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  1. I haven't been on Sky but have been on Sun and liked it...however, I was on Breakaway and loved it... we had a spa balcony and the spa was really nice. Also, the casino on Breakaway was loose - everyone was doing well ... haha - I know that can change daily but thought I'd mention it ..Good luck whatever you do.
  2. I haven't been able to post or respond with my Chromebook..I m using my phone now..
  3. I always order this --- they leave it in your room and its so convenient...
  4. the chances of both cabins being upgraded are a real gamble... however, the chances of being upgraded at minimum bid is good....I would go for the spa mini suite - the spa itself is $199 a person - so you'd get the spa membership for less than half.
  5. is there a group for singles onboard? I know on the Epic they have the solo cabins and a schedule of activities for singles - is there anything like that on the Sun?
  6. Very nice review - we also like the Sun..
  7. My husband got the lobster tail on the Breakaway in Ocean Blue ($19 upcharge) and he liked it very much --- in fact Ocean Blue might have been our favorite ...
  8. I booked through the ship - one of the perks was a $50 credit per excursions so I think it was worth it.. and safer through the ship
  9. Grand Cayman we are doing the Stingray City tour -- there is a video on youtube and it looks like fun! What kind of rooms did you book for the whole family? We did a cruise last year during the holidays and it was crowded -- very crowded!
  10. I have always had a time for check-in on my edocs.... I booked all my dinners ahead of time - and the dinner show Velvet also... I have watched lots of youtube reviews of the breakaway and everyone says the MDR food is really good. I did book speciality restaurants because I liked them on other NCL ships I sailed on previously..
  11. Yes, you can bring how many bottles of wine you want BUT you will pay $15 a bottle (corkage fee) before you ever get on the ship...it cannot be in checked luggage, you claim it when you check in..And you just bring it with you to the dining room.
  12. love reports with lots of pictures.... sounds like you are both having fun!
  13. it looks so beautiful but how long are you actually at the island?
  14. when do they close online reservations?
  15. When is the last day you can make online reservations? is it the day before... or 2 days before? I am trying for an upgrade to a spa room but if I don't get it, will it be too late to just order the thermal spa pass?
  16. Also love the SUN... enjoyed your report - glad you had a good time!
  17. IDK - I paid 24.99 each and I have the dining package however, I don't think it is considered one of my dining specialities
  18. thank you for this response -- I will check out the youtube videos
  19. the shops and casino are closed as are some of the bars - not all bars... but the pool will be delightful...
  20. I really like the speciality restaurants, but I also think the free MDRs are nice too... I have a 3 dining package - booked those and then booked the dinner show .. and will use the MDR and/or the buffet the other nights...
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