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  1. We were to board the Oosterdam in Seattle today. It was to be a three generation family reunion celebrating our son and daughter-in-law's graduation from college. Perhaps next year.....
  2. We did both last November when we stopped in the Azores. The ship's tour was well done. We were on a large bus. Our tour guide was a local gal who was very informative. On another island we took a tour through the big box agency you referenced. There were five of us-three from the ship and two from elsewhere. We were on a 4x4 jeep that went places that a large bus couldn't go. Our driver/tour guide was very informative and would stop whenever we saw a great photo op. We also signed up for a private tour through our roll call on a third island. There were seven of us in a van with a driver/tour guide. That tour had the most flexibility and value. In our opinion, all three types of tours were worthwhile.
  3. $288.96 should be for one person because the price for our 7 day is $144.48 per person.
  4. Thank you for the photos and descriptions. I'm enjoying your trip!
  5. Thank you for the wonderful photos and so much information. We are thoroughly enjoying your trip!
  6. We purchased a FCD in November of 2018 for our grandson who did not have a Mariner number at that time. He was given one at the time of purchase.
  7. I have enjoyed your review with so many details and pictures! I'm taking notes as we are looking forward to sailing with our (toddler) grandson next year!
  8. Thank you for so many details and fabulous photos from your cruise!
  9. Thank you for all the pictures and details. We are thoroughly enjoying your trip!
  10. Thank you for all the pictures and details of your days. We are enjoying your trip!
  11. Thank you for letting us tag along. We are enjoying your pictures and commentary!
  12. We have enjoyed reading of your adventures and looking at the pictures. Thank you!
  13. We sure enjoyed reading about your trip. Thank you for all the pictures as well!
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