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  1. Can’t wait to hear every detail you want to share! We’re on her in September. Can’t wait! Thank you so much for taking the time to let us hear about your vacation! Have an absolute blast
  2. Yes please!!!! I’m desperate to read reviews again. Also booked on the Paradise for next January .. any pre cruise info would be great too!, thank you!
  3. Yes, it will sail as long as it’s finished. I have May 1 booked. My personal opinion, is sailings will resume before end of year
  4. I need advice/opinions please. I had my Jan paradise out of Tampa cancelled. Ive found another cruise around the same date January 2021 on the elation out of port canaveral. Do you think I should book it? I hate to give them more money for another deposit though not really having a ton of confidence that it will sail. Should I wait it out or book now? I’m really desperate to cruise and will go along with any restrictions. Has anyone had any luck using their original deposit to book another cruise? thanks for any opinions
  5. I usually try to book a noon flight out of Port Canaveral and I have plenty of time. It’s about 45 minutes to an hour to get from port to airport. I always use Contran’ shuttle round trip. I hope they are still in business because they are really great, dependable and reasonable.
  6. Just checked my cruise planner. All 3 of my cruises are still showing. Sept13 2020, Jan and May 2021. So hope everything is still a go.
  7. I enjoyed your diary soooo much. As others have said you are a wonderful and talented writer. I couldn’t stop reading. Very belated congratulations to both of you !
  8. I would happily do any itinerary. Just put me on a cruise ship!
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