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  1. Oops found the answer on my own and now don’t know how to delete this post. Maybe I’ll figure that out next.
  2. How do I follow a thread? On my phone I don’t see anywhere to click to follow a thread. Thanks
  3. I guess a new post on this topic is not allowed?? My new post was somehow moved to the end of this lengthy post. I wasn't looking for a bunch of opinions of the program, that is why I started a new thread. I am looking to hear from people who have used the program and get their feedback based on their personal experience.
  4. Im curious to hear from someone who has purchased "The KEY". My main interest is in the extra hours on the Flowrider. In the cruise planner its says the following: "Private hours at onboard activities including Rock Climbing, FlowRider and more. The private hours schedule will be provided at check-in. " So If you have purchased and used "The KEY" can you please share your experience with me?
  5. were on June 01. SO FAR AWAY Ive been on Allure and Oasis. We love these ships. Im not at all concerned, I just like hearing about the ship and the differences, im kind of obsessed at the moment. I need to start planning our other summer trip to stop obsessing over this one! (this is just me and my two kids on a girls only trip, my hubs sends us away once a year) Im sure you'll get plenty more advice so Ill keep mine to myself lol.
  6. Im looking forward to hearing an answer to your question too because Im booked on Symphony.
  7. Very interesting question, i am looking forward to hearing peoples responses!
  8. I’ve really enjoyed your review, and your images are exceptional. Thank you for all of the hard work you have put into this. Question: Maybe im missing something? Maybe I just don’t care for the Windjammer or MDR, but why wouldn’t everyone want to eat in the Solarium Bistro EVERY morning? It seems like such a no brainer.
  9. Looking at stateroom 6156 on Symphony. Does anyone know if it’s one with a sofa bed by the window or the bed by the window? Has anyone sailed in this cabin or similar location? Opinions before I decide? I’m concerned because I’ve never been in a balcony so low before. Last time I sailed Oasis I swore I’d stay closer to the Kids camp so I need to be forward in the ship! Thanks in advance for any input.
  10. I just got the approval for a summer cruise and started researching both the Harmony and the Symphony. The prices seem super high. I haven't been looking at prices for over a year so i'm just starting my research. I'd like to cruise the last week of may or first week or two of june of 2019. Any advice on getting great deals? Do you use a travel agent? If so how did you choose them? Thanks in advance.
  11. I’m looking to book something for summer 2019 and have seen some kids sail free or 50% off second guest sales advertised. It seems to me once I put in all the information the prices for the first 2 passengers are just inflated to make up the difference. Am I missing something? Like if I try to book a cabin for 2 the price is say 1000$ each. If I try to book a cabin for 4 with 2 Kids the price is 2000$ each adult. Has anyone taken actual advantage of Kids sail free successfully? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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