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  1. You are right on about that---very well said. My daughter is trying so hard to get her 17 year old to understand that. She is making mask kits for others to sew by the thousands, but he doesn't understand volunteering for the good of others. I think she is a "Professional volunteer" all year round, but he doesn't get it and he can sew beautifully. She keeps trying; of course his close grandparents aren't there during this distancing. We can only hope this terrible thing for our world can go away. Yes, it disappointed me to cancel with my dear friend, but we do understand the reasoning a
  2. I did too. About made ME cry when I saw the CEO speak. I have to think also of all the seniors kids who are missing their last days with their friends, graduations, awards nights, sports awards, musical performances. Although I'm not there yet, I feel for those kids--I was a teacher once and have grandchildren almost there.
  3. Just checked the website and all cruises are cancelled through June 😥 I would have thought they would have sent emails to the booked cruisers.
  4. I just came through there about 2 hours ago. New road is going to be nice. A bit of a jam but not bad. Jusrbrcareful about the mode of transpo. You will be fine. I thought it would e worse than it was.
  5. I am sitting here looking out the window and security put away a wheel chair. It was located at the end of the walk from the ship. It was before you walk thru the shopping area. when you go through the shopping center and turn left to go up the hill there are quite a few stairs. Then you go down and the tour guides are right at the bottom. Our guide brought us right back to the shopping center after which was nice.
  6. Wow. Thanks for asking that. I’m concerned about my husband. We only have 30 min after ship docks to get there. Wish I knew how big an incline it was. Hope you get a good answer.
  7. I am not familiar with that one as this is my first time in Roatan, too---in 10 days. But I was looking up something there (without sloths, too) and located some ideas on Viator and Trip Advisor. Go to Trip Advisor and put in the Roatanecortour and see if any reviews come up.Good luck.
  8. Thanks. I am a fast walker; husband not so much. How long does it take to disembark that big of a ship? We are used to the Pacific Princess size!!! (<1000). The tour leaves 30 minutes after the ship docks, they say and I am wondering if I need to change the time to later. It leaves at 9:30 local time. Ship gets in at 9.
  9. What is the best time of day to take a glass bottom boat tour?
  10. We will be on the Princess Sky. How long does it take to walk from the pier up to where the independent tours are? The map shows quite a path. Don't know how much time to allow from disembarking. How much time does it take to get off the ship? Does it dock on time for the most part?
  11. Hi Bob, For some reason I have not been getting your posts this week in my email--evening though it says I am "following them." So I thought your mishap in Ft. Lauderdale had you sidelined. Sorry to hear about Holli, though. That is a bummer. Thanks for the update on the local/ship time. I know you just walked around Mahogany Bay, but did you happen to go up to the road and beyond the checkpoint to where the independent tours start? I would like to know how long it would take with the incline. I'm fine with it, but my husband doesn't think he can go quickly up the incli
  12. Question for arrival in Roatan tomorrow. Would you please give me information as to your time of arrival in Roatan. I have an independent excursion, ages ago, for February 18 that starts at 9:30 am LOCAL time or 10:30 am SHIP time. It has been my experience that we go by local time while in port(those little cards they put on our beds at night!!). But 10:00 arrival is listed on the itinerary. Called Princess and they said 10:00 local time--if so I need to reschedule my cruise. Called the Shore Excursion company and they said it would be 9:30 local time. So I wou
  13. Thanks......that's been my perception too. So will need to call the tour company in the AM. They knew when the ship would be in so don't understand why they gave me a tour time 30 minutes before the arrival time!! (Unless the Princess itinerary time is ship time). Who knows............... I'll call both tomorrow.
  14. Thanks. Just showed my ignorance as I didn't know that shop was on this ship. Thought you went dockside at one of the shops there. My husband "escorts me right on by" those places!!! LOL Rena
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