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  1. I couldn’t find any info on 7134 on millennium on this site, so thought I’d ask on here we have booked stateroom 7134 for our March 2021 cruise. Wife asked TA for a balcony room mid-ship but looking at the deck plans it looks like 7134 is 2 rooms away from 7138 & 7140 and these 2 staterooms appear to ‘jut out’ a bit? does anyone know if this is the case and would they stick out far enough to obstruct our view? any advice would be helpful thanks
  2. we took our first cruise in April 2018 and it was on Celebrity Solstice.... after 2 days we knew we wanted to do another one, so booked another one while on board for April 2020 and have since booked a 3rd one for March 2021 Wife is also looking at doing another cruise (not on celebrity unfortunately) I don't know how we are going to pay for them though.... LOL
  3. thank you for the replies Yes it's the 6 night cruise out of Melbourne on 25 November 2020 we are looking at I couldn't see the wording that fares were in $NZ - hence me asking, but I'll have another look tonight Wife might go to the travel agent and ask them about it - we've only done 1 cruise and that was on Celebrity Solstice (we have 2 more Celebrity cruises booked) and each time we went through a TA and they managed to get us a good deal with OBC and a beverage package. We have some friends who are doing this cruise and we thought it looked good
  4. Hi All, We are looking at doing a cruise on Queen Elizabeth in November 2020 from Melbourne Australia and I have a couple of questions please The prices on their website are they in Australian $ or NZ $ or US $?? there is nothing on their website to indicate what currency the prices are in and I can't see any way of finding out. We are in NZ and logged on to cunard.com if that helps Also do cunard offer any sort of beverage package or on board credit? I went through and did a mock booking and nowhere did it come up offering any 'extras' if anyone can help answer these questions that would be much apppreciated thanks in advance 🙂
  5. We did the GBR cruise in March / April 2018 and tendering into Cairns / Port Douglas was no problem, as the weather was good and the seas were calm - however we didn't make it to Airlie beach as the seas were too rough for the tender boats We found the tendering process to be very good and well organised - but they do give priority to passengers who have booked excursions with Celebrity. The best thing to do is grab a tender ticket number from the cellar masters when they announce they are available, so you'll be on one of the first available tenders. Celebrity also use the services of external companied with much larger boats to help the tender process in Cairns / Port Douglas Enjoy your cruise - we loved the itinerary
  6. is it just me or did none of those 'perks packages' include a beverage package?
  7. same here - I'd rather leave room in my suitcase for souviners... the food / toiletries / pillows..etc.. on the ship are more than adequate
  8. we saw male and female saunas on solstice last year, but we didn't use them
  9. you can only order 1 drink per seapass card - this was the case on our solstice cruise last year... we were told there was a 15 minute time period between drinks, but we didn't test it out
  10. We had the classic beverage package on our Solstice cruise last year and my wife was able to get a coffee with Kahlua and whipped cream and she wasn't charged any extra
  11. we cruised on Solstice March / April 2018 and the seapass cards already had a hole / slot punched in the top - we had purchased cheap lanyards for less that $2 NZ from a cheap gift type shop before we departed for our cruise
  12. I thought I read something recently on the Celebrity Solstice fan club page on Facebook that it had already changed to LPC
  13. I think people caught smoking on their balcony or in another part of the ship where they are not allowed to smoke - should get removed from the cruise at the next port
  14. yeah - we did our first cruise out of Sydney last year and our papers said 1:30-2:30pm boarding time, but advice I got from CC members was just to turn up when we wanted and we'd probably get on board ok - and that happened to be the case
  15. We did our first cruise last year and we both packed too much.... we had a 12 night cruise and 4 nights in Sydney Australia after the cruise. I found i was able to hand wash socks / undies in the bathroom in our cabin and hang / clip them to the back or the chairs on our balcony to dry - so we didn't need to take as much as we did one person posted on CC that they buy cheap 2nd hand clothing from charity / thrift shops to take on a cruise and when they've worn it they throw it out....
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