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  1. The Holland America world cruise is a cost effective option.
  2. Most of us in the know from Yuma actually cross at Tecate if we are going down to Ensenada. Much easier crossing with out the lines.
  3. The wine itself wouldn't excite us, but beautiful countryside would. I'll keep this in mind.
  4. I'm up for just skipping a month and ending this year sooner....
  5. I booked for next November when they had the $50 deposit sale. Going to get to try out the Radiance.
  6. Just booked for the far off future and was looking at the tours. My husband doesn't like fish or shrimp tacos, can you get Carne instead on the tours? Otherwise I don't know what we plan on doing, so what is everybody's favorite tours and activities to do while in town?
  7. Exactly! Worst, they may ask for more money, but probably not double cheers. But comping sailing companions drinks in not unheard of.
  8. Nice offer! Did you get a number to call with it? I'm guessing if you ask they will either comp your husband's drinks as well or add in a charge to cover him only.
  9. With the $50 deposit sale I may be booking a spa room on the Radiance. Thinking interior on the panorama deck. Looks like there is a front "secret" deck there. Can anyone confirm this is the case on the Sunshine? Any rooms to avoid? Thanks!
  10. I hope at least you are seeing things better these days. So did you like the Sunrise or the Splendor better?
  11. Dug this review put to get a feel for what the radiance might be like and stumbled upon this gem. You were right in all the wrong ways. 2020 has been exciting.
  12. Anybody have more pictures? Would love to see more.
  13. Just a few random pictures. Thought y'all would enjoy.
  14. Thank you! I found a hotel on Hotwire, then found a cheaper rate on the hotel site. It's a good time to book in Vegas.
  15. Hey Greg. Quick question if you would humor me. How often do you get the last hotel booked on Hotwire? Is there a way to know which of three offered you'll end up with? Thanks!
  16. Thank you for taking us along with you on this very interesting journey!
  17. I'm going to guess that most things will just be comped for all the passengers tonight.
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