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  1. Was on Tramadol for broken vertebrae for 6 months, was on full 8 per day. Every time I tried a day off, withdrawal was weird. Now on Codeine and "only" taking them every second day. Constipation can also Can rear it's ugly head.
  2. In the main corona thread, I pointed out as 2BA has mentioned that seasonal flu kills many thousands around the world every day. Spanish Flu which started in 1918 killed many millions ! It seems that, like a little bit snow; everything has to cause no end of bother these day's !
  3. Other cruise lines will get round to the same,no doubt !
  4. Look's like it will be declared a Pandemic before too long. To put a bit of perspective to it, Spanish Flu which started in 1918 killed more than 35 million around the world. "Ordinary" seasonal flu kills many thousands around the world every year.I I understand people with health issues should be worried about cruising and it wouldn't be good stuck on a ship for an extended period in lockdown with limited services etc. Don't know? If I'm missing anything but it everything seem's OTT to me.
  5. Our Captain had a secondary muster the following night partly for the those who didn't turn up but also for new arrivals. We joined at Tenerife and more the next day at Gran Canaria.
  6. We were in Explorer 1 Jan just gone. Muster drill was done correctly and everyone's cruise/id/door card was "scanned". No one could avoid it.
  7. AndyMichelle, the £50pppn cruise I quoted would not suit us. We like sunshine hols only. You would understand if you loved in our neck of the woods (North east). The best we ever managed was £57pppn on our 2916 April cruise on Oriana. Luckily, we were allocated freedom dining and our cabin was mid ship low down. Suited us fine. I know you got a good deal on Iona in October if I remember correctly, but select prices like that are not very common I would think. I did see 35 day cruise next Jan for £2299 but left it for various reasons. Hope to see that price a
  8. I agree with most comments about price not being bettered when booked at launch. However, people rarely make it clear that they are mean select price. When I check, usually mid month on cruises departing the next month; I often find bargains on late savers. For example, Oceana departing on 8th March(14n) when I looked earlier in the week was £700 each for inside (£50pppn). If you can't book 2 years ahead, then the savings can be considerable.
  9. Formal attire is hardly observed, you may feel like a fish out of a barrell.
  10. Only did afternoon tea twice......Love the clotted cream. Normally drink John Smiths, Guinness, Murphys, or London Pride. Was designated driver at Xmas, had a couple of non alco Peroni, never again. So, I tried a proper one on Explorer, sorry never again.
  11. 2BA, sorry it took so long to get back to you; have been busy and online playing chess. Best thing about chess......it's not Golf. If we do Marella again, will not bother to take formal gear; just smart casual. Looking at 35 day P&O next Jan for my 70th. Hope formal is better observed. How did you manage to gain so much??? We were eating more than at home and had 90 bar entries in the "log" you get at the end. A fair few were Orange/soda drinks, but majority alco. Not counting the self serve Rose wine at the buffet at lunch times and waiter wine service in the
  12. 2BA, I am assuming both cruises you are quoting prices for are both ex s/ham ?. Also, they are just snapshot prices; both could go up or down. We are just back from 14N Marella Explorer 1 Canaries fly-cruise. We paid £1345 each , this includes selecting inside cabin number and extra space seats ex Newcastle. Last year, did same to Caribbean at a cost of £1650 each.(Standard seats) Considering the flight element both are good prices. Agree with other pists, we had our best clobber on for the formal nights; waste of time. We are early risers , buffet was quiet for
  13. Waste of time being tactful to a person who must have seen us arrive at the menu lecture just moments before and yet seemed to think she could simply expect us to give way.
  14. Why assume??? I am by no means perfect but I was brought up to do thing's right ! So for example I would not agree with people who think it is Ok to turn up way ahead of their embarkation time although a caviat to that is the fact that P&O perhaps can't organise a brewery trip ! It is not hard to be curtious and do thing's properly.
  15. On our last cruise on Oriana, we were looking at the menu on the lecturn just outside MDR when one old "dear" tried to barge her way in, saying let me have a look now! I said you are welcome when we are finished. She said " Well I never did, Well you did now says I. Off she went muttering to herself. On our recent Marella fly cruise, we had extra space seat's. Rather large young man sat next to me, overflowing into my "space". Oh no thinks me, wondering have I got grounds to complain. No need as the stewardess comes and says will have to move you. You have to be able
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