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  1. I don't have the wealth of experience that many do who have already posted. We have only done two river cruises so far - but our first (2017) was Uniworld's Castles Along the Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel, and it was wonderful in every way. We enjoyed it so much that we did another Uniworld cruise (Delightful Danube and Prague) last summer and hope to do others when it is safer to travel. We like the fact that Uniworld is all-inclusive (except for a few extra excursions) -- no nickel/diming, no surprises at the end. Tips are not required/expected (although we did tip our housekeeper and a
  2. I am the original poster. As to whether it is "just perception", I can only tell you (as I stated in my original post) that we visited with several other passengers who had cruised Uniworld in the past - some more than once- and all had the same "perception" that this cruise did not measure up to previous cruises. Coincidence? Maybe. But unlikely, in my opinion. I am very happy to see this thread active again. It is always helpful to hear all sides.
  3. Thanks to everyone who has taken time to respond. I've been out of town without internet access and wasn't able to view or respond to your posts until now. Got2Cruise - Thank you for that advice. We'll keep it in mind for future cruising. When we selected this cruise, it was based on recommendations from several passengers on our first cruise who had done the Budapest to Prague itinerary on Uniworld and enjoyed it. We didn't spend any significant time looking at the itinerary, since we had never been to any of the cities/towns on the itinerary and had no specific sites we wanted to vi
  4. Thank you, Jazzbeau. I remember that there some extra-cost excursions on our first Uniworld cruise. But there were more on this most recent cruise. We don't mind paying extra for a few excursions - but it seemed like Uniworld is putting more of their excursions in the extra-cost category. Which begins to erode their "all-inclusive" claim.
  5. I'd be interested in getting input from other Uniworld passengers. My husband and I just returned from our second Uniworld cruise - Delightful Danube & Prague (Budapest to Prague) – on the S.S. Beatrice. Our first Uniworld cruise was two years ago - Castles Along the Rhine (Amsterdam to Basel) – on the S.S. Antoinette. We loved that entire experience and were very excited to do another Uniworld cruise. But this Danube cruise felt noticeably different - and not just to us, but to several other passengers we met who had also cruised Uniworld before. In the words of one woman
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