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  1. This is probably the most honest and well balanced review I have read on here. I don't want to derail the thread but I sailed on Bellissima in July (not in the YC) I found the ship stunning but crowded at times, the buffet was probably the best I had encountered but the main dining room I thought was average. the reason I would be reluctant to sail MSC again was the service, our air conditioning never worked the whole week, I spent hours at the reception desk and this was never fixed (despite me being told 4 or 5 times it had been) there was also an incident involving my son at the kids club that was dealt with appallingly that left him very upset and my wife furious for the rest of the trip. It seems like the default position on our cruise was the customer is never right and even if they are we will tell they're not. I will qualify this by saying I am not American nor I am a fan on the overtop "service" that is sometimes expected by our friends across the pond. It's a shame because I would have loved to have tried one of the seaside class ships.
  2. Whats ridiculous is your lack of empathy and understanding to someone who is obviously upset. Now admittedly these are very much 1st world problems but the cost and planning that goes into a cruise is substantial and I would be genuinely gutted if this happened to me.
  3. can this be done individually, I am on the Bellissima in 3 weeks and I want to book the Steakhouse and Teppanyaki, I dont want to book the 3 dinner package because the Steak place would be the only one I used.
  4. This is actually insane that your a repeat customer with a cruise line who in your own words make your blood boil.
  5. I’m honestly glad I never discovered this website until after I returned from my 1st cruise otherwise I might never had gone. About a year later I found this website and went back and checked the cruise reviews for the cruise I went and I couldn’t believe I was on the same cruise as some of the people moaning about everything.
  6. Good luck going back to Royal Caribbean, have a look at the top of that board on CC to see what RCCL done with the UK based Independence Of The Seas 2020 itinerary. I imagine you will be horrified and your many thousand linkedin followers likewise.
  7. I have my 1st MSC cruise booked on the Bellissima in July, the reason I haven't taken much notice of the reviews on here is that they tend to be extremes (both the negative and positive) the truth will almost always be found somewhere in the middle. I also feel that in a lot of cases people expectations are not aligned with the price they paid for the product, I dont expect a 5 star cruise, I do expect my room to be clean, the ship to be beautiful and the food to be varied and edible... I doubt I will be disappointed. In the past few years i have cruised on RCI and Norwegian and genuinely couldn't fault anything on both cruises yet came back, checked the reviews and they were full of people who had taken to exact same cruise as me with nothing but complaints.
  8. You do know that this year the Norwegian epic crashes as it came into port, the Viking sky had to be evacuated and there was an accident on oasis of the seas during dry dock don’t you. You wont be sailing with anyone at this rate.
  9. there is a huge amount of reviews along the line of this cruise was nothing like RCI, Norwegian etc etc... well no it wouldn't be would it, surely if you wanted a cruise that was like another cruise line you would just book with that other cruise line.
  10. Everyone has a different experience but I would imagine booking a ship based on itinerary you would also need to take into consideration when and where you are going. For example one of the new mega ships with water slides, rope courses and lots of outdoor space shouldn’t be taken round the med unless the weather is good between let’s say may and September. Food is subjective, I hate sea food and I wouldn’t go on a ship taste the scallops and complain they were rubbery.
  11. In life you generally get what you pay for. I would imagine people choosing MSC are doing so based on price and itinerary for example I chose my cruise in July on the bellisima based on its facilities for kids and price. A similar cruise round the med on RCI and NCL would have cost me between £1000 and £2000 more for my family of four. I will temper my expectations accordingly, I don’t expect everything to be perfect but then again it wasn’t on any of the cruises I’ve taken with the companies mentioned above. Finally I would be amazed if my family never had one of the most awesome experiences we’ve ever had. (Kids 1st cruises)
  12. Reading some reviews I’m convinced people go on holiday to have as miserable a time as possible. With any review good or bad the truth can usually be found somewhere in between. The boards on this website are excellent, the information from other cruisers and their reviews I would tend to trust more than the actual review section.
  13. there is no way I would board at that time. I am on the Bellissima this July, will be going to the port between 11 and 12 and I would expect to be on board in an hour.
  14. Thanks for that reply, yeah I guess I will need to revisit this again after the ship launches. This is my 1st on MSC do you know how much would I be if I just added the speciality restraunts on board as and when I want to use them?
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