ready for the Alaska season on 1st July? (If it goes ahead)
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