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  1. I have wondered if it’s in a cruise lines best interest to reduce elite benefits. I mean if you have one room left to sell, wouldn’t you rather fill it with a newbe who is more likely to spend on “the new” be it casinos, excursions, dining rather than the jaded elite who has done it in the past and brags of not spending on board. It might be in the lines best interest to in effect “fire” this elite as a customer. Thoughts?
  2. Might get more traction in the Carnival board rather than Princess
  3. I think the fly day before crowd needs to be a little more subtle to those that fly on same day. I suspect the day before crowd tend to be retirees with time. To fly the day before the working man has to take another limited vacation day, another day of daycare, another day of pet sitting, hotel and meal costs. I just think we need to be careful judging those who don't have the luxury of flying in day before.
  4. That works for you. But I think you guys are missing the point. You are not the customer Princess is looking for for the future. To survive Princess has to replace the customer as it ages. These new updates are what attract a younger set. Whilst current cruisers are complaining about coffee cards that have been sitting in their junk drawer, comfortable chairs that are not bar stools, and how they pride themselves not using excursion decks or casino, new younger cruisers are spending cash in bars, casinos etc. They want new ships with more food options (foodies) and flexibility that the MDR experience does not provide , entertainment that is a notch above what Princess provides, something to do after 10pm. Princess is starting its transition to a new customer base that spends, like Celebrity as done. With HAL taking the "traditional" cruise market, this leaves Princes without a brand slot. This is why Princess is making changes.
  5. Sounds like someone is planning a grand time in the room, wink wink, nod, nod
  6. Who are these people that go to a HW because they see one dressed in shorts? Sounds like the same ones who brag about monitoring bathroom hand washing whilst on vacation. I mean this is the definition of get a life, really
  7. Sail both. +Norwegian, more/better entertainment, more/better specialty restaurants, if you are Haven suite Princess won't come close, more shipboard activities, better casino product, more live and let live attitude, Norwegian has anytime dining down-less waiting time with reservations, more late night parties white parties etc. +Princess more quite subdued atmosphere, perceived more formal (but not really) environment, more formal dress (pants at night for men, formal night for women "sparkly top" and black slacks for women (the Dockers and polo shirt equivalent for men set), 1980's type production shows, little late night entertainment, less garish ship decor Don't let anyone fool you, you will have a great time whichever you choose.
  8. Why? Get to select your picture, number of Pieces 100-5000, start and stop as you like, take it with you. Why is it 'wrong'?
  9. There are many ipad/phone apps that allow for jigsaw puzzle created from your photos. Note you have to complete the puzzle on the ipad.
  10. Last time I saw a Naturalist on board, it was at the pool on the bow of the ship. Pool boy told her to put her top back on.
  11. Y'all should not cruise out of Philadelphia, as they say on Broad St, "Snitches get Stitches"
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