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  1. Heather Clancy is an awesome CD. She was on our WC in 2018 and was outstanding. In addition to all the duties of the CD she organized and officiated at Sunday services most weeks! She stayed calm in the face many "oh NO's" and HOW does she wear those heels!!
  2. once I get on the ship november 16th I am heading up there and immediately working on the cocktail list. I will miss the WC bartender HONEY Bunny's outstanding espresso infused martini!!!! that was an ultimate cruise expereince!
  3. viking is not making it easy to know what is required when your embarkation port is US (fr.lauderdale) and your origination is USA post.
  4. This whole topic needs to be filed under "things I do not want to think about."
  5. We used Viking Air for our new cruises because although we DID eventually get all of our self booked DELTA flights ( there were 3) reimbursed once Covid set in, it was a nightmare!!! But using Viking Air we have NOT been able to get business class to SA!! Still working on it!
  6. I have a number of llbean "stowaway" jackets and vests...Great for traveling. when possible I opt for a hood! these also layer really well under the "stowaway" longer coat!!!
  7. Thanks everyone!!! This is the answer I was hoping for!!
  8. I will be interested to see if they do let you book as 3 separate cruises. the OBC is from your TA not Viking, correct?
  9. Molly, Yes what you have said has always been our Viking Experience but things can change during new Covid protocols. I called Viking and was told that they are asking passengers to make "reservations" in MDR (always needed them in Manfredi's and Chef's Table). The very nice agent then told me that I could always go at another time if I wanted to and there were no "assigned" tables. So I am wondering WHY the need for MDR reservations? Perhaps it is an attempt to space out diners but that did seem to happen the OLD way. Molly, I see that you did go on a recent Bermuda cruise....you did NOT have to make reservations for the MDR? Just show up give them your cabin number and wait to be seated as usual?
  10. sounds like a great cruise...what did you put together?
  11. What is happening in the dining rooms on the ships now? We are considering the Panama Canal Cruise but we really enjoy dining WHEN we want with whom we want (even if it is 2 top) and these times can change daily. I may not want to eat with the same people for 2 weeks and for that matter people may not want to eat with US for 2 weeks! Also wondering for our already scheduled SA cruise this winter. I am not sure a phone call to Viking will have first hand experience of what is happening on the ships now. Are Viking ships now sailing at full capacity?
  12. ken and clay, thanks for your experiences...I will opt for Clay's glass-like sea state. We had very rough weather crossing the Bay of Biscay. The dividers on our balcony were opening and banging...our balcony glass shattered ( the one outside not into our room) and our friends had water sloshing into the cabin...we were on deck 3 forward! Viking crew fixed everything VERY quickly!!! We missed Porto!
  13. sometimes the extensions dont show up when it is all booked. does it still show on your "my journey?"
  14. Why weren't you up on deck or in the Explorer's lounge? Are you not close enough to land to appreciate the landscape when rounding Cape Horn?
  15. I have an extra comforter put on the bottom of the bed when I first get on board!
  16. If you do decide to buy a bottle of your new favorite wine...they will store it for you and bring it to wherever you are eating!
  17. Clay, this will become a favorite of mine forever....so true for so many aspects of our lives!!
  18. everyone needs to find a cruise line that suits their needs....Viking does not try to be all things to all people...for those of us that it fits we appreciate that....but as Jim says the day will come and we will have to find one more suited for mobility issues. I don't want to become an obstacle to others' enjoyment of their cruise.
  19. they did have fever tree a couple of years ago!!! although not available on the ship I suggest you try Hendricks with Elderflower Tonic Water by fever tree...not your father's G&T!!!
  20. I love WALKING tours!!!
  21. LOVE walking the promenade deck...I was sad to see them cover the windows in the part by the bow where the anchor rode is stored and some mechanical stuff....we used to like seeing the crew working!!!
  22. It can change during your cruise and can depend on your cruise. That is why we get the SS package...you can have the wine you want IF it on the list by the glass!!!
  23. WOW I would love to be on a Viking Ship with 336 passengers!!! We are in the middle of trying to sell a house and moving or I would be cruising RIGHT NOW!!! Even our poor sailboat thinks we have abandoned her this summer! Word to the wise....moving is not for the faint of heart!!! We have been in this house for 39 years, not sure why I thought I needed to change that!
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