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  1. Is there any way to find out the hours of Adventure Ocean during the sea days? Also, I think they offer to watch the kids during the lunch and dinner hours, for a fee. I can't find this info online, has anyone had their child watched during lunch/dinner? Thanks for any information.
  2. I found an old photo, you can kind of see his "bed" in the foreground. The attendant made it up every night. So funny.
  3. I wouldn’t have either but I have little kids (imagine that walk 10 times a day with excited kids) they weren’t nearly as impressed as myself and my parents! My dad slept on the balcony all 7 nights!
  4. The A2 was neat but the walk EVERY time you left the cabin was brutal.
  5. It depends a lot on what you’re interested in. I have little kids, I like to be close to the foreword elevators because it’s near the kids club, the gym, the spa, the theater . Also I like to be on deck six because it’s close to the promenade Central Park and deck four and the same deck as the Boardwalk. I hear that deck 14 can be a nightmare with all the moving of the chairs and cleaning above on the pool deck. A lot of people find the higher decks more desirable because the view seems to be better from up above. Twice I’ve been way aft and it was a very long walk every time we left the cabin and I work out a lot, it was a drag. Hope this helps.
  6. I recently upgraded to a 1C cabin with the large balcony on the hump only because I'll be alone with my 2 daughters (no hubby this trip) and Ill be stuck in my room most nights by 9- 10 latest. I have a hammock and lanterns and I'll use the balcony as a second room to wind down at night while they sleep. In my case, a big balcony impacts my trip tremendously. If it were just my husband and myself, a normal balcony would be fine.
  7. So I just went to the site I used to book my trip. Put in my dates. Counted all the available rooms. The site I use is pretty user friendly.
  8. Thank you for your responses. As far as people jumping to book once all the early bookers have to make their final payments, I have always been under the the impression that the prices were cheapest the further out and just got more expensive the closer to sail date. "Huge price reductions", I'll be watching for those and try and take advantage of this style of booking last minute. I didn't know that was a thing.
  9. Looks like there's way over 800 cabins still available including close to 100 suites on my June 2019 sailing on Symphony of the Seas. Thats close to 1/3 of the ship being available! Is anyone else seeing their sailing on this ship at low capacity? I'm wondering if we will luck out and have it be less crowded or if RC will find a way to pack it full. I expected it's first summer sailing in USA would have it sold out or at least close. Hoping the experts here have some insight, thanks!
  10. I don’t understand what you mean, can you explain, I’m so curious.
  11. I wanted to know if people prefer port or starboard? Pretty sure she docks starboard side to so the view from a starboard cabin would be of the port. I’ve enjoyed watching people run to the ship in the past but also been aggravated by the view being NOT of the ocean too.
  12. We”ve twice now had balconies really far aft and swore never again. (ESP on Oasis class) Seemed like we had to walk an eternity every time we left the room. I’m fit and enjoy walking but it got super annoying having a 10 minute stroll just to get out of our wing! I also wouldn’t do deck 14, under the pool coukd be very loud. This trip we have a balcony room deck 6 slightly forward on the hump so we have a large balcony. Can take steps to Promenade, Central Park, all of deck 4 and same floor as the Gym, Vitality Cafe, Schooner Bar and the Boardwalk!
  13. I have an opportunity to upgrade to a 1C cabin on almost any deck.(14, 12, 11, 9, 8, 6) I'm currently on Deck 6/forward and like the idea of being so close to the gym, kids camp, promenade, central park, boardwalk, etc. I'm wondering what your favorite deck is for a balcony and why, so I can think through my options and make the best choice. Also, I have NO IDEA which side is more desireable and why? So PORT or STARBOARD and why? Thanks so much for your opinions.
  14. Thanks so much for your helpful reply! I didn’t know Crystal did those types of cruises!
  15. I’d like to start researching a future trip to Germany. We’re a family of 4. Kids will be 8 and 11. I’ve only cruised the Caribbean so I’m not familiar with the River Boat Cruises other than the Viking catalogs that seem to arrive monthly. What lines should I focus on? Thanks
  16. I checked my cruise price on the website I booked it with this morning and my exact cabin category had dropped by 585$ for the 3 of us. I contacted the agent and my invoice was adjusted within a half hour. I hope I help someone else save a few bucks. I sail on the SOTS June 01 in a 7D Balcony.
  17. What happens if you use a wow band and want access to a show or use the Flowrider during extra hours? Would you need to bring your seapass card anywhere you’d like to use the Key benefits or can they scan your band in the spot to confirm benefits?
  18. Thanks for your explanation. I guess after seeing the Ultimate Beverage Package brought up several times a day in multiple threads I assumed there would easily be room for a second new thread about the key for people to post their real life experience with the program as opposed to their many opinions on the program. Especially since it’s obviously a pretty hot topic.
  19. So curious to know why you feel it was worth it? What did you like about it? Did you take advantage of the extra time on the flowrider, and if so how was that experience? How did it work when it was time to go to a show? Where were the seats? So many questions!
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