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  1. If I understand your post correctly, you e-mailed your travel agent (good, got documentation) with instructions. Key to me, if I were the TA or Royal Caribbean or the BBB, would be specifically what were the instructions and how might they be reasonably understood / misunderstood? Not asking you to quote us from the e-mail, but just something to consider when pursuing action or redress.
  2. "So again, is the Caribbean the main destination for Americans?" For cruising, I would say definitely so. Majority of those sailing out of U.S. ports in the Gulf and on the East Coast are U.S. citizens. Lots of Americans enjoy porting out of foreign locations, but they pale in the vast numbers staying close to home. As for me and my wife, cruising means Caribbean and Bahamas. I personally like the view of the ocean and the motion of a ship, and my wife loves being around lots of people. But, we only like being on the water in sunny and warm (to hot) weather. So far
  3. I am no business genius, and I am not a Carnival cheerleader (don't have the legs for it), but I think that Carnival is trying to stay with its core business. First, it is expensive to move to a new home port. I was reading about the infrastructure required to handle thousands of people at embarkation and debarkation that these Caribbean islands would need that don't currently exist. And, as others have mentioned, creating new (and probably more expensive) supply lines. There will be a need to expand air services as almost all cruise passengers will be flying in. Of course, the
  4. As has already been mentioned in this thread, I find cruise ship and cabin walk-through videos very informative. Did it seem the videographer had a hard time maneuvering through the stateroom? Anything about the layout of the room or furniture or color scheme cause concern? As the rest of the ship is toured, how crowded does it seem, are there long lines, do people seem engaged or bored, what appears to be the age distribution? Are the activities that are shown appealing? Any one video may not be indicative, but watching a few of the same ship on different sailings has a potent
  5. I imagine any cove balcony is susceptible to spray and waves, but some have said that their balcony is constantly dripping wet while others comment that their balcony stayed relatively dry. With all the possible reasons for the difference, does the location forward or aft have an affect?
  6. Specific to OP's question, the intent WAS to limit what can be purchased. For me personally, I would not purchase something like Carnival's Cruise Cash. It is just an option that might fit someone's purposes.
  7. I assume that the $18,000+ is money that you actually paid to UnCruise for this trip. Just for clarification: 1) I read this to say UnCruise just straight up cancelled the sailing, and that you did not communicate with UnCruise (before or after they cancelled) in any fashion that they could misconstrue as you cancelling or considering cancelling. If that is the case, seems like a slam dunk with the credit card company when you provide the appropriate section of the governing T&C. 2) I don't understand what "faulted" means. Did they take some adverse
  8. Depending on your purposes and the level of responsibility of these adults, you might present them with a cruise line gift card to fund their on-ship account, if that particular cruise line does indeed issue gift cards. This way, you can approach it as a gift instead of a limitation. With these gift cards, whatever is not spent remains on the card. Another possible benefit of using the cruise line gift card route: with a little research you might find ways to purchase those cards at a discount. Also, Carnival sells more limiting "gift cards" they call Cruise Cash. S
  9. This is a crazy situation that can bring out the worst in humanity. Some poor fast food worker gets attacked verbally and physically for enforcing his employer's mandate of "No Mask, No Service". Others get violent reaction because you are all "sheep" and have given into "The Man" for willingly wearing a mask. I appreciate the civility of holding and expressing strong views while not bullying those with opposing viewpoints. Although, no doubt many are biting hard on their tongues. But, back to topic, many cruise lines have already detailed the acceptable type of mask
  10. If most people do actually get the COVID vaccination, then a few forged cards wouldn't really put anyone but the scoundrel in any real danger. I doubt the yellow fever inoculation card would still be accepted internationally if fakes were a problem. If it is discovered that faked cards are an issue, then maybe invest in a national or international database. The database shouldn't have any personal information other than link your ID (passport, SS#, etc.) to a list of those who have completed the vaccine regiment. I really don't see why that would incur any extra cost to the indi
  11. Only as it concerns acquiring or spreading the virus, I am ready to go as soon as my vaccination is considered fully effective. But... Rules put in place to curb the spread may have some influence on my final cruising decision, more weight will be put on how well the cruise lines implement those rules. I will wait at least until after the first several sailings take place for them to identify and work out the kinks. I hate evolving policies as they change and are tweaked in real time.
  12. When some of the European cruises started up, I remember some of the criteria for resumption included a pre-arranged plan of action with each port of call. Items included agreements to accept off-loaded COVID-infected passengers from the ship, obligation to properly treat and quarantine those passengers (requiring adequate facilities to do so), and responsibility to repatriate as soon as health and quarantine mandates allow. I would hope these things are thought through as part of opening up sailings from U.S. ports. Additional communication with passengers should be who bears wh
  13. I enjoy a variety of types of vacations, but there is nothing to me like being out on the ocean with the views and the constant motion, and the excellent and responsive crew. Restrictions due to COVID may have me reimagining portions of the cruise experience, but it would take quite a lot to deter me from cruising altogether. Hopefully, though, we can soon start relaxing the restrictions. I still haven't gotten used to wearing that dang mask, and keep forgetting to put it on!
  14. I have never decorated my cabin door, but we always notice that many doors on our Carnival cruises are elaborately adorned. I remember reading on Carnival's website that this is allowed, as long as all items attached are fire-retardant. Also, method of attachment cannot leave any mark when removed. People used tape (maybe it is special tape?) and putty. Occasionally I have left messages for my wife, and I I have never been able to get magnets to stick anywhere on the doors except around the door handle plate. Interesting to read experiences on ships from other cruis
  15. Straws or no straws, won't stop me from cruising. With that said, I much prefer straws, but I absolutely don't want to carry one around or mess with keeping one clean. I also have issues with the durability of sugar straws. Did some research on alternatives to plastic and sugar (as it looks like others on this thread have done). Actual straws made of straw, uncoated, will easily stand up through a drink as you leisurely stir and sip it. They are biodegradable. While I would never advocate tossing things in the water, I can't see how those that might blow off the shi
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