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  1. Does anyone have info on Ventura cabin D 630?
  2. So reading all posts,only been on p and o once like Cunard!question is can we take a bottle on or not.Shall we put it in cases or hand luggage.How much can we bring on board from destinations?:)
  3. Opps just scrolled down and found the link! Kathie:)
  4. I spent a lot of time in the Spa on Arcadia a few weeks ago.It was suggested to me by previous passengers to join for the whole cruise,on the first day.I did and saved a little money too.I loved the steam rooms ,they have a cold water tap and hose in them to cool off!The mosiac beds are a real luxury and you meet some really nice people there too!It is a very good Spa and well worth the money. Regards Kathie:)
  5. Can anyone help with where I can see on t.v the celebrations (for want of a better word)of the QE2s last day in Southampton.I have looked on bbc south,but nothing is noted on the Sky listings.Is the programme on 984 the number for bbc south on Sky?I dont want to miss anything,please help if you can. Regards Kathie:)
  6. We knew something was up as we had been told that customs were to be there when we arrived.This has come as quite a shock.A huge haul,and good job catching them.I do recognise some of the names,but had no idea this was happening.I disembarked at 9.15 and when straight through although I know some were held up.Lucky me!I still had a wonderful time,and the Arcadia is lovley.The food was excellent and the staff a joy!Cant wait untill the next one. Regards Kathie:)
  7. Thanks for the information,I shall be scouring the t.v.channels!! Regards Kathie.:)
  8. Does anyone know if it will be televised and if so what channel? Regards Kathie:)
  9. Hi Nitty I am glad you are going on the Queen Victoria,you can dress up in all your beautiful gowns to your hearts content.Its different to the QE2 but lovley all the same.Caroline and I had a wonderful time in May and we found most people dressed correctly.You always get the odd one,dont you.I am off on the Arcadia soon and I hope the standards are kept there too.I think its up to all of us to show the'others' how its done dont you agree? Love Kathie:)
  10. Lasy year my husband was using a bipap machine,similar to yours but this was to help his breathing as he had M.N.D.We had to let the medical poeple at Cunard know in advance and that was fine.When we arrived in our stateroom it was checked by someone from the chief engineers department.The plugs are fine on the QE2 so you should have no problems.We live in England so never flew with it.I hope you find this helpfull.You will find the staff wonderfull.Have a lovley time. Regards Kathie:)
  11. Hi, I dont think I have asked this one ,is room service available 24hrs on Arcadia,as it is on Cunard.I dont think a full english b/f is but what about lunch and dinner. Thanks Kathie:)
  12. Malcolm please ,just let them EAT curdled cream!!!!!! Kathie:)
  13. I have booked in at the rather lovley hotel (very near the terminal )at the last minute for my cruise on the 26th September on the Arcadia.I have stayed many times before but this time looked at a website that has specials.It was very special at 99 pounds!!I have always paid much more.Grand idea,if you catch my drift..It really does start the holiday off well.I am getting very excited now and just a little aprehensive,but am looking forward to meeting new people. Regards Kathie:)
  14. You must have made a mistake and meant Archer on your avoid list!Or perhaps he was talking about cheating,being disloyal etc. Dont encourage any cruise line to employ him,please... This should be an interesting thread! Regards Kathie:)
  15. Opps,sorry I am traveling on the Arcadia.Forgot to mention that! Kathie:)
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