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  1. skyedoggie

    Double Size Bed - CAT B1 Balcony Cabin on Divina

    Thanks so much, that's the info I needed[emoji4] Did you like your overall experience on MSC? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. skyedoggie

    Double Size Bed - CAT B1 Balcony Cabin on Divina

    Thank you for your reply but it isn't the width that I'm asking about. The length of the bed is the concern. Anyone in this group 6ft 2" and were your feet in the bed? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi All, My DH and I are not new cruisers but we are new to MSC. I have a silly question...while reading the description for a balcony cabin what stood out to me was the description: "Double bed can be made into 2 singles." Can you tell me if we are talking a 75"L or 80"L. I only ask because my DH is more than 6FT tall and we need at least a queen size bed in order for him to be comfortable. His feet would be hanging off of a true double bed:eek: Thanking you in advance,
  4. skyedoggie

    Celebrity's Sunset Harbor Sail

    My husband and I booked this excursion along with another couple and met on the pier as the instructions indicated. Our group is always on time and we were early and ended up being the last on board, as we were not prepared for those who came late and pushed their way to the front. Neither was the man with the sign from the excursion prepared for the crowd that appeared and starting pushing like cattle going through a single gate. This excursion needed some kind of control over attendees that could organize its participants. Once we did get on board, there was limited seating and we couldn't even sit together. Also our guide Sandy announced that they had not collected enough tickets for the amount who had signed up and asked if someone still needed to turn in a ticket. The other thing I'd like to mention is that the music chosen for the "folkloric dance" contained numerous references to the F-word. We were surprised by that and didn't consider it to be in good taste. One other thing, the tour mentions that it passes by a statue of the Virgin Mary which was overlooked.
  5. Very nice review. Our friends Lyn (a/k/a Luvs) and Rich were on the cruise with you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. skyedoggie

    Blu on formal nights

    We were in Aqua Class on Equinox, on the 11 night ultimate Caribbean cruise this past January. DH and I dressed up for formal night when it was suggested. We found that our fellow cruisers did as well. We think you will be the "odd man out". So long as your comfortable with that - have a fantastic cruise. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. skyedoggie

    Your thoughts on Soltice?

    My DH and I just got off Equinox. We were Aqua Class although not penthouse. We enjoyed ourselves so much. Thought that Aqua Class was well worth it. Loved Blu and the staff there. Loved the Canyon Ranch Spa and the Persian Garden. The other thing we enjoyed was the Glass Show and the Lawn Club. Check out Youtube and look for the ship you are booked on. I think you'll be well pleased.
  8. I was interested in Erica's response about making the MTD reservation ahead of time. Her experience was hands down a huge success. Ours not so much. The attached photo is me at the MTD reservation desk on our BOS repositioning cruise. No one there to take my reservation and the telephone ringing off the hook. The Cruise Compass posted the hours for the MTD Desk as 8-11:30AM and 2-4:30PM. We called the Desk X3333 no answer and then went there in person. No one at the desk! AGHHH being on vacation who wants to spend your time in line waiting to get seated. I also don't think it enjoyable to have to stop what I'm doing to call over and over again hoping that my call will be answered. This was our first experience with MTD and hoping it is our last. We tried to get assigned early seating but there was no availability.After a few evenings of misery, we talked to Burnhan Sanli, Head Waiter and he did his best to set things right. He gave us a reservation for 6pm, but he could not give us the same table and waiters for the remainder of the cruise. We ended up eating at Giovanni's 2X and once at Chops. Also we dined at the Chef's Table to avoid the MTD.
  9. skyedoggie

    Marijuana in Smoking Areas of Celebrity

    II Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. skyedoggie

    question - Brilliance of the Seas

    Thanks for your response here as well and for getting my head on straight for where things are located! Much appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi All, For my experienced Brilliance cruisers...DH and I like to have breakfast in the dining room. On Grandeur there was a special area of the dining room designated for Diamond Cruisers. What is the set up for the Brilliance? Is it off the Windjammer in Giovannis? We've never been on Brilliance before. Thanks, Angelica & Steve
  12. Inyoman was awesome. In fact, we completed a WOW card for him. He always had a smile and would stop what he was doing to ask how we were. The couple of times that we needed to ask for his assistance, he was right on it and with that trademark smile. I hope that kleo30 has the pleasure of meeting Inyoman. So to answer your question, he was doing well and looking forward to a new contract.
  13. Wow, PoohB didn't say anything about writing down false information. It is tough struggling to find a place to write and I agree that I'm always grossed out by those pencils and pens left behind :((I'm sure they are carrying germs I don't want to know about)! In Baltimore, we were handed the health forms and expected to fill them out prior to getting to the Desk. It would have been nice to have them in advance We could of done them on the way to the port and had them ready to go with our Set Sail Pass. Yes, I like the idea.
  14. Sorry about that, but I didn't keep copies of the menus. I did keep the Cruise Compass though. Is that what you are looking for?
  15. Hi Kelly, Here are some photos of Cabin 8088. The closet and drawers kept opening because of all the rocking and rolling we were doing in the bad weather. We ended up sliding over one of the chairs against the drawers and the foot stool in front of the closet to keep them closed. Generally we don't photograph our open drawers etc.:D [ ]