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  1. I work for a county government in Texas. Does this get me the 10% civil servant discount? Also is this available if you book directly online or would I have to call and book over the phone? Thanks.
  2. Which ship? The only summer 2021 cruises I can find are in Europe. Not the Seaside.
  3. Not booked yet. We are looking at June 2021 which hasn't opened up yet. When I looked at the same cruise for June of 2020, they still had a RS available at approx 9k. When I looked at the same cruise in March 2021 (the farthest they currently have out), it was 14k for the same room. I know rates change by seasons. When June 2021 becomes available, if it is 9k range we will probably book RS, if it is in fact 14-15k then we will go with a YC Deluxe Suite. Can afford 15k.
  4. My wife and I are planing on taking our 9 (almost 10) year old daughter on the MSC Seaside in the Yacht Club. We are looking at booking a Deluxe Yacht Club Suite. We have never sailed on MSC before. Our question is should be book a room on Deck 18 (where the Jungle Pool and recreation area is) or Deck 16 (where main concierge and Top Sail Lounge) is? I assume the rooms are roughly the same. Also, any suggestions on a particular Deluxe suite that may be better than another (better layout, slightly larger balcony, etc.)? Thanks for your help.
  5. I noticed on the US MSC website, they are showing cruises thru April 2021. When do they normally open up their summer cruises for booking? We already have plans from summer 2020 so we are looking at Summer 2021. Thanks.
  6. They have simply gotten too expensive so going to try yacht club
  7. Thank you to everyone for posting.
  8. Silly question that I tried to find the answer too on the MSC site but couldn't and I have learned never to assume. In the Yacht Club Royal Suites, do either of the two couches in the living room fold out or make into a bed. We are planning on taking our granddaughter with us and could not find anywhere where it mentioned if the couches made into a bed or not. Thanks.
  9. That is what I seemed to notice. Just did not think that might be correct. That does us know good as our granddaughter will be 8. I did notice it does seem Suites get priority dinner reservations also.
  10. My wife and I along with our 8yr old granddaughter are looking to book a suite on the Carnival Vista. I trIed to look online but could not find much information on the Carnival website. We recently sailed in a Owners Suite on the NCL Dawn, where we could eat breakfast and lunch in a suite-only dining room, has reserved seating at the shows, and several other perks. On the Carnival Vista, what perks come with staying in a suite, other than priority boarding and priority disembarkation? Thanks ahead of time for the info.
  11. I don't understand why they were allowed on the ship for any reason. I did not think anyone was allowed to bring a non-ticketed person on the boat with them. I try and bring a hooker back with me and get told no and they are allowed on and get a free lunch. Does not seem fair to me.🤣
  12. We got of the Dawn on 3/31 after sailing in the Owners Suite w/ 2 balconies (10006). They already had started not doing the towel animals. Did not get a single one. I did not say anything after the first night because I thought "ok they are busy getting all of the rooms ready and delivering luggage)." They never did a single towel animal. They also mentioned they would appreciate it if we could reuse our towels and only requested a replacement every other day. All other services were excellent and the Butler took great care of us. Basic room service not so much.
  13. I thought the same except I received the same email(s). I am in a Owners Suite w/ 2 balconies on the Dawn. The only thing showed available to bid on were the two Garden Villas. Both of which were sold out. The people in the Garden Villas are not upgrading anywhere. I think sometimes they do it simply to gauge how much someone will spend on a room.
  14. Get a "Robert Kraft" extra special massage at the spa. 😊
  15. I would walk right on by without adding a tip.
  16. This i agree with. Basic transportation from point 1 to b is what the excursion cost is for. Taking me to the shorkeling spot is what the excursion cost is for. Assistance with equipment, tips on snorkeling, etc. is what generates a tip.
  17. And then everyone wonders why NCL did so bad in the "Cruise Critic" awards which are based on the whiners. I could not agree more.
  18. I did not think anything with surge protection was allowed.
  19. Didn't even think about the thank you cards. That is a better idea than just a plain white envelope.
  20. A new tipping question. I know that while staying in a suite, I will need to tip the Butler and Concierge as they are not included in the DSC. With the DSC now in full affect, do they still leave tip envelopes in the suite or do I need to bring a couple envelopes with me? Thanks.
  21. I sneak my own lobster in my luggage. I then cook it in my room with a hot plate I also sneak on. Who cares if it blows all of the circuits on my section of the ship. As long as I get my lobster.
  22. I make the "free at sea" perks free by removing the DSC to cover the costs of the "free" perks. Boom!! Two topics in one. Anything left over I use to purchase plastic straws that I then feed to the coke-addicted sea turtles that keep getting them stuck in their nose.
  23. Not sure where you are getting that information or if I am just misunderstanding you, but bad service that is not corrected, is an exact allowable reason given by NCL for the removal of the DSC. Not saying you should but if I received bad service that was not corrected, then I would remove a portion or the entire DSC as that is my only option. The entire group gets the benefit of good service and the entire group has to pay for bad service.
  24. What I like to do is have the DSC removed and get the equivalent cash in singles. I then invite all of the applicable personnel (room steward, waiters, etc.) to my room on the last day and throw it in the air so they can battle for the cash gladiator style. Trust me on this. It is better than in MMA fight you have ever witnessed.
  25. Um no. They are not like dining reservations. It even clearly states when looking at the excursions that popular ones will sell out prior to sailing.
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