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  1. oh my.. you have really been through a tough time -- hoping the pain doesn't return and your recovery is quicker than they anticipate..
  2. I had cabin 9141 an inside cabin that was huge... I did a video of it - although its not the greatest video, it is on youtube -Norwegian Sun inside cabin 9141.
  3. I have seen decorated doors at all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean..one resort decorated it for you if it was a special occasion
  4. we went to Moderno on the Epic and didn't have any complaints - everything was delicious
  5. you are right, its not a big deal... BUT some of us spend time and money picking out a decoration that will bring us joy and maybe even the people that just walk past the door... I am not sure this "rule" applies to all ships or even any ship... we only saw it on one persons newsletter - no one else has even confirmed this.
  6. all this controversy and we only saw one newsletter from one ship - what if this isn't really a ban...
  7. Tell me how a magnet is a fire Hazzard? And I could almost bet soon NCL will be selling NCL approved door decorations
  8. well there you have it - the reason for the door decorating ban! seriously that is a stupid thing to do -painting your door!
  9. Thanks for the good info..
  10. I can't see how having something small on your door is a safety issue...I think this " ban" is ridiculous...
  11. really a wonderful detailed report... enjoyed following along and appreciate all the time it took to write it and all the pictures -wow- was great!
  12. I like decorating my door and don't think its tacky - I think its fun and festive ... Mine are magnets with our names... makes it easier to find our door...
  13. I don't see what a little decoration hurts and I plan to still put mine up - they are little magnets with our names and they are helpful in finding our room
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