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  1. Glad you did. I am sure that you will be better off. If you can ever get an atrium view on the 5th floor you will appreciate it more.
  2. I was upgraded to one of those cabins once. We did hear banging and pounding at all hours of the night. It sounded like we were under a dish washing or food prep area. I would recommend staying elsewhere. Our deck 5 atrium view was silent.
  3. Snow is fun and pretty until you have to drive in it, go to work in it, shovel it etc.; Week after week for 4- 6 months depending on how long winter lasts. I certainly prefer no snow and am counting the days and years until I can retire and move south.
  4. I just received the e-card. I am in the US.
  5. It’s always a QE2 cocktail in the Commodore Club at 4:00 pm.
  6. The Queen Elizabeth stopped in Honolulu and Lahaina in 2015 on the way to Pago Pago. I believe the Queen Victoria stopped in Honolulu the year before.
  7. Refund of $8,818.20 received on June 23 for the June 29 QM2 sailing. Refund requested April 24.
  8. I had this stateroom last June on the QV. In the extra space was a chair and lamp. The balcony is longer too. We thoroughly enjoyed the location and space of this room.
  9. Received a call from my Cunard personal cruise consultant today. She wanted to confirm that I was aware that my upcoming cruise was cancelled. She also wanted to know if I needed help rebooking or if I needed information on how to apply for a refund. I told her that we decided against rebooking at this time because we want to wait until we know the ships are back in action. I also stated that I had already submitted a refund request. She stated she would check on the refund.
  10. I live in downtown Chicago, Illinois. On March 21, the entire state was subject to a stay at home order until April 7 at this time. Only essential services are open, grocery stores, gas stations, banks, Medical, government offices, etc. I am able to work remotely from home but may have to go to work at times since I work for the state. Many restaurants are open for take out or delivery only. Shopping for groceries is an adventure because people started hoarding essential items. I had a week in Florida in early February so at least I had a vacation before this started. We w
  11. We are scheduled for this cruise as well. Hoping it will go forward, if not no big deal. We will deal with any possible cancellation by Cunard closer to the departure date.
  12. I don’t have any photos but yes this can be done. We have done it many times. You can call Cunard and have them note it on your reservation or just ask your stateroom steward after you board the ship.
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