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  1. Well it has been officially 7 weeks since my requested refund and I still haven't received anything yet. So I decided to send an email to guest care and stated how quickly many people are getting their refunds. I gave a timeline of 7 days on receipt of the email to refund my money or I will contact my lawyer and the police because it's starting to look like theft and credit card fraud. I still doubt they will comply and will probably just shrug it off. Oh well, it was fun to write the email though. LOL
  2. Was supposed to cruise today 8/29 😞 Ended up asking for a refund since this was my 2nd canceled cruise. Got my email confirmation of refund on 7/17, still have NOT received my refund!
  3. This is my 2nd cruise that got cancelled. Ya it sucks but i'm taking it in stride. Cruising will be back, just got to be super patient. This is all 1st world problems. Things could be a lot worse. Just keep your head up.
  4. Today is the 1st day of the stay at home order here in Austin. Fortunately my job is considered critical so i'll still be able to go to work. My company has been very proactive. They started temperature screening of everybody that enters the building. Anyone at or above 100.5 is not allowed to enter. That was changed just this week to 99 point something. I'm supposed to cruise on 4/19 but i'm quite sure that will get canceled. So sure that I already booked a cruise to replace it at the end of Aug. Once cruises are open again ships are going to fill up quickly for the remain
  5. Thanks for your reply. Maybe i'm asking my question wrong. Once my cruise is canceled on 4/19 can the refund from that cruise be put towards my already booked future cruise?
  6. Hi everyone. I don't think it's official yet but i'm sure my sailing on 4/19 from Galveston will get canceled. In anticipation of this, I went ahead and booked another cruise for later this year. I only put down the $250 deposit. Can any future OBC be applied to pay the balance? Thanks! Scott
  7. I'm cruising on the 19th also and I haven't received any obc offer yet either.
  8. Crossing my fingers, my cruise is in 37 days.
  9. You felt it necessary to shame people for posting information? Wow, just wow.
  10. Oh i'm sure they are! Well I finally got through and got a cool aft balcony for only $50 more than my regular balcony and a $50obc so it worked out great. Total hold time was 2hrs 11min!
  11. Cruising. April 19th. I almost wouldn't mind being stuck on board as long as everything works lol, not like the poop cruise.
  12. Wow, i'm on hold so I can change my cabin for my April cruise. 1.5 hours on hold so far. Crazy!
  13. I'll be sailing on the 19th as well but on Carnival. I live in Austin and I drive in the day before and get a hotel. This will be my 3rd cruise and i've always gone in the day before and park at 1 of the parking facilities. Easy peasy. Also here's a thought. I'm a solo traveler and since i'm not far from san marcos (live in S Austin) ya'll can pack up in my truck. You can find a hotel to stay in (I can drop you off)and I can also pick you up on the day of the cruise since i'm already paid for parking. I'm assuming your cruise is 7 days like mine. If so I can bring you back t
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