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  1. Agree with others that they usually have whipped cream but last year on Silhouette out of Southampton they had Clotted Cream until it ran out about 1/2 way through the cruise. For those in Suites on post revolution they now have Self Service Tea in the Retreat. The butlers are still there to bring you the tea but the scones and sandwiches are on a self service serving area.
  2. We have received room assignment as soon as a day after booking up until 2 days prior to cruise. I have to admit it is nerve racking when 48 hours before cruise and you don't have a room but don't worry it will happen.
  3. You can probably place a bid without an invite by just going to: https://www.celebritycruises.com/bid-on-cruise-room-upgrade You only need your name and reservation number. Bidding opens at approx 30 days prior to sailing. To receive an invite you need to go to Celebrity Site and make sure you have signed up for and agree to receiving advertising and promotions from Celebrity. I was able to successfully bid and win a bid before I learned that I had not opted in for the marketing material and used the link. By the way you can find the link on the Menu near the bottom. You can also get assistance by Emailing CelebrityMoveUp@celebrity.com for help with eligibility
  4. We have done the Celebrity Ship Tour to Alhambra. It is a long drive from the port to Alhambra. With the rest stop it took about 2 hours each way. Once there it is a guided tour of Alhambra and then you are given about an hour on your own. While we usually don't do ships tours it was an enjoyable day and we had a very good tour guide.
  5. Online check in and the Ticket Booklet are two separate items. The online checkin will result in the ability to print your express pass. At about 45 days prior to cruise the Ticket Booklet becomes available and include you itinerary, Terms and Conditions, Luggage Tags (that you can print) and vouchers for things like transfers and and pre-cruise City Stays. The Online Checking opens about 90 days prior to cruise and take about 3-5 minutes to complete. While not mandatory it will expedite checkin.
  6. We have done the overnighter in Tokyo and the muster is indeed on the second day about an hour before departure. Generally boarding on day one is until 5-6:00 PM but with notice they allowed passengers to board during the evening hours. The ship is available for people to disembark and return to the ship anytime overnight. One strategy might be to arrive early and check in and then go exploring.
  7. When we booked on the cruise the pricing was The prix-fixe menu of four courses costs $158, with wine pairings for an additional $82. The wine pairing is optional and the price includes a copy of his cookbook.
  8. Check out this post. Someone on Edge just went to the dinner and posted a copy of Menu and Book.
  9. You can ask at any Specialty Restaurant. On Summit it is done in Tuscan and they coordinate the reservations. Also if in a suite the Concierge or Butler can get you on the wait list. If they get enough interest they will hold it. Also often the Sommelier will be letting guests know about it. At least on the first two cruises they did not publish it.
  10. That was a VERY OLD perk. I believe it went away 4-5 years ago. I know because I had a couple cruises grandfathered. Currently only Signature, Royal and above get unlimited specialty dining. Sky and CS nothing.
  11. We did it on Summit the second week available. Chef Bulund was on the ship the first of the B2B but was unable to get reservations on that cruise. The second cruise they had 6 reservations and one couple didn't show so was just 4 of us. It was a nice dinner. Only one person at our table selected the wine pairing and they handled it well. Very relaxed dinner and the price includes his Cookbook which weighs a good 10 pounds.
  12. I think that was a bug in the last version. I also checked and it was missing the ability to upload photo. I upgraded this morning and it is available again in the new version.
  13. You could be notified anytime from when you place the bid until 48 hours prior to sailing. Usually I have heard that a bid was accepted at about 10 days prior to sailing. When not accepted notified 48 hours prior to sail date.
  14. Try searching on Flights.Google.com You can also set up alerts to monitor a fare and it tells you what the fares are trending. I was just checking for October and most airlines are about $1,500 RT Premium Economy. I generally find the best deals on Choice Air but sometimes find I have to play a game of trying different airports like LHR, Paris, Frankfurt etc. Also play around with the dates by a day or two. I just booked a Business Class to Heathrow from SFO for $1,200 Business Class one way.
  15. Cruisestitch is 100% correct. If you have ALL EC PORTS - VAT will be charged at a rate either of the Flag Country of the Ship or the origin port. On a cruise out of Rome (all EC ports) the VAT was 21% Currently The EU countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.
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