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  1. Celebrity cancelled our back to back Japan and transpacific cruises for April 2021 a few weeks ago. So no cruising for us in 2021.
  2. My first sailing was on the Empress of England June 1959. Traveling from Montreal to Greenock and returning home on the same ship in September 1959. My sister, brother and I were traveling with our Mom to visit her family. I still have the passenger booklet they gave out. Lists the names of all passengers and their cabin class.
  3. I received this too. LIke you, I didn't complete it either.
  4. I think the bids for Feb 20th were somewhere between weak and strong. Unfortunately, forgot to record that before we left. Min. bid for Owner's Suite for Febuary 20th was $4600 US per person We had a V3 booked (same cabin for both cruises) Interesting note on both bids. They quote price in US dollars and we bid in US dollars, but we were charged in Canadian dollars (we are Canadian) Don't know if you remember us from the Norway cruise last summer on the Journey. We had an owner's suite on that cruise. Heather
  5. Bid Date: January 6, 2020 Cruise Date: February 20, 2020 length of cruise: 26 Nights South Africa to Dubai Loyalty Level: Discover Plus minimum bid $400 US per person amount bid: $1,770 US per person (total $3,540 per cabin) Upgrade cabin was a Club Continental Suite (6056) Previous cabin was a V3 balcony We also bid unsuccessfully on a Owner's Suite - our bid for that was $11,450 US for cabin Received email 3 days before this cruise that our bid for the Club Continental Suite was successful We were on a back to back (our second cru
  6. I'm so glad you arrived home safely with your suitcase! I was thinking about you the other day hoping you did meet up with your case. We arrived home from the Quest safe and sound and we are now on day 11 of our self isolation. Philip, Captain Magnus and Steven were amazing on our "mystery cruise" and we were so thankful they found a port that would allow the Quest to dock and we could disembark and get home. The previous days spent trying to change flights and get Oman visas were busy, but worth it in the end. We were sorry not to meet up with you on the March 17th cruise, but very g
  7. Spoke with one of the officers, Phillip was busy, and she took me to his office and she put my note with your information on his desk. She said (Sandra??) they have other cases too. Phillip will contact you. Let me know if I can do anything else. Heather
  8. Paul and Lettie We are also fellow Canadians on board. If you don't see a response from Chilcotin, we can pass on your email. Heather from Toronto
  9. Phil we just got notice of our successful upgrade bid. It turns out to be one of the accessible cabins. Did you like this cabin?
  10. Has anyone stayed in 6056 accessible cabin on Quest before? Looks like we have been upgraded to this cabin. Can anyone tell me about bathroom sink....is it low. Too low for so eone who is 6ft 2 inches. Any pro's and negatives?
  11. No Azamazing evening showing for March 17th cruise on the Quest. This is our second of a back to back...guess I'll check onboard
  12. Back to back Indian Ocean Adventure in February and Arabia Intensive Voyage in March (not sure if the itinerary may change with these)
  13. In June we used TJ Travel. We had been to St Petersburg before so we wanted to make some adjustments to their itinerary. We did a private excursion with them, and they were fantastic. We also took the fast train to Moscow for a day. That was amazing. If you decide to do that, upgrade your seats to business. The chairs are more comfortable, it included breakfast on your way to Moscow and dinner on your return. They provided a pillow and blanket (its an early departure from St Petersburg.)
  14. We're on your cruise as well. Still says ineiglible to bid. We booked this cruise onboard the Journey October 2018. We're also on the following cruise and received an email from Azamara yesterday to bid for an upgrade on that cruise but not on the February 20th cruise. I spoke with someone at Azamara in November who told me they would get back to me...never heard from them again. My TA has been in touch too...still no answer.
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