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  1. I can’t see how any cruise company will be allowed to start up again any time soon. As this episode has shown, and given it’s a comparatively small ship, it’s impossible to get all crew and passengers onboard and be 100% sure no one has taken the virus with them. Testing isn’t accurate enough at this stage. You can’t quarantine all passengers and crew for 10 days before the ship sets sail so I really can’t see what options the cruise lines have. Many countries are either riddled with the virus or they won’t want ships visiting and insurance will either be non existent or crazy money. We need a
  2. Let’s face it, there won’t be any more cruises until a vaccine is available. Whether there’s any cruise companies left to cruise with by that point is another matter.....
  3. No refund for us yet either. I have no idea what they are playing at but it’s really starting to hack me off now. It’s not acceptable, I never though Cunard would stoop this low.
  4. We were meant to be on the exact same cruise and we haven’t had a single penny off Cunard for the cancellation. How on Earth are they deciding who to pay and who not to? I thought it might be order of cruise but if you have had your refund that can’t be the case. Maybe you should forward your extra payment to us if Cunard don’t want it!! I’m getting worried why we haven’t had our refund.
  5. Why are they paying it bit by bit and not the full amount at once? We are still waiting for our refund, 90 days on Wednesday, and I got a feeling I will have a fight on my hands to get it. Not acceptable at all.
  6. Sorry if this subject has been covered time and time again but how much longer will I have to wait to get my refund back? This is now day 84 after I had the cancellation invoice sent to me and still no sign of any refund. How long have you had to wait and has anyone had to wait longer than 90 days? Should I be contacting Cunard? Getting worried now a lot of businesses are going under due to the virus and I may never get my money back.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I’m not overly concerned about not receiving our refund yet, I’m sure it will be sorted out in due time. I just feel more reassured we haven’t been forgotten about knowing others out there are in the same boat ( if only we were! ).
  8. How long on average are people waiting for their refunds? We should have been in New York today before completing the return voyage to Southampton on QM2 but as of yet no refund.
  9. A memory I will never forget was the cruise on Aurora to Northern Norway. There’s no guarantee you will ever see the Northern Lights and I would have been happy to have seen the slightest activity but the display Mother Nature put on for us that night was truly spectacular. We took a private tour in Alta with a Sami as our guide which was a huge privilege in itself but I could only have dreamt of the light show we got that night, not to mention it coinciding with a meteor shower at the same time. It was definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had and it wouldn’t have happened if we
  10. If you have paid your full balance using a credit card & your cruise is cancelled & a refund is given, how then do you get that money back off the credit card company?
  11. No, i just wont get paid for any extra time off, not even my employer who arent the most generous in the world will class that as "holiday allowance".
  12. We feel exactly the same. Unless we are turned away or the ship doesnt sail then we are going. Not only is the price of the cruise, accomodation at Southampton, parking etc (all of which is already arranged ) a big concern but also being a couple who both work full time it is difficult to reschedule time off at a later date.
  13. I know but there’s an awful lot of everything to scroll through on that thread that’s why I’m asking 1 specific question.
  14. We are due to cruise in 2 months time and generally we are healthy & are middle aged. Unless our cruise company cancels the cruise or we were to contract coronvirus prior to this we have no intention of cancelling. There seems to be quite a few people who are cancelling their up and coming cruises so I’m wondering what people’s reasons were for this. I can understand it if you have underlying medical issues or of a certain age but are others who are like us cancelling aswell & for what reasons?
  15. So what would happen if for example you caught the virus, went into quarantine, got over the virus & then had a cruise to go on shortly afterwards? Would you still be allowed onboard if you have had the virus but are now, as far as you are aware, free from it?
  16. Surely if you turn up for your cruise & P&O cancels it for whatever reason, then you should be entitled to your money back. If not they could cancel cruises all the time & make a stinking fortune from it. If they can’t take you to these infected areas they could at least let you onboard & we could all sail around the Isle of Wight for a fortnight!!
  17. I will be on a QM2 transatlantic voyage on May 8th which is VE Day. I am hoping Cunard will be doing various things onboard to celebrate & remember. I am aware that not all passengers onboard will be British but I will be very disappointed if nothing is in place for these commemorations especially given Cunards roll in both World Wars. Has anyone any information regarding this?
  18. They provide an atlas in the cabins on Arcadia? The only reading material we have had provided for us by P&O in our cabins is the Gideons Bible, a laundry price list & the muster station route on the back of the door!!
  19. "Swing low sweet chariot" COME ON ENGLAND!!!
  20. I totally agree. Obviously it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience and nobody would want to be in that situation but instead of blaming the Captain, P&O, and anyone else you can think of, I think people need to think long and hard whether a cruise is actually for them. The seas can be wild and unforgiving and should be respected and I don’t think most people are prepared for the conditions they find themselves in. Tenders especially can give a rough crossing and I have witnessed very elderly and immobile passengers trying to board them with great difficulty, probably not the wisest thing to d
  21. We always book direct never with a TA and we have received the booklets, i seem to remember you have to opt in to get them somewhere on the personaliser. We received 1 for our forthcoming cruise about 3 weeks ago.
  22. We have a member of our forthcoming cruise who requires a very low salt diet. As I understand the basics of desalination I am not totally sure that this removes ALL traces of salt making it safe for our friend to drink. Anyone know if 100% of the salt is removed in the process?
  23. Has anyone asked P&O to accomodate them for a low salt diet and how does it work? Are you given a choice of meals or will you be offered only 1 that is low in salt? Thanks in advance.
  24. Well of course you wouldn’t do something like that on purpose 😉 I’m sure we had Tetley last time we were onboard but I’m quite partial to a nice cup of PG tips aswell! I won’t be quite as happy if they do more cutbacks and they start using Lidl’s saver bags! I do take my own coffee as I find the complimentary stuff revolting. I also take the little concentrated squash bottles with me on P&O cruises as there is nothing like that provided unless you pay for soft drinks.
  25. Digestive biscuits?! All we ever seem to find in the late night buffet is soggy pizza and left over desserts! We have often commented on how a cookie or equivalent would be good with a late night hot drink. Maybe we go in too early or too late but I will definitely be hunting the digestives out on our next cruise! 🍪🍩🐷
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