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  1. Getting off cruise at Port Everglades at 8 am. Flight leaves at 6 pm. Suggestions for a family of 6? 2 parents and 4 kids in their early 20’s.
  2. I’ll be in town on Symphony OTS (6500 passengers) and Carnival Fascination is also in port that day (2600 passengers) I wonder how crowded it gets there with so many people on the ships?
  3. Wondering if anyone has been recently? How long does it take from the port? Is it Kid friendly? Any advice appreciated.
  4. Is it for sure included? I keep seeing conflicting reports about this.
  5. Thanks for posting the photo, so glad they’re starting to offer alternatives. Not surprised, there are a lot of people who are ditching dairy these days.
  6. We don’t do dairy either. When we travel we bring the 16 oz cartons that don’t need to be refrigerated. Usually one per day is good. Super easy. I’d be surprised if they didn’t offer some type of alternative milk somewhere on the ship though, great question.
  7. Ok makes more sense to me the way it’s written this time, and it’s kinda what I was thinking too. I guess I needed to hear it from people here to talk me out of gambling with a suite GTY. I’m real happy with my cabin, it’s a 1C with a big balcony, so no matter what I’m going to be pleased, (like I said Its me and two small kids) I’ll stick with my RoyalUp bid for the GS. Thanks!
  8. Not sure if you’re responding to my original post but I specifically said I did not want a junior suite. I like my current cabin a lot actually. The idea of snagging a grand suite at 5700 as opposed to 7700 is appealing that’s all. It was over 10k at the time of booking, and being as this is a little girls trip I’m doing just with my daughters, I wasn’t doing that to my hubs. Thank you for your helpful information. Good info thank you
  9. Thanks for the explanation. So if you waitlist a client, when do you find out if they get the cabin?
  10. I've recently gained access to their TA booking engine Espresso, and so I have been watching my sailing EVERY DAY like a stalker, and just today all the JS have shown CLOSED I wonder why they close some and then show the rest as WTL (waitlist) It's messing with my head, and I haven't been able to use the software long enough to get a feel for how the cycle works. Thank you for your input. I guess I knew the answer, although I have heard stories in the past of people booking GTY and getting OS or even better.
  11. So the price to self upgrade to a GTY Suite is 200$ cheaper than what I bid for the RoyalUp offer to win a Grand Suite. The website is showing Junior Suites as being CLOSED. There is 1 Grand Suite, and 6 Owners Suites showing available as of 12 today. We sail in 18 days. I'm so tempted to pay to get the GTY suite, however I really don't want the Junior Suite, and Im concerned I'll get stuck with that. What are your thoughts? I know it's a gamble, just daydreaming and wondering WWCCD?
  12. I'm pretty sure RCCL corporate is making decisions to make the most money for their shareholders, not to make the world have perfect cruise ships in every port for humankind to enjoy.
  13. I carry lipstick, and perfume to touch up and cash to tip throughout the day. That doesn't require a "big bag large enough to hold a week's worth of groceries" it's called a CLUTCH. We all have different priorities. I don't go to a resort and hang my hotel key from my neck I'm not doing it on a cruise ship either. I also love that other people find it convenient. Not for me that's all.
  14. So I can't stand lanyards, but my kids must have them (bc they're young and have no purse yet), SO if they have plum cards, does that make them snobs? I guess I have to buy them the WOW bands and leave their lanyards in the room.
  15. Totally agree. The room is massive. The only downside is, there's only 5 of those cabins so the chances of winning are slim. I've bid max on my sailing, even though it's just the three of us and my kids are little, but they would freak out over the bunk beds!
  16. I just got a similar email, but nowhere does it mention only SEA DAYS. did we get different emails? I'll copy and paste mine: (notice all the errors?) Dear Guest, Thanks for booking the Ultimate Dining Package for your upcoming cruise. We wanted to let you know about some recent enhancements we’ve made to this package! First things first, the Ultimate Dining Package is now known as the Unlimited Dining Package, and it’s just that, unlimited. Now, you can dine at any of our specialty dining venues for lunch and dinner, and as many times as you want! Your appetite is the limit. Some other great benefits include: Discounts on bottles of wine! 40% off of bottles under $100 USD and 20% off of bottles over $100 USD. You thirsty yet? Note: Discount only applies when dining on your using your package. Savings on exclusive dinging experiences: 20% off when booking Chef’s Table and any Culinary Experiences onboard. Plus, now Playmakers (available on select ships) has been added to the line-up of venues. You’ll get a $35 credit to use since this venue is a la carte. We hope you’re as excited as we are about these changes. We know they’ll take your inner “foodie” experience to another level. And as a friendly reminder, we’ll book a courtesy dinner reservation for your first night, and once onboard you can alter it to fit your schedule. Then, the rest of your dining reservations can be made onboard. We look forward to welcoming onboard soon! Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  17. I can't find the info quickly and I know you know..... Everyone is saying its a quick walk to Old Town from the dock, but it looks like a 3-4 mile walk from the Pan American Pier? I feel like I'm missing something.
  18. Celebrity is a higher end product. Thats why its typically more expensive. Just like Carnival and MSC are going to be cheaper than RCCL. You get what you pay for.
  19. Thank you for actually answering my questions, awesome!!
  20. Im sorry I meant that Allure didn't have a hot tub in 2010, so I assumed that since Symphony added a hot tub, the sun deck would be more crowded.
  21. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience. So you're saying you think it's empty often? I used it in 2010 on Allure and it was a ghost town most days but I assumed with the addition of the hot tub and the fancy seating that there would be more people using it.
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