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  1. 2ndsailing

    St. Petersburg question

    We board the day you get off.
  2. 2ndsailing

    St. Petersburg question

    We're also doing a Baltic cruise in June. What are your dates?
  3. 2ndsailing

    St. Petersburg question

    We booked with this company for June. Glad to read you were very pleased.
  4. Yes . I did remove the count down clocks after the new format was created and tried to condense my past cruises, but even after I saved it, it went back to the old look. I gave up.
  5. I could see them when using the old cc app. Maybe under the new cc, you can't see them anymore. I was trying to reach the link for our roll call web site, guess I'll have to only access it from my laptop.
  6. Why does the signature line not show on my cell phone? I only see the Quote and heart but nothing below that. Any suggestions?
  7. 2ndsailing

    Nights in Private Places

    We did it last March on the Journey for my birthday. You book it with the Conceirge. We had to reschedule twice due to rain but we did manage it. I have to say it was wonderful!! We didn't sleep well due to the noise of the waves but we loved it. Spa Suites get a complimentary night. We're on the Journey now (transatlantic crossing) and it's been cool at night so I don't know how busy it has been. I know we were told some guests prefer to sleep in their own cabin and come back for breakfast. You have to be out by 8 am when the spa opens.
  8. 2ndsailing

    App - iPhone

    can't access the browser on my phone either. I'm onboard a ship at the moment so maybe that is causing difficulty but my table works fine. I do get "thrown off" occasionally
  9. 2ndsailing

    Logging in to view your Azamara cruise history

    Same here...its been like this for months.
  10. 2ndsailing

    Logging in to view your Azamara cruise history

    My Azamara cruises are missing again. The credits are correct but 2 cruises are missing...again
  11. Hi Wendy Hope you and your Mum enjoyed the Ghan! We had a White Nights postponed on the Journey in March due to rain. We did have it, but it was not the night it was originally scheduled for. Heather
  12. 2ndsailing

    Logging in to view your Azamara cruise history

    My Azamara cruises are now showing in the Celebrity website. Now, if I could only add my future Azamara cruises to my offline reservation. I can only access my future cruises if I have each reservation number with me to enter. Its been like this for almost one year.
  13. 2ndsailing

    Celebrity site new login screens

    When I noticed my Azamara cruises were missing, I called Celebrity. They said they are working on that issue.
  14. 2ndsailing

    Combining Discoverer and Suite Benefits

    We were on the Journey for 32 days in March. I got good at stuffing those cloth bags. I agree that its not as good a perk as Celebrity.
  15. 2ndsailing

    Combining Discoverer and Suite Benefits

    Phil - do I understand this correctly....suites do not have free laundry? We are Discovery Plus and we booked an owner's suite for 2019.