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  1. I didnt see it listed/posted. I called MSC (would have been the american call center) but they said for my departure (out of europe) this was the only option for insurance, she said it was optionally not required but told me the price - 82$ so I said YES i would buy it.
  2. interesting...maybe try to buy yours first then see if his option appears. Also maybe a child is 12 and under so if needs to get adult ?? MSC website is very lacking...
  3. Yes is Maine we have the CDC paper card for vaccination proof , no QR code etc. I called MSC yesterday (07/18/21) and rep confirmed insurance not required for fully vaccinated people from US. I told her about all this chatter and uncertainity and fear of denied boarding she said not needed if Vaccinated. I did buy the MSC Travel Protection Plan for 82$ for the family of 4 , unreally unsure what this covers just wanted to have most bases covered. I plan to call back in a month or so to see if story changes. Sailing Oct 6th out of Lisbon
  4. From FAQ is travel insurance required? - Is insurance required to travel? Yes, the Travel Protection Plan with coverage for COVID-19 is required for guests who are both fully vaccinated and not fully vaccinated or unable or unwilling to provide proof of vaccination. If you do not purchase the Travel Protection Plan with coverage for COVID-19, you will be denied boarding. This must be purchased prior to making final payment on your cruise. If you’ve already booked your cruise and have not purchased the Travel Protection Plan with coverage for COVID-19, you may call 844-546-8256, if you booked direct with MSC Cruises, or contact your travel advisor to add this to your booking prior to final payment. Guests that purchase the insurance offered by MSC Cruises do not need to present insurance documentation, as this information will be included on your reservation and visible to the terminal agent. For guests wanting to purchase their own travel insurance, it is required to provide coverage for COVID-19 protection in accordance to the coverage MSC is providing (click here to find out more). If the guest chooses to buy their own travel insurance, COVID-19 Protection Services must also be purchased (visit our FAQ for more details). Guests that purchase insurance other than the one offered by MSC Cruises must provide proof of their valid travel insurance policy that has a minimum of (a) $25,000 per person in medical expense coverage and (b) $50,000 coverage for emergency medical evacuation, both with no COVID-19 exclusions. The insurance policy must name the guest as the policy holder or beneficiary. Guests must bring a printed version of the insurance policy, showing the name of each of the covered guest(s) and a description of the coverage in the policy. This documentation will be reviewed by our staff at the terminal prior to boarding. In addition, guests that purchase insurance other than the one offered by MSC Cruises will also be required to purchase our COVID-19 Protection Services. The COVID-19 Protection Services is for all guests 3 years and older and cost: $100 per guest for cruises 4 nights or less; $150 per guest for cruises 5 nights or longer. This protection service can be purchased prior to your cruise by calling 844-546-8256, if you booked direct with MSC Cruises, or contact your travel advisor to add this to your booking prior to final payment.
  5. from MSC USA website regarding Europe cruises - see last bullet point?! And in the FAQ it says that if you buy your own private insurance you must still then buy this Travel Protection Plan which is 150$ per person! We will deny boarding in case of: • Symptoms such as fever (>99.5 F / 37.5 C), cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle/body aches, fatigue, headache, sore throat and loss of taste/smell within 14 days of embarkation• Potential exposure to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 within 14 days of embarkation• Temporary travel restrictions based on local circumstances. For example, certain countries may deny visas or prohibit entry based on travel history or nationality.• Failure to provide the proof of the mandatory Travel Protection Plan with coverage for COVID-19 insurance policy (which must be in English, Italian, German, French or Spanish)
  6. MSC website also says if you buy other insurance it has to include all the requirements etc BUT that you then STILL have to buy this travel plan protection service from MSC for 150$ per person. (4 people in my party) ...I tried to call MSC yesterday. I already paid for my cruise and didnt get insurance (have it through my credit card) but seen this meaning another 600$ if I can't buy the MSC insurance I think I will have to cancel the cruise....too many add ons with the current covid excursions limitation not worth it 😞
  7. I am a US citizen cruising out of Lisbon in Oct. There was no indication I had to get travellers insurance. I booked directly with MSC over the phone and was never asked if i wanted insurance from the agent (my credit card does provide it for free anyway). I think the above comment that this was geared towards UK sailings this summer was accurate. I will certainly look into it more before our departure
  8. Hi All, We are booked for Virtuosia in Oct 2021 out of Lisbon. I understand information is changing rapidly, any insights or thoughts if the "bubbles" will still be in place. We don't usually book the ship excursions but prefer to go off our own. Wondering if will be able to do that still. Thanks!
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