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  1. mkcurran

    Hotel Maya -- 2019 Code??

    I got that rate, but only $30 in taxes.
  2. mkcurran

    Hotel Maya -- 2019 Code??

    Email Jessica Jimenez <Jessica.Jimenez2@hilton.com> for your best shot at the discounted rate.
  3. If you want an early boarding time, check-in opens at Midnight Miami time. If you don't care, you can check-in any time.
  4. mkcurran

    Hotels in Long Beach

    Thanks Steve! Lots of good information in there. Sounds like a good Plan B for me personally. Only 66 more days until I find out if the Maya is a fit for us.
  5. mkcurran

    Hotels in Long Beach

    For my own back-up information...if you weren't planning days before and after and were just looking to park your car while you were gone...Hotel Current? Good option or not? I know when we drove by it last it was right on the edge between the rough parts and the nice parts.
  6. mkcurran

    Hotels in Long Beach

    And where would you stay if the Maya was booked solid? Which is the original question.
  7. mkcurran

    Bliss / Live / Solo - Dec-01-08-2018...

    I never put tobasco on them before. I might have to try that if I can't find the ones canned in hot sauce.
  8. mkcurran

    stone island

    You'll have to tell me how it is when you get back. Have fun!
  9. mkcurran

    stone island

    When are you going? My group decided on their tour when we go in February.
  10. The Panorama is going to have the space with out the IMAX to make this an actual possibility. Plus it's going to be sailing out of California, which means it's really close to me... Which is not good news for my budget.
  11. Jamman, Do you have a photo of Surya? I had a guy of the same name on my dining team back in April. I kinda miss him...
  12. I'd actually contact John Heald about this on Facebook. He seems to have a way to get around the rules in situations like this.
  13. mkcurran

    Is a passport card sufficient?

    If you cross the border regularly by car, it's a huge asset. The cards are RFID equipped which allows for the card holders to go through special lanes at the border, which on average saves at least 1 hour of idling time in line. The bigger advantage is that it's incredibly portable, much more so than a regular passport. So if you are like me and are out and about and decide you need a certain medicine, tequila, or just a killer margarita and nachos, you can just head for the border with out having to go back home to retrieve the passport. Or the best use of all...as a back-up to expedite passport replacement should yours get lost. for a mere $35, it's a deal.