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  1. Perhaps the position should be, if you don’t want to or can’t be vaccinated, don’t cruise…yet. Vaccination status is not a protected category and businesses have a right to protect their employees as much as possible. Cruise ships need healthy crews to run properly. Kudos to those who have helped others by donating blood, wearing masks (regardless of status) and are doing their best to keep themselves and others healthy. Think of this as one more way to help during this pandemic. BTW most health organization, including the World Health Organization (WHO) https://www.w
  2. Actually, I think there is sufficient evidence that Florida is, for lack of a better term, manipulating its numbers by omission or otherwise. Florida is currently not counting non-resident numbers, although they occur within the state and impact the bottom line, in an attempt to appear less risky as a vacation destination. Florida IS counting the thousands of non-resident vaccinations given in early 2021…go figure. The Delta variant is here and is being found nation-wide in prominently in deaths in non-vaccinated people. COVID surges are occurring in non-vaccinated people regardle
  3. I agree with requiring proof of vaccination for cruises where people are in the same environment for days on end. Most flights are six hours or less. Airplanes have had HEPA filtration systems for decades to prevent the spread of most diseases. Most cruise ships do not. These systems can filter out virus particles such as those which cause COVID. It’s the most they can do unless they want to half empty the planes and require vaccination. Can’t understand why anyone would want to put themselves in an environment that risks their lives without all additional protections? The Delta va
  4. Scientifically, the restrictions should depend on the setting and the risk. It is impossible to create one set of rules that cover every situation.
  5. I can’t confirm the above, but it is, unfortunately all too easy for a competent scientist with the right equipment to create a virus or enhance one using already existing DNA/RNA mapping. The virus is real, it exists and is mutating to become more contagious and in some cases, more lethal. We are still in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. All the more reason to get vaccinated and add a layer or protection not previously available. Vaccinated cruise ship passengers and crew are much safer than non-vaccinated.
  6. Please do. It would be very helpful to have something other than a paper card to confirm vaccination for travel!
  7. I respect your decision regarding your son and everyone else’s decisions for their own purposes. I would certainly do everything possible to keep my child safe. So I guess my question is, why would anyone want to risk their child’s health or their own by putting them in a vacation environment that has been proven to be high risk for transmitting a deadly disease? I think your decision to wait is a good one for whatever the reason, especially in light of the Delta variant on its way to becoming the leading strain in the United States.
  8. People have a right to decide whether or not they get vaccinated. But don’t the cruise lines also have the right to protect their employees? Sick, quarantined and dead crew can’t run a ship. There is no vaccine that is 100% effective. Scientifically, it makes sense that a ship with the likely hood of less virus onboard, i.e. “fully vaccinated” is also less likely to have an outbreak.
  9. The CDC presents guidelines for the United States as the responsible human health agency in the Federal government. Apparently in an effort to appease folks in the United States and stop the whining, the CDC choose to forgo stricter scientifically based requirements. 600,000+ dead and counting. As everyone should know, it takes a great deal less time than four days to spread the disease via aerosol as the scientific studies have noted. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-03140-4 https://www.theinsight.org/p/small-data-big-implications Royal Caribbean
  10. This was a temporary injunction as was noted. If anyone thinks that being on a plane, bus, or train (by the way a person still must be masked by Executive Order, not the CDC), is the same thing as being on a cruise ship for days on end, they are truly idiots.
  11. That was a great link. Fortunately, it is only temporary. Can’t wait to hear the complaints from people who have to pay more and are banned from certain venues. I found it interesting that Florida’s complaint compared cruising to other industries. What other industry keeps the same people in close contact for days on end, sometimes without the ability to leave the structure (i.e. sea days)? Studies of the outbreak on the Princess, pretty much ground zero for cruise ships, determined that the ventilation/air movement system was the reason the virus spread so quickly. Unless they p
  12. At 600,000+ deaths and counting, eighteen months later, the United States has yet to be surpassed by third world countries regarding absolute numbers of deaths. But I guess that depends on how and if you are looking at the entire pandemic picture in the United States. Zoonotic diseases were the focus of my work in the federal government so my interest may be a little more in depth. Yes, things are slowing down and are definitely better but we are not out of the woods. There are millions of people who have chosen to exercise their right to not be vaccinated, increasing numbers of yo
  13. Thank you for explanation of the Danish system. Unfortunately, the United States was one of the first, if not the first country, countries to highly politicize this virus instead of following the science as other countries have. Hopefully we will soon be able to sail safely with proper precautions in place.
  14. This is a good discussion of this issue. I respect your opinion. I attended a school where medical experimentation on humans took place, so I understand the history. It was not limited to one location. However, DeSantis has proven time and time again that he is not truly for citizen equality but is definitely grandstanding for his 2024 Presidential run. We will never know the true status of coronavirus in the state of Florida because of the falsified and curated data. Transparency is not his forte. I can appreciate the concerns of people who don’t want the new technology used (it’s
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