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  1. Would always do Viking but sadly can't afford to. (Did 1 and it was heaven!) Sadly typically do Carnival - it is in my price range Never NCL again, 1 and done, the cruise was miserable.
  2. I agree with others.. A cruise without kids... OMG and not having to pay Viking's prices.. would be heaven.
  3. We did Viking to Italy for New Year's ... Temps for the most part were comfortable, heavy sweater were fine during the day time. On the ship it was comfortable, light sweater was plenty. You are going to love being on Viking. I wish I could afford to travel that way all the time.
  4. Baaaaaaa, As a business owner, I absolutely require masks 100%... if you want to go some where else, that is your right. It is my right to keep my staff safe.
  5. Some one presents that to me at my company I would suggest to them that they can go some where else. We are a private business and distancing is impossible. Masks are required to walk in the door.. You have a choice to not be there.
  6. If it keeps my germs to myself, and you wear one, it keeps your germs to yourself.. that and some distance protects both of us. common sense.
  7. Keep pushing Delta on the refund, They refunded mine and it was not first class. It was comfort class, They gave me a voucher for my domestic that is good now for 2 years (I was flying into ATL a day early to make sure I did not miss my International flight.
  8. When they cancelled my cruise (I was supposed to leave in 3 days 😞 They gave me the option to roll it over and get $250 OBC or refund... I took the refund. I have not gotten it yet but was told it would be credited back to my credit card.
  9. Click to cancel the flight and then refund... right now I think they are refunding most flights and if not your insurance will cover it.
  10. They have not cancelled us in Asia, I leave in 14 days for Mekong.
  11. Mine is the 28th, Holding my breath to see if they cancel or not. Since we are doing the Mekong and Viking just had a ship get quarantine with the virus, so hoping they cancel us.
  12. Silly question but the passengers that are being help in quarantine, who is paying for it? Are they able to have family send things to them that they need? How does this forced quarantine work??
  13. It was just a long ride up and back... you can only see so many trees before it becomes very boring...
  14. Personally I thought it was a huge waste of my money IMHO.. was very disappointed.
  15. Cambodia School Tour - Mekong River Can anyone give us an idea of how many kids, how much stuff should we bring??
  16. Mekong river trip - school visit.. What are good items to bring the kids and how many should we plan on?
  17. I sure hope you are wrong, I have a river cruise in Vietnam in 48 days.
  18. Thanks for sharing that! It was interesting listening to him!
  19. You Aussie's are so lucky, I am American so we don't get that kind of holiday time..and I still work full time... I was actually making a comment to the OP :) Her cruise is the week before mine. I figure they will either have a cure by then or Vietnam will be fully involved.. Just waiting to see how it goes :)
  20. My gosh, your cruise is 6 weeks away.. Things may have completely changed by then. I am cruising to Vietnam and Cambodia the week after you.. Just watching to see what is going to happen.
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