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  1. Hi Jack. I had 7031 on the QV this June on a British Isles cruise. The extra space includes a chair for sitting. The rest of the cabin layout is the same as the standard style; so yes you do get the sense of a roomier cabin. I really liked it. Plus the balcony is a little bigger too.
  2. The entire cruise . We went to the dining room right after boarding.
  3. We traveled with a child on QE and were assigned late seating., So yes a child is allowed in the main dining room at your assigned time. Just remind your head waiter the night before that you will have a “special guest” with you the next evening. They can then be sure to have everything ready for your child’s visit (since it doesn’t sound like the child will be a regular diner.) Also when space is available we have been able to get our seating changed from late to early seating so it was easier on our child and group.
  4. Yes you need the military service credit form. I always receive it after call the Cunard 800 number in the USA to request that the form is sent via email.
  5. That’s an awesome model!
  6. Do these always available items also apply to the QV and QE? My 12 year old niece is a picky eater but definitely would eat all of these items.
  7. The one and only time we took a cab from the pier to La Guardia we got taken for a ride. Our cabbie got off the main highway twice on purpose. I was calling the number posted in the cab to file a complaint while being driven around. When we got to the airport I looked for a police officer because I didn’t want to pay the thief. The formal complaint took several months to process and the cab driver was disciplined. Needless to say, we only use a car service or limo now.
  8. That’s what I use and they plug into the equipment with no problem.
  9. I don’t believe they provide headphones. I always use my own.
  10. I certainly hope you are healthy to make your trip. I really enjoy reading your blogs.
  11. This has happened to me twice. I was charged for the large water bottle. Interestingly both times I had purchased the set of 8 waters (number may be wrong) . The room steward stated they would bring one less and include the water in the fridge as the extra water . My guess is that when checking the fridge at the end of the cruise they end up charging for that water again. Next time I order the set of water I am going to tell the room steward to bring me all the water and not count the water in the fridge which I will not use.
  12. Thanks for sharing your video. Very well done and nice editing.
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