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  1. Funnily enough on Splendida Musica and Seaside there was always a menu on the tables also the buffet option as you say. never used it for Lunch though as we had more port days than sea days on all three
  2. if you have the easy package included just have the non alcoholic stuff you could ask MSC to remove the easy package and then you could purchase the non alcoholic but I wouldn't see the point
  3. On the seaside we could order anything from the breakfast menu which had eggs benedict on it I'm sure you could ask for Arnolds Benedict instead
  4. What time is boarding on your paperwork generally you can get on as soon as they have a zero count from the authorities when we were on seaside our boarding time was 14.30 we arrived at 11.30 and we were on board by 12.30 It doesn't matter what experience you have apart from VC or Aurea
  5. If the cruise is booked through MSC UK or a UK TA then since june 24th 2019 the DSC is now included in the fare so no one who books this way need to ask for its removal
  6. As others have said if you book with a UK TA or direct with MSC UK then there is no longer any DSC as it's included in the fare which in my opinion makes it more transparent as to the cost of the cruise
  7. The HDMI ports are disabled on the TV's at least on the Seaside in the cruise ships even though they look like standard TV's they are commercial hotel grade TV's
  8. the plans are sometimes wrong deck 9 should be a balcony
  9. the prepaid ones you are seeing were the old drinks packages that were pre ordered before they changed last november the onboard ones are the ones offered now
  10. I think Aurea have a separate area on some ships but apart from that everyone sits together you could have a Fantastica grade sitting at the same table as a Bella
  11. For regular medicines yes it's 90 days but if they are listed as controlled then its 30 days if in or transiting through the UAE
  12. you should also only have enough medicine for a maximum of 30 days treatment
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