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  1. New thread and very early. Anyone else signed up yet?
  2. Actually, I prefer that I have choices for the "better" things. I also don't mind paying for any gaming, drinks, and even extra tipping. And, I agree that nothing is actually free.
  3. Someone mentioned a cruise line will cruise to the Bahamas within the next year from Galveston, stopping in Miami, on to Nassau. Has anyone heard of this? Right now, to my knowledge only Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise out of Galveston. Is another cruise line considering Galveston or even maybe Houston in the near future? Thanks, Pat
  4. Where can I go to find short cruises departing from the US? Interested in 3 or 4-night cruises, mid Oct to mid Nov. Time away from work, home are key reasons for short cruise search. Thanks in advance, Pat
  5. When is Norwegian planning to return to the Houston port (not Galveston)? What other cruise lines will be using the new port? Thanks, Pat
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