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  1. I totally agree. Obviously it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience and nobody would want to be in that situation but instead of blaming the Captain, P&O, and anyone else you can think of, I think people need to think long and hard whether a cruise is actually for them. The seas can be wild and unforgiving and should be respected and I don’t think most people are prepared for the conditions they find themselves in. Tenders especially can give a rough crossing and I have witnessed very elderly and immobile passengers trying to board them with great difficulty, probably not the wisest thing to do. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and judge whether being in the middle of the ocean, maybe in very extreme conditions is what they really want and are prepared to deal with.
  2. We always book direct never with a TA and we have received the booklets, i seem to remember you have to opt in to get them somewhere on the personaliser. We received 1 for our forthcoming cruise about 3 weeks ago.
  3. We have a member of our forthcoming cruise who requires a very low salt diet. As I understand the basics of desalination I am not totally sure that this removes ALL traces of salt making it safe for our friend to drink. Anyone know if 100% of the salt is removed in the process?
  4. Has anyone asked P&O to accomodate them for a low salt diet and how does it work? Are you given a choice of meals or will you be offered only 1 that is low in salt? Thanks in advance.
  5. Well of course you wouldn’t do something like that on purpose 😉 I’m sure we had Tetley last time we were onboard but I’m quite partial to a nice cup of PG tips aswell! I won’t be quite as happy if they do more cutbacks and they start using Lidl’s saver bags! I do take my own coffee as I find the complimentary stuff revolting. I also take the little concentrated squash bottles with me on P&O cruises as there is nothing like that provided unless you pay for soft drinks.
  6. Digestive biscuits?! All we ever seem to find in the late night buffet is soggy pizza and left over desserts! We have often commented on how a cookie or equivalent would be good with a late night hot drink. Maybe we go in too early or too late but I will definitely be hunting the digestives out on our next cruise! 🍪🍩🐷
  7. It’s a good job you can take as much luggage as you want when you are on a cruise!
  8. After that comment I think you mean “did” take with u lol
  9. I’ve been reading with some amusement & bewilderment the thread on taking a pocket knife with you on your cruise, especially the people stating they take items like cheese and Wd40 with them - the mind boggles! It made me wonder what is the strangest item or items you take with you? ( and keep it clean lol ).
  10. Amen to that, but unfortunately if you live north of Watford you don’t exist! Can you imagine only having to get to Maryport to board the ship, I’d be cruising non stop!
  11. I get it, "waste not want not" as they say!
  12. So, why did she take cheese??!!
  13. How did you find the entertainment? My main concern about Aurora was that it would turn into the new Oriana now that it is adult only. We liked Oriana as a ship but we were probably some the youngest people onboard and found all the entertainment was aimed towards the more mature audience.
  14. Let’s hope things improve as we are booked to go back on Aurora in a few months time. We have cruised on her twice before and on the whole have enjoyed the experience. I know what you mean by the standard of food in the buffet, it has definitely taken a turn for the worse compared to when we first cruised with a P&O. Both the coffee & toast are terrible, which in my opinion shouldn’t be difficult to get right. It’s strange because nothing seems to be consistent when you cruise with P&O, you can sail on the same ship on several occasions and often what was very good previously isn’t as good on the other occasions and vice versa. Other companies we have cruised with are a lot more consistent with standards.
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