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  1. We fly Saturday and cruise out of San Juan on Freedom on Sunday. Our first cruise without the kids! Have a fun week!
  2. Quick question about the sushi class—was all the seafood you used cooked? My son would love to do this, but wouldn’t want to eat raw fish. Thank you! And great review!!
  3. Did I read that correctly? You’re cruising again in late September? We shove off on September 29 from San Juan on Freedom of the Seas. Our first kid-free cruise!
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed following along on your extended cruise. We have a son Owen’s age, and he said this cruise would be his dream come true! Safe travels home and all the best to you guys—you seem like a great family!
  5. The ports and excursions are my favorite parts of a cruise—I love the planning! When we choose we try to choose different types of excursions in every port so we aren’t just doing the same thing in a different place. That being said, snorkeling seems to make its way into many of our excursions. I agree with many comments above—nine times out of ten you will have fun no matter what because you are somewhere new and different. So when you pick something, stick with it and know that next time you cruise to that port you can try something else. Any excursion is fun because no matter what you are g
  6. I second pcur above on the Apple pie dessert. I had it on Adventure. Not the regular Apple pie with raisins in it—that was horrible. I had that awfulness on Oasis. But the Apple pie that is like a purse, kind of open on the top. I got it every single night, except one night I got the baked Alaska because I love that too, but my husband ordered the Apple pie that night so I could at least have a bite! So so good. For meals I really liked the spaghetti bolognese, chicken Parmesan and the fried fish with jasmine rice. We ordered extra bowls of the rice! Something about it was just so good. So si
  7. Have a wonderful cruise! Can’t wait to hear all about it. I love your live reviews!
  8. We went to Good Hope Estate when in Jamaica (Falmouth) and had a great time! We did the river tubing and adventure falls. There are several choices for activities—just look on their website. We did ours through Royal Caribbean so check your cruise planner too for excursions to Good Hope. I think the company that sponsors the excursions is Chukka Caribbean Adventures.
  9. I missed this review way back when you wrote it, believe it or not! I’m so glad you had a successful and fun cruise! And wow, I’m honored to be mentioned in the review, and thrilled that I was helpful in your planning! We have taken another cruise (on Adventure) since our Oasis one, and it was just as wonderful for our GF daughter the second time around! Happy traveling....
  10. Hi all! We are looking at a cruise leaving San Juan for the ABC islands in September 2020 for our 25th anniversary. I noticed that it’s a kids sail free cruise. We don’t mind kids, we have three! But since it’s just us on this cruise and it’s for our anniversary, I was wondering if a kids sail free cruise in late September will really be a time when lots of families will be cruising? I can’t imagine pulling my kids out of school when they’ve just started in September. Having been on a spring break cruise with a billion kids on board, I can only imagine what a kids sail free cruise might be lik
  11. We were recently in St Kitts and took this excursion. It was me, my husband and two kids, ages 14 and 12. It was the best excursion out of all we have taken so far! Such a wonderful day—a rainforest hike, climbing on lava rocks by the ocean, a drive through the island, learning so many island facts, a wonderful lunch provided, followed by great snorkeling and some time at the beach. A little bit of everything. And Javin’s pet monkey was on the tour with us and was so hilarious—a really unique and fun part of the excursion! Never thought we’d have a monkey sitting on our shoulders! Many wonderf
  12. I have been reading reviews of COSOL because we are booked for their tour for our October cruise. The good reviews are really good, but there are some pretty bad reviews too, complaining of the large crowd on the tour, describing a caravan of vehicles with 100 people total being rushed from spot to spot, spending more time in the van than actually seeing anything. But the good reviews say it was the best tour people have ever been on. How can the reviews be so different? There are enough bad ones to make me worry about taking the tour. A caravan of vehicles and crowded stops isn’t our idea of
  13. Hi all, Quick question—I’m going to write a review of our recent cruise on Oasis, but I don’t know how to add photos to my review. I know it’s probably easy to do, but I’m fairly inexperienced on this board and have never done it. Appreciate the help!
  14. We will be stopping in Falmouth on our cruise the week of April 1. We are trying to decide between the Family Thrill Seekers And Adventure Falls excursion or staying on the ship (Oasis) and enjoying the hopefully less crowded pool and Flowrider. Anyone been on this excursion and have any opinions on which would be the better choice? This is our first cruise. Thank you! (I posted this in the ports of call forum as well, but I find I get very few replies on that forum so I posted here, too.) We have two kids ages 13 and 11.
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