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    QM2 Atrium view

    I have stayed in these cabins a couple of times. The only real difference between the atrium view cabin and a regular inside cabin is the window. It gives some light which is nice at night when a normal inside cabin can be as dark as a tomb. The only view from the window is into the cabin directly across from yours, no view of the lobby below. Additionally I was “upgraded “ to one of these cabins on deck 6 (not sure if deck number is correct but it was the highest deck available for this cabin choice). It must have been below a kitchen area for King’s Court because there was the sound of crashing pots and pans at all times of the night. If purchasing this cabin grade I would highly recommend booking a cabin on the lower decks, these cabins were absolutely silent.
  2. Chart Room Princess

    Hotels in Tokyo and Vancouver

    I can vouch for the Pan Pacific in Vancouver. Great location next to the port and about a block to the train station which gets you to or from the airport. Rooms were excellent.
  3. Chart Room Princess

    I would like the new ship to have....

    Hi-tech Wi-Fi!
  4. Chart Room Princess

    Weather for British Isles Cruise

    Pulled the trigger today and booked the June itinerary. Thanks to everyone for your informative responses.
  5. Chart Room Princess

    Notes from Queen Victoria to the Mediterranean

    My guess is that it is channel 21. The show is on daily hosted by the entertainment director. The guests are the entertainers for the day. It is generally on in the early morning, starting at 6 or 7. The opening scene with the boat and song was used when I was last aboard the QV last April.
  6. Chart Room Princess

    Hand sanitiser aversion

    While true that washing hands may be better than using the sanitizer, people may still touch surfaces on the way to the dining room such as door handles, stair banisters, elevator buttons, etc. All of these surfaces can harbor bacteria and germs.
  7. Chart Room Princess

    What's Your Favourite Cocktail?

    Before dinner drink Manhattan straight up; After dinner drink a nice Cognac.
  8. Chart Room Princess

    Beware of the Blue Rubber Gloves

    I would have reported an incident like that to a manager. It is important that Cunard management be informed of situations where passengers could get a food borne illness.
  9. Chart Room Princess

    New Menu in Verandah on QM2

  10. Chart Room Princess

    Weather for British Isles Cruise

    Thanks everyone, these are all great ideas and opinions. I truly appreciate everyone’s insights! Looking forward to being on one of these cruises in the near future.
  11. Chart Room Princess

    Weather for British Isles Cruise

    Thanks for the tip on the climate charts, that’s a great idea.
  12. Chart Room Princess

    Weather for British Isles Cruise

  13. Chart Room Princess

    Weather for British Isles Cruise

    My family is going to book a British Isles cruise in 2019. Cunard is offering one in early June and one in mid-August. On average which time frame has a chance for better weather in the British Isles? Where I come from I can say that early June has a higher chance for rain than August. All help is appreciated.
  14. Chart Room Princess

    Survey for New Ship Dining Experience

    Questions were about anytime dining, alternative dining venues, and dress code.
  15. Chart Room Princess

    Survey for New Ship Dining Experience

    I just received an email from Cunard offering me the opportunity to tell them about what I think about the Cunard dining experience. The email states that it will be used for the design of the new ship. Anyone else receive this survey?