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  1. I did a trial PCR test Monday as it was required by my dentist and it took just about 50 hours to get my results back. Even with an appointment there were about 200 cars on 4 lines and it took about 30 minutes waiting time after my appointment time. I have had 2 previous tests and one took 12 hours about 6 seeks ago and another 3 weeks ago took almost exactly 24 hours. On these tests there were no lines at all at the testing facility.
  2. I'm sorry to hear it is so difficult. I'm sure once you identify a place that will perform the rapid test you will feel a bit better. Good luck on finding a place.
  3. I purchased an anti-Fog spay on Amazon and it works pretty well. Yesterday I purchased some masks at Home Depot that have a foam strip on the inside above the nose and do a great job of not fogging up my glasses. They also have an over the head strap which work better for me as the other type hurt my ears after wearing them a long period of time.
  4. You might want to check with your testing site. All that I have seen give you your results via a secure portal that can be accessed via a smart phone or PC so if you get a rapid test you should be ok. I just had a PCR on Monday for a different reason and it took 52 hours for my negative results to show up. I think I would have been panicking if I were already airborne and had not received my results.
  5. I just had a good laugh at the Grocery Store. We have a new mask mandate in the 7 Bay Area (SF) counties that went into effect yesterday. A clerk at the door very politely asked a man to put on a mask and he started yelling and saying no way am i putting a mask back on. She very politely said: "I respect your decision but if you refuse to wear a mask or leave the premises, I will be forced to call the police - he turned around and left the store with a chain of curses. Those around broke into a round of applause. She was embarrassed but did a graceful curtsy.
  6. LOL ---- I'll stay clear of them. I generally drink San Pellegrino Sparkling.
  7. I'm wondering if one is sparkling and one flat.
  8. I see that all the time myself locally and recently noticed that many of them were Uber or Lyft drivers. I guess if you have to be masked up for all customers you probably forget your even wearing one.
  9. I found that if your willing to pay for it you can go to most Urgent Care type clinics and get the rapid test.
  10. Good Luck. The place I booked is offering the Antigen for $99 and 30 minute results. My insurance provider will be reimbursing me.
  11. Warning for those thinking of the PCR tests. I was tested on Monday for another reason (non-Cruise) at a Drive Through Location that is doing PCR testing. It is now 48 hours since my test and I still have not received my results. It was advertised as 1-2 days but not guaranteed. If I was planning on a cruise leaving tomorrow I would be in a panic at this time. Living on the West Coast and the Travel time I booked a Rapid Test 72 hours prior to our Sept 5 cruise and now happy I have the reservation.
  12. If you enter with a drink they will politely pour it into one of their nicer glasses.
  13. I'm ready regardless. I live in Northern California and 7 Bay Area Counties instituted new mask requirements yesterday for all indoor locations whether Vaxed or Not. I reverted to wearing my mask inside Coffee Shops and Stores last week and began wearing Masks outside on Monday. My county is at about an 80% plus Vax rate and noticed today that about 90% of people I passed on my 10 mile walk were wearing masks outside. I respects everyone right to either go on a cruise or cancel regardless of mask requirements.
  14. We think the same. I bought some home test kits to test close to the end of our first part of a B2B just to make sure before they test us on the ship. I checked yesterday at CVS and they said they were sold out I have a month before my cruise so purchased on Amazon but they say usually ship within 1-2 weeks.
  15. I think it may also be dependent on the batch of meat they acquired. Prep is one thing but the quality of meat does vary. A couple years ago we were in Muranos. We have known the Restaurant Manager for over 12 years and he insisted on serving us. I was rather shocked when I ordered the Rack of Lamb and he looked at me and said NO. I can not serve that to you because I have received reports that it is not up to our standards. I ordered something instead and was surprised when my meal came he also brought me a Rack of Lamb so I could see what he meant. It was like shoe leather and he quickly took it away.
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