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  1. Had email for my first voucher offer to pickup in vegas on one of 4 different weekends. None of which we could make. I contacted reservations to change our cruise we had previously booked to a different date/ship and they said they had my voucher and would apply it. Dropped my balance due by $1600.
  2. Thanks everyone for your feedback. I know I can handle a 14 hr drive but DH not so keen. Even with a split drive stopping halfish the way saves over airfare. Also time involved for flight isn't much better, 1.5 hrs to airport, 2ish hour wait, most flights appear to be 5-6 hrs with plane change, 1 ish hr to get off plane and get bagage after landing, then an hour or so to get to hotel, So my flight travel all in time is 10-11 hrs at worst. Travel back also extended past that as I tend to book later flights so spend more time in airport for return. We booked early in 2019 hoping the covid would not be an issue but if it lingers then driving gives me an easy way to head back if for some reason one of us tests postive ( if they are still testing in early Feb), Hotel Park and cruise rates seemed pretty reasonable as well if driving.
  3. Trying to convince DH to change Feb cruise out of Orlando Florida (NCL Escape) to New Orleans (NCL Breakaway). While Florida is by my standards too far to drive at 24 ish hours we could get to New Orleans in a bit over 14. Anyone have limits on flight vs drive?
  4. I just booked a cruise on the Escape in Feb 2022. More so to get the room I wanted. I called Casino at seas and had another 20% taken off. I did buy the cruise first certificate for $150 that covered my deposit. Maybe should have waited but wanted to have something to look forward to. 434 days to go!
  5. We are on the Dawn in February, How long did disembarkation take (self and/or regular disembarkation) ? We have a 11:15 am flight out of Tampa that I am concerned about getting to after seeing some comments in this thread and others
  6. How does this delay self disembarkation? We are on the Dawn in Feb and have a flight out at 11:50 am.
  7. Leaving Feb on Dawn. We have already prebooked 2 excursions we wanted to take. Are there any discounts given either due to latitudes level (bronze) or to sell excess "spots" on open excursions once on ship? There is one more we are considering but not going to ruin our trip if we don't go on it, Thanks
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