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  1. Now I understand. I've been told that if you initially test positive and then test negative you are quarantined until you pass negative a second time 24 hours apart. I'm not quite sure of the impact on a B2B in this scenario. I'll see if I can find out.
  2. I've seen them for years but never had one until I read all of recommendations. They could easily be my next best friend. They are coffee after all aren't they?
  3. No problem if you test negative as that's what we want. I'm sure you meant positive. . If you test Positive you will be retested and confined to cabin. Also all contact traced will be confined and tested. The positive tested passenger is removed from the ship at the next port and flown home on a private plane at Celebrity expense (at least through Oct 31). Contact traced, even if negative will not be permitted to do the B2B. The contact traced are confined to cabin until they pass 2 tests 24 hours apart and then are required to wear a mask at all times outside their cabin for the remainder of the cruise. This is the main reason we have been so good about wearing masks on the 1st cruise and when inside. One point - We had a friend that was contact traced and even though she wore a mask at all times was denied continuation on the B2B.
  4. We are moving again at about 6-7 knots. Not far to go but after sitting in the same place it is nice to feel a little rolling again.
  5. When I went down to Guest Services they had nothing posted regarding any get together. They no longer have the news and crossword puzzles are given out by request only. Most paper items have been removed throughout the ship.
  6. I was wishing we had rented a cart it would have been fun. I believe the price is about $95 for a 4 passenger cart. Those Affogato's are a must try. Better than desert.
  7. I asked and they said that Celebrity usually has religious services during holiday periods or when their is a Priest or Rabi aboard that volunteers to do services. It sounded like a canned answer. Guest relations said that during holiday period they often give Rabi's and Priests that are offering to do services a comp room. Maybe others can relay their experiences on other ships. Most meeting have been eliminated or curtailed due to covid. They discontinued CC meet and greet for 2021 and supposedly Friends of Bill and Friends of Dorthy. There have been neither on Millennium but I noticed on Equinox they had both Friends of Bill and Dorthy every night, so my be ship dependent also.
  8. We have been sitting stationary all day. Obviously a short distance sine yesterday
  9. Which ship are you on and location of sailing. I've been on both Equinox (Caribbean) and now Millennium (Pacific Coastal) neither require masks aboard. I continue to wear one as well as all the crew and about 15% of passengers.
  10. While can't find exact for the rooms the balconies should connect. You will have to ask the stateroom attendant to open it. The two room have an interior connection but recently I saw a video on Equinox and the lady was noting the balcony was open and would have to have them close and lock it.
  11. For the none meat eaters they had a roasted vegetable station in OceanView. Looks like a huge selection
  12. After all the recommendations I stopped by Al Bacio for a Afffogato. Loved it. Will definitely order again. Iain had a Cappuccino and Lemon Tarts.
  13. Just heard from her. I had sent a picture via text... She loves them.
  14. It is a very active port with it being Saturday when we were there. I would think that it will be busy on Sunday. Looks like a lot of folk from LA were over for the day or weekend.
  15. B2B meeting was pretty smooth, with the exception of one guest. He was asking how long is thus damn thing. I have better things to do than waste my time here. “I’ll stay 15 minutes then leaving.” The documentation officer was very professional and said at the end of the meeting we will be doing Covid Testing. If you don’t have the test you will not be able to continue your B2B. He shut up and stayed. They had a raffle and we won a bottle of wine and Jewelry. Our daughter will be pleased.
  16. LOL Iain was having fun teaching the waiter how to pronounce MUSHY. They were saying messy peas (probably a better description)
  17. Iain was doing some research on "The Casino" It isn't nor was it ever a gambling place. In Italian, Casino means Gathering Place. It was the first movie theater built for Talkies. The Island was once owned by the creator of Wrigley Gum and he also constructed the Casino. The ballroom can accommodate 3,000 The have tours daily and you have to show Covid Vaccination and and wrist band which they give you after presenting ticket and Covid Vax cert.
  18. We had our Covid tests around 10:00 this morning. They say we will get our results back later today but if Tested Positive we would be immediately notified for a retest. Look forward to seeing you aboard. Catalina Island was fun but we stayed on the flats this time. A good way to tour is to Rent a Golf Cart. They were very popular and many places were sold out. We wanted to do the Buffalo Encounter but it was sold out this cruise so we booked for the next cruise. Only thing concerning, which I will check on is it is scheduled for a 2 hour tour at 3:30 bu the ship is scheduled to set sail at 5:00PM.
  19. In Blu they serve butter like this each evening. There is a rotation of 2. Unfortunately the Green and Red are not what they look like. The green is "Mushy Pea" and the Red is "Beet" All I can say is Yuck. The other is "Carrot and Orange" and "Chickpea and Parmesan" The Carrot and Parmesan ones aren't bad. they will bring additional Butter if requested.
  20. Thanks much. Really enjoying our selves. The crew are fantastic and are trying everything to please.
  21. I've not eaten in MDR but did take a look. The tables are placed in same location as pre-covid but on seating they appeared to be placing most diners at a social distance. Having said that at prime times it looked like many were within 1-2 feet of another table.
  22. They have been very strict. Yes n our next cruise in San Diego they are having a mandatory electrical test. That may affect boarding so asking for all t follow boarding time
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