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  1. DrKoob - I think I'm booked in the same room type that you had -can you confirm if the rooms had bathrobes? Online it's unclear if all room classes provide bathrobes or only the extra fancy room types. thank you!
  2. I am going in October and planning to bring a one or two casual maxi dresses for evening. I also like casual dresses for hanging out so I figured why not. I think my bf might bring a pair of long pants but also have shorts and casual button down shirts for evenings (vs. sport shorts for daytime hikes and such).
  3. That's exactly what I have (Gregory brand). I'll have to test it to make sure I can fill up the water bladder and still have room for my camera stuff. I actually don't want to bring that much camera stuff - Jim's photos are amazing but I just don't want to lug stuff. We'll see... One other question - I'm planning to bring water shoe/sandals (merrells and my bf has Keen) and hiking boots. I saw that one some of the hikes (especially over the lava rocks), the boots were really key. Was there ever a case where you did a wet landing and needed a water shoe but needed to transition to a proper hiking boot for the terrain?
  4. Hi Jim - thanks for all the info. We are heading out on the Flora in Mid-October and I really hope we get to have the extra days at the JW in Quito. So far, you answered nearly all of my questions but I had one more. We plan to bring camera equipment and are all set with dry bags and appropriate backpacks. How much space did you need to reserve in your backpack (or that little turtle bag!) for drinking water? I really don't want to lug a huge backpack, but I don't know how much water we need/should bring for the long/short hikes.
  5. I have booked a March 2023 cruise on the Solstice but I'm concerned about the lack of refurbishment. I'm following this thread to hopefully stay on top of any announcements. I really love the route we booked but I'm worried about the ship because I saw some reviews from 2019 and even back then they were saying the ship was pretty worn.
  6. Thank you for this information! I'm sailing on Celebrity Millennium AQ in April and have pretty severe gluten, shellfish, and peanut/legume allergies. (as well as intolerances to red meat, raw tomatoes, and apples). It's helpful to know I can request the menu the day prior (my only other cruise on Oceania did this as well). Any other pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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