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  1. upcoming cruise I wanted to buy the BOGO dining package. went in cruise planner to get it and it's no longer available. looks like it's been replaced with a "chops +1" which seems it's a night at chops and another night somewhere else, but only a $35 credit at chops. sailing is 9/15/19 on harmony. question is, with my emerald membership, are there any dining discounts once on board? thinking I would just use one of those and grab a specialty restaurant that way if possible.
  2. wow, just under $9 for a bud light!! ouch. here's another question, when buying the drink package, it includes all the gratuity already and if I wish to put exra money down each drink, that's up to me. right?
  3. what seems to be the average, going price for beers or cocktails on the ship?
  4. thanks for clarifying....seems like $49/day is pretty decent from what others have paid.
  5. I actually have to purchase it though to lock in the current price; not just have it in my cart?
  6. so I have to actually buy it to get the current price, not just have it in my cart. if I leave it in my cart and the price goes up; it'll go up in the cart as well...correct?
  7. also, what'd the average price for a beer or a cocktail (I like my manhattans). trying to weigh the price of those, vs buying the package. to buy the beverage package, I obviously need to checkout from my cart in order to lock in at the advertised price, right? or will it stay in my cart and price not fluctuate if it changes? if I DO buy it and checkout of cart, how do I go about getting the cheaper price if it drops again below the current $49?
  8. price has dropped to $49/day for our 9/15 cruise. does the final price include gratuity too? see they charge an extra $123 "service charge", assuming that's the tip? so we can order from the bars and not have any required additional expense?
  9. you're correct. thank you. had to add to cart and then checkout each one individually. that worked for each day
  10. thought that but when I try to do that it only lets me "modify" the my time dining selection from the one I already made, example I picked day 2 @730, try to go select day 3 and it doesn't allow; only says to modify the current selection for day 2
  11. I can't reserve my dining times for the my time each day, I can only select one day and whatever time; how am I suppose to reserve for all other days? i'm about to just say forget it and do it on board, they can't seat us as 9pm or later being their only open slots!! that's rediculous
  12. correct me if i'm wrong but my time dining is the only option now, correct? there's no more traditional 630 or 830 seating is there
  13. second formal night is on a Thursday isn't it? our cruise is sunday to sunday, 7 day also in my cruise planner, 730 is the earliest we can make reservations, is that the earliest seating?
  14. how does my time dining work? i'm use to the traditional where you had 2 times to choose from, 630 or 830 I believe it was. my TA is stating that it's recommend, but not required, to make reservation times in the main dining room for my time dining....each day. is this true, it's best to pick and make a reservation for each night on the my time dining in the main dining room?
  15. that's my math and thinking process; plus do I really wanna have that many manhattans every day to make it worth it financially? plus my cruist has 2 stops that I can drink on the island and get them cheaper, so it's evening to be concerned with as well as out 3rd stop coco cay.
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