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  1. I did book it, I will update you when we return. We are leaving tomorrow
  2. going on the horizon in 5 days and was thinking of doing the dolphin encounter at amber cove. Wondering if anyone has done this and their thoughts on it. Is it super crowded since it is booked from the cruise?
  3. Have you just used the internet or have you been able to make and receive calls as well
  4. I did download skype but do I need a different number or would the same number work?
  5. Great thank you for all the info
  6. Even if it isn’t under a package, would he still receive the calls even at 2.99 per minute? I got the premium WiFi package and am gonna look into Skype so maybe he can use that to speak to his main guys but I am concerned for incoming calls that wouldn’t know to use skype. I did set up the 10$ a day plan with Verizon for the days we are in port. Thanks for your help
  7. I have Verizon. I will call them and see what they have to offer.
  8. That sounds great. Thanks for the info. Do you remember if it is easy enough to get a cab?
  9. we will be stopping at amber cove in 2 weeks. Wondering what the best thing to do is with 5 and 8 year old. I saw dolphin experience through the cruise line but I am not sure if it is toooooo crowded and if I am able to do this on our own or not since it is their private island.
  10. we are going on carnival horizon July 11. Wondering if anyone has used a cell phone to make and receive calls while on board? My husband needs to be able to for business. I know we had no problem last time on royal Caribbean but am now just wanting to make sure we won’t have a problem Thanks
  11. we will be in Puerto Rico from 10am - 5pm. I am wondering if there is a beach we can take a can to since we are there for a bit longer. I know it might be a little further away but wondering if anyone has done this and might have suggestions Thanks
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